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    The Spirit Reveals Hidden Things

    in Christianity

    The Bible teaches us that His Spirit shows us the deep hidden things of God. That is the topic on tonights broadcast. 

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    The Worlds Blur Episode #06

    in Entertainment

    The Worlds Blur Episode #06- Welcome to The World's Blur the pre party to kick your every other Friday night off right! That’s right every other Friday because I’m too old to wake up hungover every Saturday!

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    sonsoflight hidden manna program

    in Spirituality

    a program for the people of the most high god called in the bible "the hebrew israelites". a different program then any in the world that attempts to "wake up" the "children of light" born out of the twelve tribes of israel , hebrew israelites, (negros,latinos,native american indians) because the time has come for the sons and daughters (meaning those that hear the messiah's voice and mysteries being revealed in this day) to prepare for the coming "light kingdom" of the rule and reign of messiah on earth for a thousand years spoken of in the book of revelation. this program's sole purpose is to "fish for other brothers and sisters and help them to come into the light of god's word. through books like the hidden manna , nag hammadi and other books of jewish antiquity newly found and revealed.

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    sonsoflight hidden manna program

    in Spirituality

    a radio program for hebrew israelite sonsoflight (negro,latinos,native american indians people of god) to inform them of the newly revealed "hidden manna" of revelation 2 17. to prepare them for the soon to come kingdom on earth by messaih themself  and to help sonsoflight confirm who they are according to the hidden manna. we use current events and draw from sources such as the nag hammadi scriptures and other inspiried books on this program to glority the heavenly faither by witnessing and speaking of things to bless your soul that only the heavenly father can give the understanding be able to feed your soul and its deepest desires it craves.

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    Hidden Wisdom Radio is Back

    in Self Help

    Join your host Clairvoyant Life Coach Bernadette Dickinson for the first episode this season. After a four month break there is much to share. This is going to be an exciting, interactive episode to talk about what's been happening globally to assist in awakening our consciousness.

    Hidden Wisdom Radio offers a refreshing spiritual perspective on life issues, relationships, spiritual growth and everything in between. Each week we discuss different topics affecting our ability to connect to God/Source energy. Tuesdays 5pm Pac/8pm ET with live calls and live chat. 347-324-3891

    For more info go to www.bernadettesvision.com


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    Chris Attwood Discusses His New Book "Your Hidden Riches"

    in Self Help

    Join I AM Group University faculty Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly as we discuss the new book Your Hidden Riches with its co-author Chris Attwood.

    Chris Attwood is a founding member of both the Transformational Leadership Council and the Expert’s Industry Association.

    Together with his business partner Janet Bray Attwood, he has recently released their latest book, Your Hidden Riches in October of this year.  Your Hidden Riches provides a real-world guide for busy modern achievers to harness the power of ritual to create a rhythm to their life by managing their time, energy, and thinking, as well as tapping into their inner hidden riches to align themselves with their unique Life Design.


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    A Mother's Story - The Hidden Side of Autism

    in Self Help

    Please join us for the third parent installment of The Hidden Side of Autism.  

    We will meet Brendan's mom, Garlyn, who will share her experiences and challenges of being a mom of a teenage autisic son.  Brendan is a teenager with violent tendencies.  Garlyn has suffered numerous concussions in caring for her son.  Garlyn is concerned about the future of her son and how, where, etc., he will live.  They will be losing some of their aides as they return to school, etc., and is concerned about who will be helping them in the near future.  Presently Brendan can have up to 3 aides at one time due to his violent outbursts.



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    Your Hidden Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Intuitive and Consultant, Practical Magic Expert, Human Empowerment Facilitator Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Creator and Co-founder; Co-founder and EVP of NLN (N-Light-N) TV/Radio/Media and President and General Manager of NLN Radio, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he WELCOMES author Sylva Dvorak (PHD, MS, CHES) www.drsylvadvorak.com

    Dr. Sylva Dvorak is a transformational counselor, humanitarian, and author who maintains a part-time private counseling practice while serving as a Partner in One World Projects, Inc. (an international compassionate and fair trade organization that creates economic self-sufficiency for individuals and communities around the world).

    Sylva received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and her PhD in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing from Beurin University in Los Angeles where she is a member of the faculty.

    She has consulted for Fortune 100-500 companies, worked with top corporate executives, spoken at international corporate events, and shared the stage with Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Schimoff, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Phil Town, Marcia Weider and numerous others. to name a few.

    She is a co-author of Your Hidden Riches - Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a of Life of Meaning and Purpose with Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. The book provides a real-world guide for busy modern achievers to harness the power of ritual to create a rhythm to their life by managing their time, energy, and thinking, as well as tapping into their inner “hidden riches” to align themselves with their unique Life Design.

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    Catch Your Spirit - Your Hidden Riches

    in Spirituality

    Most people go through life sleepwalking— they do the same routine every day devoid of meaning or purpose, and without even realizing it. The simple way to end this cycle, according to Janet Bray-Attwood and Chris Attwood, authors of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test, is by embracing your hidden riches. 

    So, what are your hidden riches? Hidden riches refer to the unique life design that is inside everyone. The key to discovering these riches is to harness the power of rituals. In their new book, YOUR HIDDEN RICHES: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose (Harmony Books, October 21, 2014) Janet, Chris and their co-author, Sylva Dvorak, PhD explain how readers can use the power of rituals to discover their unique life design, and unlock the treasury where their hidden riches lie. 

    Featured Guest and co author Chris Attwood will join in the conversation and discuss the power of rituals in our lives.

    YOUR HIDDEN RICHES: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose (hardcover price $25) is available at all major bookstores and on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. The ebook is also available on Kindle.com 

    JANET BRAY ATTWOOD and CHRIS ATTWOOD are coauthors of the New York Times bestseller The Passion Test, the #1 tool used worldwide to help people discover their passions and connect with meaning. They're founding members of Transformational Leadership Council and they have shared the stage with the likes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Nobel Laureate F. W. deKlerk,  and many others.




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    Ferguson and America's Hidden Fascist Agenda

    in Politics Progressive

    Ferguson did not come out of nowhere.  America has had a hidden agenda since the 1600s of racism, genocide, and militarism that can be traced on a critical path to the present.  This critical path is the course we are on today, and it has to be understood that the country needs a new direction and transformational leadership to get there.  Today we will shine a flashlight on the above seeds of destruction sown into the foundation of the American empire from the very beginning:

    Racism, Genocide, and Militarism from the beginning to the present.
     The Evolution of Fascism in America.
    Operation Paperclip, the New Jim Crow, and the Prison Industrial Complex.
    Bioweapons, the JFK Assassination, and the People's Temple.
    Global Pandemics, Agribusiness, and Africa.

    As always, you are cordially invited to call in.

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    The Hidden Remnant with Peter Michael Martinez

    in Christianity

    Luke 8:17 "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."

    The hidden remnant of YHWH God are these who draw very little attention to themselves but quietly go about doing the work of the ministry as led by the Holy Spirit. If it were not for the hour we are in, this message would not be spoken. The Remnant know who they are and don't ask for or seek limelight.

    Nevertheless, our God is calling UP His people to shine in this moment of history with a unity not found in compromise or apostacy, but in perfect love. This is a call to tribes ... to the people of the Household of Faith. This is the call to the house of the Remnant of YHWH God.

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