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    Black High Priestess Speaks

    in Hip Hop Music

    This episode will feature the Black High Priestess,

    speaking on Voodoo and what it is and isn't! dont miss this show!

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    Spiritual Insight twith Darren BuCare: High Priestess Megan Mcarthery/Sex Magick

    in Spirituality

    Join host Darren BuCare as he shares his unique spiritual insights and how to apply them in a very real way to your daily life.

    Darren is a reader at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo in the magickal city of New Orleans.

    Today Darren will be will be talking to Megan Mcarthey who is a High Priestess of the OSS. Their topic will be Sex Magick!

    The phone lines will be open so call in for a reading : 760-542-4345

    Join us!!!

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    Hereditary Strega High Priestess Lori Bruno

    in Spirituality

    This week on WitchTalk Radio, Ohio Valley we are very honored to have Hereditary Strega High Priestess Lori Bruno join us to give live psychic readings on tonight’s show! Call in early to get in the que because Lori is a very popular psychic/medium. Lori is Kristin Lee & Ariana's elder. The focus is educating people about metaphysical, witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, and Strega craft. WitchTalk Radio was founded by Kristin Lee and is hosted by Kristin Lee, Ariana and Lady Moon. Guests discuss & educate topics of the craft, healing, magick practices, and paranormal. WitchTalk Radio also accepts callers during the last 1/2 hour the show for complementary psychic readings. Hereditary Strega priestess Lori Bruno has been reading for 60 + years. She is a Medium, Clairvoyant, and Psychic, one who can walk between worlds to find what you seek to learn and understand about yourself. Born into a family of Sicilian Witches and taught the oral "tradizione" of "La Famiglia," Discover the wisdom, healing & magic of the ancient Craft Magika- Lori's witchcraft store in Salem, Massachusetts. Magika combines the word “magi,” meaning the wise men and women of old, with “ka,” the ancient Egyptian word for soul. In the time-honored spirit of the Craft, Lori dedicated to serving humanity with wisdom, integrity, truth, courage, and honor (the true meaning of “witch.”)

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    Exploring Ritual with High Priestess Ivy Lieberman

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a discussion about ritual and how you can incorporate this into your life.
    Ivy is the High Priestess of a local coven; teaches tarot to small groups and works hard every day to further her education. Ivy has been studying Tarot and its related fields for 37 years. She is also working with The Lenormand and finds it fascinating. Ivy loves to write and create her own decks. She is a retired midwife and currently a math tutor. 

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    What Dreams May Come: Colors of the High Priestess

    in Spirituality

    Join Celeste Morgan for “What Dreams May Come: Colors of the High Priestess” on the Celestial Show at 8 pm Eastern tonight!

    Life isn’t Paint by Numbers. It’s a Canvas and you are your own colors. Your brushes are all the elemental tools you use to create the life you are experiencing in this very moment.  What kind of pictures are you taking? How does the horizon look from your perspective? What colors are you leaving behind with your brush strokes?

    It’s July 6th and the birthday of Frida Kahlo! She’s a Cancerian and the energy of the day flows with her divine mission! We are going to explore birth cards, colors, numbers, and tarot as we tap into painting High Priestess style! Explore Tarot’s first teacher on this 11/2 day through the eyes of an artist!

    There will be on the air readings…so be sure to call in early! 

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Celeste Morgan is an intuitive reader who also works extensively with numbers.  Join her as she weaves stories using cards, music, and movies  to provide you with a new outlook to experience the best in your life.  Reclaim Your “ME Power” by spending your Sunday Night with Celeste and get ready to jump start your spiritual awakening and fall in love with YOU again. 



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    Olmec Civilization: First American High Culture

    in History

    We will examine the evidence of the priority and antiquity of the Olmec Civilization in early Mexico.

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    in Dreams

    Listen in to a creative sports talk show that highlights various sports topics from high school to college.

  • Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman -- inspiring info, readings & more

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Enlightening Life radio show, a resource for high vibes living throughspiritual and self empowerment, with your host Jennifer Hoffman, top selling author, intuitive energy alchemist, spiritual teacher, and your resource for rich, happy and successful high vibe living. In this 90 minute show I will be providing you with resources to enlighten your life, including discussion of our weekly newsletter topics. Since 2003 I have written the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, whose 3 million+ weekly readers call its messages highly accurate and timely. This venue allows me to add another dimension to the information I receive. I welcome your calls and questions and will also provide free short readings on the show. I hope you visit us regularly and use this resource to find help and peace on your spiritual path. Listen each Wednesday at 8PM US Central time or check out our archives. Visit my websites at enlighteninglife.com and urielheals.com. Thank you for being here. Many blessings

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    Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy: Training Camp Grab Bag

    in Sports

    The calendar has juat about hit August, and that means two things -- training camps are starting across the NFL and fantasy draft season is about to kick into high gear.

    With that in mind, Fantasy Sharks Senior Staff Writer Gary Davenport and Fantasy Sharks Staff Writer Walton Spurlin are taking a look from coast to coast at the things savvy fantasy owners should know with camp underway.

    Position battles -- injury news -- scuttlebutt -- Join Wally and Gary Wednesday, July 29 at 9 PM EDT to get the latest fantasy scoop!

    Come on in -- the water's FINE!

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    Grudgeinc-roundtable hosted by king bee racing

    in Automotive

    Ooh booy the second half of 2015 Grudge game has kicked into high gear!! Now the levels or classes of racing is all over the place!! Which do you prefer and which one do see you see holding up the year!!!
    Sb small tires no bar?
    Bb small tires no bar?
    All out big tire wheelie bar

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    SITS: Life in Space, World in Preparation for ET Contact & Evolution

    in Spirituality

    Blog Post for topics raised during this show


    We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cypher or coded "zip file" to contemplate. We share ideas that we have tested, and have a high degree of certainty and probability of being true. But, we always encourage discussion and discourse surrounding these ideas, all viewpoints are valid.

    This will be a series of shows, laying a foundation to the tapestry of information we will be unfolding into the future. This will help set the context, which is helpful for developing a complete and holistic understanding. Each one of us has a unique perspective to share, discussion with others refines the truth we have come to know, and helps discern misinformation, if we have accepted it.

    Truth discovery is a group effort, and best done when we are able to share all our ideas together freely, assisting in decoding and grounding process. NO idea is worthless, all things are aides in our process.

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