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    Jory's Midnite Mystery Radio: The Hindenburg

    in History

    Jory will spend the hour talking about the Hindenburg Airship explosion and what factors that may have caused the disaster.Show subject to reschedule and may be of shorter times than indicated.

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    The Gift of Shamanism - With: Itzhak Beery

    in Spirituality

    Itzhak Beery, the author of The Gift of Shamanism,bridges the indigenous shamanic traditions his teachers entrusted in him with a contemporary shamanic approach relevant to our modern life.

    Born in Israel he is a New York-based practitioner who conducts shamanic healing ceremonies, and teaches seminars internationally and co-lead trips to Ecuador and Brazil's Amazon.

    Itzhak apprenticed intensively and initiated by don Jose Joaquin Diaz Pineda an Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak from Iluman, into his family tradition and into the Sacred 24 Yachaks Circle of Imbabura. He was also was initiated by Shoré a North Amazonian Pagé in Brazil. He studied with and assisted Ipupiara Makunaiman a Brazilian Amazonian Pagé from the Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe for 12 years until his passing and with his wife Cliecha, Peruvian Curandera and also with other indigenous and contemporary elders and shamans from around the world. 

    Itzhak's work has been featured in a variety of worldwide publications including the NY Times, radio and video interviews and he is often invited to speak on panel discussions, press conferences and festivals and to host and participate in Shamanic Webinars. 

    He was featured in the feature film "The Hindenburg Omen" and Parashakti's "Dance of Liberation" documentary. He is also the featured shaman in the upcoming TV show "Soul Search."

    His website is: http://www.itzhakbeery.com/index.php

    For more Soul Talk Episodes go to this website: http://www.soultalkradio.org

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    Spingola and Friends

    in Education

    Deanna shared information from the third book in her trilogy, The Ruling Elite, Death, Destruction and Domination. Much of the information she presented counters the myths that we hear in both the "alternative" and the MSM.

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    "Hitler's Table Talk" Study Hour: Episode 39

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the May 20-June 4, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    Hitler explains how he raised the standard of living for showgirls and dancers;
    He describes in detail his assumption of power, including  his negotiations with Von Papen, Generals Schleicher and Hammerstein, and the "Old Gentleman" Hindenburg;
    How his relationship with Hindenburg became very warm and close;
    Treatment of spies and war-time criminals must be the most severe -- compares them to the idealist at the Front;
    Approves of a movie film about Lola Montez and Ludwig ! of Bavaria;
    Artists should be recognized in their lifetimes -- Mozart, Bruckner and Haydn -- Vienna compared to Munich as art capitals;
    Hitler advises to follow nature in designing aircraft and ships -- the importance and difficulty of invention;
    Murder in Prague -- Hitler reacts angrily to the assassination of the"irreplaceable" Reinhard Heydrich and orders that all must obey regulations intended to ensure their safety.

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    Episode 21: Matt / Since April 2014

    in Lifestyle

    Jeff and Chris welcome (back) their long-time friend from a stint in the wild. In Matt's story relapse is indeed a part of recovery.

    Legal drugs / How powerful synthetic drugs will upend drug markets globally / Washington Post

    DJ FM

    Hindenburg crashing / 1937 / Associate Press / public domain via Wikimedia

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    The Debt Ceiling, Hindenburg and The Fed Bubble

    in Finance

    Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future!


    Triple witching is coming this fall to financial markets everywhere.  Tune in and listen to what best selling author Rick Bueter has to say and what you should do to prepare.



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    Roll Out, And Over the Cliff

    in Current Events

    The affordable Care Act rollout seems to have been the biggest bust since the Hindenburg. Total incompetence, just too hard, or is there something that they don't want us to know? Call (646) 478-0526 with your opinions.

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    The Train Wreck Obamacare

    in Politics Conservative

    So... how many of you have signed up for Obamacare?
    Ted Cruz is looking less like mad man but more like a sane man trying to stop the Hindenburg from taking off.

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    World View Foundations

    in Culture

    August 28, 2013- INAUGURAL BROADCAST
    Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg, A Career
    In this inaugural broadcast of World View Foundations, the life and career of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg will be reviewed.
    Field Marshall von Hindenburg is portrayed by “Court Historians” as a senile old man who surrendered Germany to the evil Hitler and Nazis.  This is false and an insult to a great Aryan whose career spanned the Foundations of the German Nation, he was present as a young Lieutenant at the official proclamation of the German Reich in 1871, he served in the Franco Prussian war and thus had the distinction of having been an officer under Bismarck and Wilhelm I through the end of the German Monarchy.  Hindenburg actually retired before the Great War and was recalled to service by Wilhelm II and became the hero of the Battle of Tannenberg and exposed the Jewish “Stab in the back after the loss on 1918 and became the first elected President of Germany in 1925.
    As President, von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in a Coalition NSDAP-Nationalist Government on January 30, 1933.  Hindenburg died in August 1934 and was succeeded by Hitler. 
    Several myths will be debunked:
    Hindenburg approved of Operation Hummingbird – The Night of the Long Knives
    Hitler referred to von Hindenburg as “The Old gentlemen until the end of his “Hitler’s life”
    Hindenburg retained control of several facets of Government until his death in August 1934, including the Reichswehr, the German Army.
    Modern Germany’s disgraceful treatment of von Hindenburg while honoring his Leftist predecessor Ebert. 
    Visit World View Foundations at: www.wvfoundations.org

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    Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    in Movies

    Review of OZ, Subsidizing of movies, CG controversy, Blog announcement, 3D movies of 2013 and those that will hit $1B mark, Justin t and SNL cast and thier movie hits, BR reviews including Wreck It Ralph, Willowm, Rise of Guardians, Roger Rabbit and more, cable reviews of Vikings and Hindenburg.
    Jedi Mind Meld pt. 2 postponed till next week.

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    Interview with Academy Award Winner Peter Berkos

    in Books

    Peter Berkos’ career in Sound Editing began in live radio in the 1940’s on a small station in Hines, Illinois. He moved to Hollywood in 1950 and began creating sound effects for movies and television in a career that spanned over 35 years. In that time he worked on close to 300 motion pictures, and over 1,000 television shows.
    His impressive list of important feature films are:
    The Sting Thoroughly Modern Millie The Great Waldo Pepper Sweet Charity Slap Shot Grey Lady Down True Grit The Hindenburg for which he won the Academy Award in 1975 His television credits include the popular series Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25 Century, and 77 Sunset Strip.
    Berkos was awarded a lifetime achievement Award from his peers in 1996 for his outstanding career in sound editing.
    Today, Peter is in semi-retirement, but keeps his creative juices flowing through his novel writing and facilitating the Rancho Bernardo Writers Group.