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    Shannon Perry visits with Teen Counselor Maggie Sullivan on "Grace In High Heels"

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    February is Teen Violence Awareness month. With that comes some startling facts. What can we do to help our teens who are facing these alarming statistics? Tune in as Shannon Perry visits with Teen Violence Counselor Maggie Sullivan on "Grace In High Heels."

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    Host Shannon Perry goes SOLO on "Grace In High Heels"

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    Do you have holes in your life that you can't seem to fill, no matter how hard you try? Join host Shannon Perry on "Grace In High Heels" as she goes SOLO this Friday to share how God healed, and is healing, those holes in her life. Celebrate this "Good Friday" with an amazing word about God's resurrection power that will change your life! April 2, 10:30 a.m. CST.

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    The power of females to attract and magnetize the opposite sex is real.  The question is what are we attracting?  With the rise in sexual assault globally do women have a responsibility to be more conscious in their attire?  Do women have any idea of the history behind high heels?  Should we be aware of the negative health consequences of wearing tight pants?  These questions and more will be discussed by your host, Viyahta and co-host Rapha. 


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    Hot Mama in High Heels!

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    Women wear so many hats and juggling all the roles often leads to exhaustion. Do you look at some women and wonder how they make it look so effortless? Have you wished you could get real advice from another sister who has actually been in your shoes?   Hot Mama in High Heels is a collaborative work between 30 amazing women who gathered together as a team to share their hot tips on how to fully step into your essence and to be tap into your feminine power!   Join Dr. D Ivan Young with book publisher Christine Marmoy and two of the contributers, Frenetta Tate and Jazz Dozier.   Christine Marmoy is an Innovative Global Speaker and bestselling author who inspires women entrepreneurs to step up, step out and step boldly into their wildest dreams.   Frenetta Tate is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker. Frenetta shares wisdom, insight and life-affirming strategies with Action-Oriented Entrepreneurs and Personal Empowerment Seekers, who want to better understand their purpose, embrace their personal power, step into their greatness and be powerhouses of influence and inspiration.   Jazz Dozier is a mentor, motivational speaker, consultant and advisor. Her life mission is to motivate others to pursue their true passion, manifest their dreams and execute their vision.   Hot Mama in High Heels is like your funny, brilliant, wise girlfiends wrapped up in one book. The conversation promises to inspire you to live your best life and give you "the roadmap to get through it with grace and elegance!"   To submit a show idea, comment or be a featured guest email julia@divanyoung.com.

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    Your True Colours Wraps up High Heels!

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.  

    Angelica Alas is the founder of Alas Designs and the inventor of the High Heel Wraps. In addition, she is also the proud mother of two, happily married, and active in her community.

    Alas Designs is changing the way you feel in heels! Now you can give your shoes a stylish new look for any occasion & enhance your comfort with our give unique functional benefits.  Our High Heel Wraps will make old shoes look new, and give your closet endless possibilities. Now you have an innovative, fashionable, and affordable way to accessorize! No matter the occasion, take every step with comfort, walk with confidence, and look fabulous doing it.





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    Talking High Heels and High Standards with Brittany Jay

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    Join us as we welcome Brittany Jay, the founder of High Heels And High Standards, a ministry that promotes the standards of Christ and helps women understand their worth in God. She is a graduate of Albany State University and a Minister at The Gathering Oasis. Brittany is passionate about her faith and boldly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is known for her boldness and zeal for evangelism. Brittany just wants people to see the Christ in her.  She doesn’t care if they know her name, as long as they get to know her God!  Tune in to feel her passion and zeal for seeing girls and women set free and introduced to a love like no other…the love of God. 

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    Shannon Perry visits with Christian Image Coach Pat Durham on "Grace In High Heels"

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    What is an image coach? How can they help us as women?

    Don't miss this exciting episode of "Grace In High Heels" when Shannon Perry visits with Image Coach Pat Durham. She will give us wonderful tips about style, poise, and grace, as well as tell us about her upcoming book.

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    'Grace In High Heels' Goes Live!

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    Host Shannon Perry welcomes callers in her first LIVE radio show. Shannon will discuss the power of words and some of the pitfalls we should avoid if we want to use our words to help heal and not wound. She will also look at how to heal from hurtful words that have been spoken over us.

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    "Success in High Heels" with Christine Marmoy

    in Entrepreneur

    Our guest is Christine Marmoy, CEO and founder of Coaching and Success. She will be discussing the launching of the book, "Success in High Heels".
    Innovative Global Speaker, a Creative Edge Marketing Mentor and a Dream Team Designer who joyfully brings unstoppable passion and enthusiasm to every tailor-made talk and client encounter by inspiring women entrepreneurs to step up, step out and step boldly into their wildest dreams. She passionately shares her message of hope, excitement and inspired action worldwide to empower women to unleash their innovative edge to boost visibility, build credibility and profit successfully in business.

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    Salt Water Taffy and Red High Heels

    in Spirituality

    Crystal is a San Antonio, Texas native and Honors College graduate of The University of Houston with a B.A. in Radio-Television. She has completed post-graduate work in public relations and is the author of three poetry books, one nationally published fiction novel Caramel and Cream and a nationally acclaimed breast cancer memoir entitled Saltwater Taffy and Red High Heels. In addition, she completed an Honors College senior thesis on the overlooked effects of gangster rap music on male perception of women.

    Crystal has appeared on several local and national radio and television shows, including Oprah and The Bill Cunningham Show and has had more than 1000 editorials published including editorial work featured in national magazines including Vogue, People, Self, Shape, Health & Fitness, Elle, The Capitol Times, Today’s Christian Woman, Washington Weekly, The Daily Cougar, The San Antonio Informer, Coping with Cancer, Amoena Life and The Houston Chronicle. In addition, she has appeared on Women’s Entertainment Television as a featured guest on the Dove/Conde Nast “A Cut Above: Beautiful Hair” television show. and The Discovery Channel featured her story in the Triple Negative Breast Cancer patient education program.

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    Manifesting In High Heels with Author Andrey Woodley on CBBN Business Journals.

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    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

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    CBBN Business Journals


    Manifesting In High Heels with Author Andrey Woodley.

    Current Author and President and Founder of Changing Oasis, Inc., Ms. Audrey Woodley joins us to share how she helps others achieve despite personal setbacks, trials and tribulations.

    What do you know about the 7 CPR Spiritual Principles?

    Tune in to find out how you can enrich your life through these seven principles and much more.

    Woodley’s book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and on  http://changingoasis.com.

    For Media Inquiries:

    As part of our CBBN Business Journals Segment, we will interview business owners and other innovators from around the country.

    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

    Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network.com

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