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    America's Deadly Sins - "The Plan" - Brent Swallers, IN

    in Politics

    Well, I THOUGHT I wasn't doing the show for a whole week...but a young man who has barely been here any time at all in our facebook circles leapt in to save me from ruin.  By the time I got up and running again...after thinking I WOULDN'T POSSIBLY get up and running again on time, my guest had cancelled.  Ah, but here's the rub:  After missing both Tuesday and Thursday, I thought to take a week off when I found out my payment was overdrawn, and regroup....and think of things I thought might just be deadly to the foster and adoptive businesses (without, of course, ruining the chances of TRULY abused and neglected children), as well as to family courts and the very Jucidiary system itself.  What I came up with has been done, surely...but you have to remember, this is Christopher Bruce we're talking about here, the King of Psycho-Warfare, who, of course, fully intends to put his twisted brand of execution on the plan, making it his own.  Join in tonight as we discuss it!  TIME:  5:OO P.M. CENTRAL TIME.  CALL-IN NUMBER:  347.324.5146.

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    America's Deadly Sins - Jodi From Iowa

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    Folks, I've had all I can take.  In the last hour, I have been on the phone with Jodi from Iowa.  We have laughed, we have talked, and we have broken down in front of each other and cried.  It was then that I knew...no, we BOTH knew, that this just has to stop.  It has to stop fast...and hard...and it has to stop now.  Not next week...or month, or year...no, this is going to stop YESTERDAY.  And this is the show that's going to do it.  Today I will be joined in the studio by Jodi, from Iowa, who I have never met, and have only talked to one time.  And it was the biggest emotional rollercoaster I have been on since I started doing this show.  So today, no other callers will be taken, and no chats will occur with others.  It will be as if Jodi is my long lost cousin, and she's calling me after 10 years to catch me up on how she's doing these days.  In this time, we will do exactly as we did on the phone call.  People, America needs to hear what these things are doing to us, they need to hear us blow rods....and lose control over the evil that has deprived us of our children.  Every emotion will come out here, both Jodi's...and mine.  Join us today as we hammer out our anger, our rage, our tears and more, and give the people of this country a glimpse into our very souls on this.  THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND SHOW.  DON'T MISS THIS ONE, IF YOU MISS ANY.  


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    Reach out America Presents America's Deadly Sins - The Hatfields and the Bruces

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    Well, ain't this special?  Join us today as we speak to a regular on our show, Sean Q, and a new guest, works closely with Sean, and who is an actual decendant of the Hatfield family, and we should all know what they're most famous for.  Hint:  I would strongly suggest, that if your last name is McCoy, you don't call in today, for any reason.  Ms. Hatfield has another secret too, but if she should choose to tell it, it will be up to her to do so, I won't force the issue.  No matter if she does or doesn't reveal that secret, matters not...what matters is that she is fighthing to save our country andit's freedoms no less, but in some cases, more than most are...and she loves her country as we do, and shares our wish to take it back from the tyrants who reside and supposedly "represent us" in Washington.  She is also an active member of the III Percenters.  It will prove to be a winner, no question.

    DATE:  TODAY, MONDAY, 11/30/15.  TIME:  5 P.M. CENTRAL (6 Eastern, 4 Mountain, 3 Pacific)  GUEST CALLIN NUMBER:  347-850-1243.

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    America's Deadly Sins - 'Sup with Ex-Khan/Pistola - Let's Talk About It!

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    Oh man...This Gon Be DA SHOW!  What we got?  Whale....we got Ex-Khan.  We got Pistola.  We Got Booker.  We got their fans, their crew....MAN, It's time to get to WORK, that's what time it is!  Join us with 2 of the most intense rappers we could muster, and don't miss out on the Juice!  Order in the courts!  Order in the nation!  Order in the...Ok, we can skip the New World Order...BUT JUST BE THERE!

    Special Time:  6 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Pacific  DATE:  11/27/2015  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER:  347-539-5024

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    America's Deadly Sins! - Michael C. School - The Final Episodes

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    Join us for just 4....4....four more shows of America's Deadly Sins!  Since Blogtalk won't accept a partial payment, and I have the whole month...I guess I don't see any harm in doing just 4 MORE SHOWS.  I just couldn't see depriving you cold turkey...added to the fact that Michael C. School, the bad boy of law against CPS, wanted to do this, and he has convinced me that HE just may have the killing blow against CPS...and who was I to say NO WAY HOSEE!  And, since Michael makes this show a grand affair, I've decided that, for the remainder of a month, we will do the show each and every friday...with grand guests, EVERY FRIDAY!!  I'm certain that Michael C.'s sidekick in this war, Bryan Koth may just pop in as well....making things even grander.  I've also decided that I'm going to do like I did when Patrick came on the show a 2nd time, and shut my mouth and might just have to let the man TELL US LIKE IT IS!


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    America's Deadly Sins - "The Plan" Implementation Show

    in Politics

    Today...is a special day.  Yes folks, this may just be a day for the history books...for today is the day we discuss...the plan.  What's that you say?  Read about it...ask me for the link.  I'd be happy to provide you with all you need.  Then come with me, and listen, as we collect some of the best minds out there for the show, and bring them aboard, so we can knock our heads together and not only iron the kinks out of how to expose and bring down the worst of the Judiciary, Family Court...but the worst of this world issue that we currently face, along with the crooks that are trying to take our justly deserved freedom away from us.  Big names are coming.  You should too!  SPECIAL TIME:  6 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.  CALL IN-347-324-5146

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    Relationships in our community

    in Pop Culture

    We will discuss our relationships in the black community affect our kids and our everyday lives.

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    Red Blood, Blue Blood: What Does Your Blood Type Mean?

    in Education

    Greetings 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood. Peace, prosperity, protection and wisdom to we all and those we love. Tonight we will be studying the BLOOD and it's true meaning and why we all are not the same based off simply skin color or other superficial things like BELIEFS. 

    Let's get it innnn...


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    America's Deadly Sins - Let's Call the News (Alabama thru Georgia)

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    Every day, family court beats us all up senseless.  A judge has been taped, saying we have no constitutional rights in family court.  Kids are taken from good parents and given to bad ones.  Children are stolen by the state, and judges side with them, always.  Mouths are gagged, innocent people are jailed, and hearings are confidential, and according to some states, not recorded to preserve justice.  And the news, unbelievably, is silent.  No one returns your phone calls.  Very few report, and if they do, it's for 5 minutes, and the story is buried.

    N.S.,(YOU FOLKS IN THE CPS CIRCLES KNOW WHO I MEAN)  the poster boy for family court victims, has garnered the help of a major mainstream news station to take his story and make it public, while he files a few multi-million dollar lawsuits for his 4 year stint against the corrupt family courts in North Carolina.  We wanna ask the news WHY...

    Why do people have to suffer years at the hands of these corrupt courts before the news takes notice?  Finally, we want to know who it is that keeps THE TRUTH from being told?  Fraud, kidnapping, forgery, falsifying transcripts and records, destroying evidence, conspiracy, collusion, perjury...all of these are prevalent in our family courts, and yet, no one reports these cases.  Well, tonight we begin asking them why, and we'll be giving each of the 50 states' most popular stations a call, LIVE ON OUR SHOW.  If we can get them to agree to it, we will be providing them with the names of 1 or more or victims in each state that they can interview for a whopper of a story.  Tune in every day this week, and let's take advantage of Mr. Shelton's good fortune, and let's EXPOSE THE CORRUPT!  SPECIAL TIME:  4:30 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.  DATE:  11/02/15.  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER:  347-324-5146

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    Sports Our Way - Solo on a Sunday

    in Sports

    Sports talk over the course of the week about really anything and everything. Hollywood and Chaos add what all hosts try to do but they just do a better job of adding some humor, real world takes and some awesome built in. DMAF Weird news and Final thoughts are a staple of the shows, relax and enjoy!

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    911 stands for killing black people and getting away with it

    in Radio

    As many of you have seen, the video of the murder of the young 16 year old black teen in chicago. This has gone on way to long for us as Black People to just saying look the other way and turn the other cheek... These pigs in uniform only look at us as being nothing but wild animals that when they cant tame us, they see it justified to shoot us down.  Yes we still have Black on Black crime which needs to be sought after, but there is no way to compare that to the senseless murders from these white racist, trigger happy darren wilson cops.


    Michael brown was running away when he was gunned down, Eric Garner was minding his own business when he was choked to death. The guy at walmart only had a toy gun when he was shot to death. a 12 year old kid in cleveland wasnt even given a warning before he was gunn down. the list goes on and on, and now u have a 16 year old black teen walking away from the cops shot 16 times.....


    a white boy can walk into a church and gun down 9 black people just to be taken alive, put a bullet proof vest on and taken to burger king.. but a 16 year old teen, is gunn down for having a 3 inch knife????