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    Dr. Mark Hitchcock - Visits to Heaven and Back: Are They Real?

    in Christianity

    What will heaven really be like?
    Today’s bestseller lists are filled with stories of those who have claimed to experienced heaven firsthand. Curiosity about what will happen after we die is as strong as ever in the twenty-first century. Yet, each book contains a different story about what we will experience in heaven.

    What are we to believe? What is true?
    In Visits to Heaven and Back: Are They Real? Mark Hitchcock, a respected Bible teacher, sorts out the facts. He chronicles the recent phenomenon of “heaven” books, comparing and contrasting the ideas presented in these books and revealing the discrepancies and contradictions. Then, Mark turns to the Bible, laying out clearly the teachings about heaven and experiences in this life of another world. The Bible does reveal that there is a world beyond this one, but it also contains clear warnings and amazing promises.

    Discover today God’s clear and certain promises concerning heaven.

    Today's episode is sponsored in part by The Chronopticus Chronicles.

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    Hitchcock Again

    in Movies

    Movie Addict HQ explores renewed interest in Alfred Hitchcock after the release of two new films about the legendary Master of Suspense. Also, Tippi Hedren talks about working with Hitchcock. Plus film historian James Colt Harrison and entertainment journalist Diana Saenger engage in a spirited discussion about Hitchcock’s greatest films and the reasons for his success. Although Hitchcock passed away over 30 years ago this month, his filmmaking genius continues to fascinate movie fans. During 2012, we had the opportunity to see Anthony Hopkins play the legendary director in Hitchcock, a film about the man’s trials and tribulations while making Psycho. Also last year, The Girl -- co-starring Toby Jones as Hitchcock and Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren -- was shown on HBO. And Bates Motel, a prequel to Psycho, is  now a popular new series on the A&E Channel.

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    Hitchcock Stories

    in Movies

    Stephen Schochet, author of Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of Hollywood, drops by to share revealing information about Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense. Hitchcock is receiving new attention lately as a result of an ucoming movie titled Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins, and The Girl, a recently released TV film about Hitch's obsession with actress Tippi Hedren. This should be a fascinating episode for movie fans! 

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    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock - In the Name of Yahweh

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Andrew and I will be discussing his most recent book In the Name of Yahweh. 

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    Sun-1-17-16 ~Geo.Clayton Johnson Memorial Show~GirlgeoRadioShow

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show

    Sun.Jan.17.2016~ Friends~Family~Fans~Talk about

    George Clayton Johnson~SiFi Writer.. (b.7-10-29 ~ d.12-25-15) ~

    On  Show today: Paul Johnson (George Clayton Johnson's son) ~ ~ ~

    (Brent).Ld Anderson ~Will Clausen ~ Jason V.Brock ~ &  Clayton A.Moore

    GCJ  ~ wrote episodes of Star Trek~ Twilight Zone~Alfred Hitchcock~
    co-wrote Logan's Run~Oceans 11  *GCJ~Legalize Hemp Warrior..

    DragonSlayerProductions GirlgeoRocker # 98-150...




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    I've Got Your Number" W/ Lois T. Martin. Here's mine..Call in: 646 -716 -6237

    in Self Help

    Tonight's show is a greet and meet each other and again on Monday 2-15th before my official "I've got Your Number" tutorial show begins on Monday,February 22nd (2-22) from 6-8pm.This is 100% totally FREE. What's the catch? NONE. No products to buy, only a suggestion to pick up a Numerology book "Helping Yourself With Numerology" by Helyn Hitchcock available on Amazon or your choice from wherever, or if you already have books on Numerology is just fine, we are only using them as guide lines to the lessons/explanations of the letters and numbers and their dictation to us in our daily life styles. You do not have to be a mathematician. If you can add and subtract from 1 to 9...you are good to go!  Ok there are double digit numbers like 11,22, 33 etc. but wait to worry...it is very simple like 123 or ABC!!! I am considered a clairaudient (hearing/ channeller) and the numbers do "speak" to me. I feel Numerology is one of the least popular of the sciences as Astrology being the #1 recognized.For the oracles, Tarot #1.Numerology is overdue for its fair recognition, being we use numbers every day in our lives. Our phone #'s, house #'s, social security #'s all make a statement about us.This on the "22nd" class will expand our minds from beginners to the advanced, serious minded students and we will include lots and lots of humor!!!  So on this again greet and meet tonight show, I'm offering free mini and brief readings. Don't get OUTNUMBERED. CALL: 646-716- 6237.  

    Visit my website: www.loistmartin.com  Oh btw, Hot off The Press..Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the U.S. 2016 Edition by Jennifur Diamond/Intuitive, available on Amazon, I am proud to announce I share the pages with 49 Fantastic colleagues!

    I continue with a private practice, touring/appearances on the East Coast. I've Got Your Number! I do!

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    HUMP DAY With the QUANTUM MECHANIC S02E04 (Brass Knuckle Progressives Radio)

    in Politics Progressive


    Morgan Freeman Reads the News Headlines
    IOWA Caucuses including AP Clips
    Congress Finally Looking Into the #FlintWaterCrisis
    Rand Paul & Rick Santorum bow out of the runs for president.
    The Greatest Speech In The World (Charlie Chaplin's stirring speech that we need to hear again.)
    Roy Thinnes Interview Part 9 - Roy is a legend of film & TV, known for starring in The Invaders, Dark Shadows, One Life To Live, The Hindenburg, Airport, A Beautiful Mind & many others since 1957. Roy talks about working with Hitchcock (Part 2 of that experience on Family Plot) and more.
    New Music Review - Hyriderz (Find them on Soundcloud & Like them on facebook) If you create pop, EDM, Trance, Psytrance, or even Country, send us a tune & we'll help you get it aired.
    Top Ten TV Shows, Box Office & Blu-Rays
    Tweets & Twits - Some of my better tweets & rants
    Douche Nugget Of The Week - Ted Cruz.
    Comedy bits (Time Permitting)


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    HUMP DAY with the QUANTUM MECHANIC S02E03 (Brass Knuckle Progressives Radio)

    in Politics Progressive


    Morgan Freeman Reads the News Headlines
    Roy Thinnes Interview Part 8 - Roy is a legend of film & TV, known for starring in The Invaders, Dark Shadows, One Life To Live, The Hindenburg, Airport, A Beautiful Mind & many others since 1957. Roy talks about Journey To The Far Side of the Sun (Doppelganger) and working with Hitchcock.
    Interview with Madison Paige of BOLD BLUE MEDIA on how to improve local campaigns.
    Morgan Freeman on Planet Nine (A New Astronomical Discovery)
    Tweets & Twits - Some of my better tweets & how to deal with trolls (Time Permitting)
    Top Ten TV Shows, Box Office & Blu-Rays
    New Music Review - Hedflux (Time Permitting)
    Douche Nugget Of The Week - Trump & Rick Snyder hold the week for douchiness
    Comedy bits (Time Permitting)


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    What is Happening? Aggressive Blackbirds and More & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

    in Spirituality

    What is happening?  Something is coming soon as many blackbirds today were flying over my house very aggressively and making a strange panic call.  I have it videotaped and it looked like the movie, "Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. No kidding.  An ordained minister commented on my 2016 prediction video that she is seeing orbs all the time flying past her but the worst was when she was hospitalized after being choked and strangulated by something she could not see.  People are commenting to me that they have noticed that others are acting angry when seeing a pleasant Biblical verse on a car. It's everything that I predicted would happen. Do these birds have a virus?  Another comment about the Red Cross at the doctor's office that something is about to occur and a dream of flooding. Let's talk about this now!!!  FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW TODAY!!! Archangel Messages to warn us......My visions and more.....MIA0899CS@GMAIL.COM FOR PRIVATE READINGS.....

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    Perfectly Unreasonable Ep 9

    in Pop Culture

    This week JT, Steve, and Shaina talk about the top 5 movie roles they'd like to play. Special in studio guest Steve Hitchcock JT jons the crew to talk all things theater. There's a new LISTENER SUBITTED beer of the week, a very special celebrity death list, and much MUCH more!

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    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock - Synagogue of Satan

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Andrew and I will be discussing a number of subjects, including his book The Synagogue of Satan and In The Name of Yahweh.