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  • Hood Hippies...The healing power of cannabis

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we welcome Monique Marshall & Mike Cooley in the playhouse, to promote their business; Hood Hippies.  This husband and wife team put their heads together, and decided to build their Empire.  Knowing what they wanted to do, they launched their brand; representing those who think outside the box.  Believing in the power of the people, and the healing power of cannabis; this team knows how to make the dream work, and give the people a chance to express themselves freely; through fashion.  Come hangout in the playhouse, as Lady V gets the "T" on this husband and wife duo.

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    The Business Hippies Discuss What it is Like Running a Business with your MATE!

    in Culture

    We Business Hippies, Professional musician Earl and Professional Painter Hannah Tiffin, have a lot to juggle in the course of a business day. We are just like any other couple except that we own two businesses together and are each others only employees!! We are always together....Always! We are also two very Alpha minded individuals with good business sense and lots of ideas. There are many situations we do not agree upon and there is a lot of navigation on a daily basis to succeed in business and more importantly to find success as a family. Oh! Did I mention that we also home school our 11 year old in the middle of running two businesses? 

    If you are someone who owns a BOP (business of passion) or Small Business with your mate this discussion is for you. We are going to cover things like agreeing to disagree, spending time together, intimacy and family, supporting one another when poor choices are made and so on. We really are one of the nation’s funniest families in our opinion and we truly have done everything wrong at least once! We have even fired each other a time or two! Disagreements are normal and tune in to learn how it can be healthy!

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    Business Hippies Discussion On Planning The Success of Your Business of Passion

    in Culture

    Join professional musician Earl and professional artist Hannah in a conversation based on their up coming book "Business Hippies Guide to Survival in the Modern World"... Planning the Success of your Business of Passion.

    All businesses and people must plan for their success. It really doesnt matter what type of business you own or what your personal goals in life may be, you will not likely get there with out a plan. This is going to be a informationally jam packed half hour where we will discuss how to start planning successes rather than overting challenges. Those of us who own a business of passion where we are our brands are most in need of having a strong plan. We can not stumble into success with out it. It really doesnt matter how great your art is, how cool your songs are, how great you do nails or cut hair or make cup cakes if the world recieving your service is not part of your active plan. How do we reach our audiences? How do we become  visible to our markets? How do we determine what market we should be projecting to? How much of our profit do we reinvest? How much does social media help? Should I pay some one to help? 

    There are so many questions when we start planning our success. Join us and learn how we are working daily to ensure the health of our businesses and our futures and learn some of our missteps too! This discussion is not just for those of you who are business owners, there is a lot of practical advise for everyday living in this segment as well. Plan your success, plan your life! So join in, call in or chat in!

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    Business Hippies Discussion on the Second Job Trap!

    in Culture

    Join creative professionals Earl and Hannah in a discussion centered around The Second Job Trap! What is the second job trap? Its a situation many of us business of passion owners and creative business owners face getting stuck in. It can be really tough owning your own business and there are many times along the way where money gets tight. Many times this is the fork in the road where we are faced with the choice of seeking out a secondary income. There are positives and negitives to making the decision to sharing time and energy with a secondary job. Alot of times the seconday job we take to make our business of passion possible moves our business to the back burner and takes place as our primary business. 

    Join us to look at how to look at the second job option in a well rounded way. Learn to think of ways to make money within the integrity of your business of passion. If you are caught in the second job trap we will discuss how to make an exit plan to get out of it and back on the road to successfully thriving in your business of passion! 


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    The Business Hippies Discussion on Burning Bridges! Sometimes you gotta.

    in Culture

    Join professional musician Earl and professional painter Hannah Tiffin in a discussion on Burning Bridges. Sometimes you have to and sometimes we are being hasty. Like Kenny Rodgers sang "You gotta know when to hold em, you gotta know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run" 

    If you have a small business or a business of passion (BOP) you are going to find times where you will be questioning if it is time to burn a bridge or two. It happens to us all. Most of us are told from a young age that we should "never burn a bridge" or "you never know when you will need that person" well we disagree. Sometimes relationships are not what we thought they were going to be, they can be not good for us and our businessess can suffer from our inability to part ways with those who are not aligned with us, 

    This being said, there are ways to go about ending business relationships, there are ways of standing up for yourself and you are allowed to say no,. The key is to have perimiters in place to keep you from making irrational choices!

    Tune in for a frank discussion on burning bridges setting perimiters and moving forward!

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    Enlightenment Comes From Smoking Weed But What Makes You A Hippie?

    in Self Help

    Being a hippie is not a matter of dress, behavior, economic status, or social milieu. It is a philosophical approach to life that emphasizes freedom, peace, love and a respect for others and the earth. The way of the hippie never died. There have always been hippies from the first time society laid down rules, to Jesus, to Henry David Thoreau, to John Lennon, to you. There’s a little hippy in all of us. It’s just been repressed by our socialization process. We need to find it and cultivate our hippie within. Only then can we reach our true potential. Elightenment comes from smoking weed of course, but what makes you a Hippie? 

    Follow JP On Twitter @JoshuaPaulShow 

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    Episode #3:Conversation with L. Willborn

    in Food

    Listen to the conversation between Chef Elaina Alexander and L. Willborn talk about their food cultural history. Willborn's involvement in a cultural revolution and martial arts, lead him into new ways to look at food and eating. We explore vegetarianism and microbiotic diets as they intersect the hippie movement.

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    Business Hippies discuss having a business of passion. Success and Failure.

    in Culture

    Join professional musican Earl and professional artist Hannah in a frank discussion on having businesses of passion, navigating our successes and our failures.

    What is a business of passion? A buisness of passion typically refers to a business that is creative based. This thought could include artists of all kinds. Painters, Musicians, Photographers, Writers, Professional Bloggers, Beauticians, Coaches,Chefs, Healers and so on. But it also includes everyone who is an entrepreneur in our opinion. Passion is a vital ingrediant to being successful in any business. So is a plan of success. 

    We call ourselves "business hippies" which actually started as a joke in our home. Truth be told the term "hippie" was not one that either of us really thought of as defining or even desirable. But! Once we learned the value of aligning our internal core values with our work choices we ended up in a space where we were almost forced to rebuild our businesses to reflect what was important to us, which were very simple living, rooted values. Sooo the term "business hippie" became a title that we now love to hold! 

    Tune in and share with us your thoughts on having businesses of passion, discuss how you are planning your success to include corevalues such as love, joy, family time and so on. Hear some stories about our journey to alignment with our core values which brought us a ton of success and challanges and share with us how your journey is coming along. 

    First person to call in or chat in will win a prize this week!

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    The Young Hippies: There's A Whole Generation With A New Explanation

    in Spirituality

    There seems to be a large contingent of young people who consider themselves hippies. If Hippyland is any indication, they are legion. In fact, 85% of Hippyland's huge audience is under 30. What does this mean? It means the time is right for the second coming….of hippies. From what can be seen, this new group from another generation has what it takes.The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans. 

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    Tom Levenson & David Kaiser • How the Hippies Saved Physics

    in Science

    Tom Levenson talks with MIT science historian David Kaiser about the development of physics in the United States during the Cold War and Kaiser's latest book 'How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture and the Quantum Revival.' Follow @TomLevenson

  • 01:04

    Tom Levenson & David Kaiser • How the Hippies Saved Physics

    in Science

    Tom Levenson talks with MIT science historian David Kaiser about the development of physics in the United States during the Cold War and Kaiser's latest book 'How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture and the Quantum Revival.' Follow @TomLevenson

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