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    Join us Wed. Oct 21 @ 9pm (CST) for the 'After the Lights Go Out' Radio Show for Hip-Hop Artist 'Kyeyote! Each week we will feature special guests, hot topics, crazy news & more!! Chat or just listen @ 347-857-4456 or www.wetalkradio.com/after-the-lights-go-out

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    ConsultTheSage #14: Teens Change the World! & Talk w/ Hip Hop Artist, PromoBoi

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    M. V. Sage discusses college, making one's way in the world, and the state of education with hip hop artist and "college rejection" candidate, PromoBoi of MusicNations.  He discusses his new work, and talks with us about some amazing new upcoming projects.  Follow PromoBoi online -- he's @PromoBoiNYC on Twitter and Instagram, and believe me, he is definitely someone you wanna follow!


    This episode is sponsored by Condition Your Life Fitness.  Thanks, Scott & Stephanie!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Dallas, TX Hip-Hop Artist ~ KINGWEEZY

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    Making the transition from most "Slept On" to The New Face of Dallas Hip-Hop, has KINGWEEZY fans boiling with excitement and anticipating his NEXT Gigantic Leap and Career Shifting move.

    BOLD Dreams intertwined with a unique sound and hidden inspirational anthems in each track seem to be KINGWEEZY's formula for his rapid success. Dallas,TX latest poster child, is ready, willing, and definitely able to ?C.H.A.N.G.E the Hip-Hop game by making enjoyable music you're not embarrassed or ashamed to listen too!!

    TWO YEARS AGO Kingweezy had inspirations to follow his dreams of becoming the piece of the puzzle the music game had been missing ever since the killings of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Now after just one Mixtape, several rapid fire (Song Covers), and a shocking back to back Single release, including the levitating ?#‎KANYEWEST? Diss/ Micheal Jackson tribute entitled "MIKEJACK"... KINGWEEZY has not only the Dallas,Tx music seen in awww, but is even getting the attention of successful Underground Rap artist such as (Houston Tx) CHALIE Boy, (Dallas ,Tx) Mr. Diabolical, Mr. Lucci, and most recently Dorrough Music, in which Kingweezy had the prestigious opportunity to open up for at the Dallas Night Club Soleil. Needless to say headlining his own events and bringing in a crowd has been the least of the New Artist concerns.. As he became a true pioneer in Dallas Tx. becoming the first artist ever to perform at the Top 40 Nightclub, (none the less) throw a Single Release Party at the infamous Club Thrive late last yr.. Setting records for attendance. 

  • Ohio's Hip-Hop artist DTown live interview

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    Hot16realtalk welcomes DTown  to the show.In an era saturated with aspiring MCs all striving for the status of “the best rapper alive”, the story of Ohio native DTown is a refreshing exception to the quick route for fame and success. The first artist began his journey when he formed Da Kreek with his younger brother Mello Dee. DTown made himself notable through a calculated approach to the game – no small feat considering his background in production, music marketing, graphic design & event co-ordination. The hardwork of the rap duo began to pay off, with DTown earning several hip hop award nominations and acknowledgement as the “hardest working artist” they’ve known.

    DTown has currently embarked on a solo journey and is preparing to release a mixtape later this year. DTown’s lyrics touch on everything from his upbringing in Youngstown, Ohio to complex relationships with friends, family & associates. The mixtape is not only embodies who DTown is as a rapper, but also who he is as an artist and a person. Inspired by his favorite artists, DTown posesses a love for storytelling, as well as thought provoking lyrics & brash metaphors. DTown started writing at the age of 14 and learned to produce music for himself due to not having a producer or dj. From then on DTown is constantly creating new music leading to his current style.


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    Join us Wed. Nov 18 @ 9pm (CST) for the 'After the Lights Go Out' Radio Show for R&B Singer 'Frenchie Davis' & Hip-Hop artist 'NG Black'! Tonight's show will feature hot topics, crazy news and more!! Chat or just listen @ 347-857-4456 or www.WeTalkRadio.com/After-The-Lights-Go-Out

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    Brooklyn's own hip-hop artist,and producer Juxx Diamondz live interview

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     You know what they say about black coal under pressure. When enough is applied, the result is a diamond. What a fitting name for this Brooklyn heavy hitter. Juxx Diamondz is hittin' the game running. Using his street experiences as the paint on each canvas he creates. Juxx takes his craft seriously and there is nothing stopping him from taking the industry by storm. "Im just a dude from Brownsville, Brooklyn that survived a lot of the things that some grown men couldn't survive," offers the young rap-slayer who describes his style as a smooth gangsta. "And put it into music. Basically all my stuff is based on reality, Im a reality rapper." When asked what will he bring to the game, Juxx simply replies, "Just real tell it like it is music. That feel good, street, commercial, backpack, pop hiphop."
     Working with the likes of SoSoDef recording artist Q Da Kid,Bucktown Usa,  Mic Geronimo, Royal Flush, Tragedy Kahdafi,Mic Handz, Lady Luck, Nutso, and more. His flows are thick with color impressions of street life, hood life, real life.
    Juxx Diamondz is currently in the studio recording his street album album titled, "Juxx Season. His style is heavily influenced by such hip hop notables as Jay Z, Notorious BIG, Tupac, and oldies but goodies like Kool and the Gang, Smokie Robinson, and Al Green to name a few. When asked about what we can expect when he drops, Juxx simply says, "Expect lotsa gangsta tales, rhymes and ruckus from a another BK rhymeslaya."

    It's anybody's game right now in the world of rap. Juxx Diamondz is makin' a play to bring the game back to the East Coast. Brooklyn is definitely in the game with Juxx Diamondz up at bat! So stay tuned for the heat he's about to knock out da box!!!It's still radio revolution.


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    11/09/15 - Hip-Hop Artist, J-Troub, Calls to discuss Music Business and Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Hip-Hop Music is the soundtrack within much of the Black and Hispanic community.  What is the reason?  Is it the lyrical content or simply the beat of the music?  What's the motivation in the music and why is it so influential in the community?  Tonight, we visit with Hip-Hop Artist, J-Troub.  With Record Label experience as well as Independent Artist background, we talk with J-Troub and ask questions.  What does it take to succeed in today's music business? What , if at all, do Hip-Hop / Rap Artists think about politics?  Presidential elections?  Tune in or better yet, call in and voice your opinion.

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    Kentucky's very own hip hop artist Southern Belle joins me

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    I'am glad to introduce Kentucky's own up-incoming hiphop artist Southern Belle.She is putting it down for her state,and holding her own with the big boys.She gives me a in depth look on her career,and growing up in kentucky.With her southern swag,and unique style she is sure to be a major player in the game.Don't miss out on this exciting new artist,and live interview only on Rapbrownn's hiphop showcase.This is where hiphop is resurrected.

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    Hip-hop artist King Hannibal (Boe-Cabulary)on Hot16realtalk

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    Hot16realtalk is proud to present King Hannibal.
    Hailing from the East New York section of Brooklyn meet Boe-Cabulary.One Half of the underground veteran duo BOE and Villa. The artist/song writer became addicted to hip-hop as a teen. With such influences as Kool G Rap, Rakim, EPMD and many of the pioneers who paved the way for them. The duo released an album in Japan titled "1019 Ex-Prez" receiving good reviews in Japan's "Front magazine". The duo then released an EP which featured there street single "Life Is Too Short"With Puzz Pachino under Alleyway ent. (the video is a NY underground classic). Boe-Cabulary also appeared on Erick Sermons Album "Erick Onasis" track titled “Van Gundy” and Funk Master Flex album "Flip Squad Allstars" track titled "Seriously” with Canibus. The duo received good reviews in the feb.99 issue of the source saying they were a force to be reckoned with. Since then they put out numerous street albums and recorded a number of songs with artist and producers such as Midi Mafia, Deemi, Marc G (Levert), Nef-U (cali), Mario Winnans, Jack Knight, D.R Period, Monifa,Papoose, Akeneli, Sean Wallace, Spinderella and Wyclef to name a few. Building a catalogue of hits both, as a duo and solo artists.
    Now Boe is back with his solo self titled album Boe-Cabulary coming this fall hosted by new yorks own Suge white.Determined to bring his lyrical skills to the mainstream audience worldwide.get ready there''s a different breed of mc on the way,and his name is Boe-cabulary..It's not just radio its radio revolution.

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    The Return of Hip Hop Artist Larry "Lak" Henderson

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    Tune in for another special edition of That's Entertainment as I welcome back Hip Hop artist and Educator, Larry "Lak" Henderson.  Lak will be stopping by to talk about the debut of his two new singles, "Run America" featuring Talib Kweli and "In The Name of MLK."  Join me on Wednesday, September 16 at 1:00pm ET as I kick off the new season with Larry "Lak" Henderson on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs or call in to listen at 347-637-2656.  

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    Like that's entertainment on fb at - facebook.com/thatsentertainment.radio

    Follow us on twitter at - thatsentertain1

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    Countre Boi Gospel Hip-Hop Artist

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    Countre Boi is one of holy hip-hop’s up incoming front runners, has a story that resembles most artists; however, there is one aspect of his story that he doesn’t share with many of his counterparts. This is Countre Boi’s third attempt to become renowned for his rapping and songwriting gifts. And, by the looks of his progress as an artist today, the third time’s a charm. His first album “Refined” is laced with a unique sound from beginning to end, and won Album of The Year at the 2014 Rhythm of Gospel Awards. His first mixtape which released in 2014 is nominated for six 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.Not to mention, after one conversation with him about music, his smile and exuberance for his craft makes you think that he just joined the game. “While there have been pain and tears, I have learned in this industry that you have to have patience. My break is coming because music is in me. I love music. God gave this talent to me to use, and I will use it to the best of my ability to influence people,” says the married father of four boys. He is doing just that these days as a solo artist, but that wasn’t always the case.Countre Boi’s journey in the industry began about nine years ago with a run- of-the-mill rap group called Trap County Boys. “We came out and did shows, but it didn’t quite turn out right. We were talking about selling dope, robbing, and, to be honest, I don’t like to make songs about things that I am not doing myself. I’m not getting on a song about smoking weed, selling dope and robbing when I’m not doing any of that. So, I didn’t feel right about being in the group. I felt like a liar, and I just wasn’t into it. So I decided to leave.”