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    Edward Leedskalnin Bible Code Hidden In Plain Sight...

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    Edward Leedskalnin Of Coral Castle Showed  The World The Method To His Secret And It Was Misinterpreted And Unknown Until Now... This Will Be A Surprise Show, I Will Not Load Pictures Too View Until The Very Last Minute  Of The Show..

     Ancient Knowledge Hidden Within A.... For The World To See And Know That This Is The Same Source Of Force That Was Used Thousand's Of Years Ago...

    This Is What The World Has Missed And Sandra75208 Will Turn The Light ON! 

    Here At Hidden Knowledge And Secrets

    Let's Make History... Together...

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    Are Ideas in Your Organization Hidden in Plain Sight?

    in Entrepreneur

    Discover the 3 elements that every organization must have to maximize revenue & profit, and uncover ideas hidden in plain sight within your business with the leading voice on business growth & opportunity, Susan Trivers.

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    Who are we?
    What is the purpose of human life?
    Why do we hold certain beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live?
    Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others?
    What is actually happening in our world?
    Is there significance and purpose to the events that are occurring?
    Can we improve ourselves and the world in which we live, and if so, how?

    What is actually happening in our world?

    QUOTE -   What time she lifteth up herself on high, she scorneth the horse
    and his rider. Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?

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    Contact: Ngon'e,  E-mail  @ ngonea@yahoo.com of Skype ID: ngonea /

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    When things are consistently placed in front of you, they have an effect on YOU and because we continually put these imageries in our head we eventually “ACT THEM OUT” especially when the images are GLAMORIZED and made to appear NORMAL AND ACCEPTABLE. The agenda is clear and in plain sight but can you or do you see the agenda manifesting?  Are you paying attention?  Entertainment has effeminate our boys by promoting homosexuality and glorifies whorish behavior for our women and young girls by sensationalizing Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and other raunchy women on reality shows who are envied by our religious and righteous society.  Are you contributing to the hidden agenda?  We see it as a SCANDAL!  I hope you caught that message..…  Join Butterfly Evolution and Rahlo Dassante on Thursday October 24th @ 7PM CST.  Listen by selecting this link or by calling 818-691-7406.  We welcome your comments and questions during the show. 

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    NMEMINDZ: Hidden In Plain Sight

    in Education

    Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali as we break down some of the recent films being produced & the real agendas being promoted. Three movies in particular - Anarchy, the purge... Dawn of the planet of the apes... & Lucy. We'll be building based on the works of Uri Dowbenko, aurthor of Hoodwinked, Watching movies with eyes wide open. Call in # 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace! 

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    Hidden in Plain Sight

    in Culture

    hidden - not accessible to view; "concealed (or hidden) damage"; "in stormy weather the stars are out of sight"
    concealed, out of sight
    invisible, unseeable - impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye; "the invisible man"; "invisible rays"; "an invisible hinge"; "invisible mending"
    2.    hidden - designed to elude detection; "a hidden room or place of concealment such as a priest hole"; "a secret passage"; "the secret compartment in the desk"
    concealed - hidden on any grounds for any motive; "a concealed weapon"; "a concealed compartment in his briefcase"
    3.    hidden - difficult to find; "hidden valleys"; "a hidden cave"; "an obscure retreat"
    concealed - hidden on any grounds for any motive; "a concealed weapon"; "a concealed compartment in his briefcase"

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    Secrets in Plain Sight with Scott Onstott

    in Spirituality

    Scott Onstott is the creator of the "Secrets In Plain Sight" video series, an inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design unveiling the unlikely intersection of geometry, mysticism, physics, music, astronomy, and world history. The "Secrets In Plain Sight" video has been seen by more than 3 million people to date. He is also the author of 11 technical books on architectural software, and 4 more books on esoteric subjects. Scott just published "Quantification", a book of his thought-provoking color illustrations. "Quantification" examines patterns in the Great Pyramid, in the human body and in the Earth, and reveals uncanny distances between sacred sites. Scott has a degree in architecture, and worked designing corporate interiors for a decade in San Francisco, before becoming an independent teacher, author and filmmaker. You can see samples of his astonishing discoveries at: http://www.secretsinplainsight.com

    At the top of the show, Anastasia brings us the Starseed News segment with news you won't hear in the mainstream media!

    Only one spot left for the September 21-27 Crystal Quest!  Is it yours?
    Email crystals@starseedhotline.com for details.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Serial Killers: Hiding In Plain Sight...

    in Movies

    A friend, a next door neighbor, or even a family member; serial killers come in all shapes and sizes. To most of us, they live ordinary lives, and have ordinary jobs, seeming to be quite normal. Here in lies the deception; we can see the physical, and not the mental. Join us as we look at three films where average people lead extraordinarily gruesome lives...that of serial killers.

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    Singer-Songwriter Scott MacIntyre - By Faith, Not by Sight

    in Self Help

    "We all need grace in order to move past our mistakes in life, and God’s grace is greater than we can imagine." – Scott MacIntyre

    Listen in as Scott MacIntyre joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show!

    Since captivating the nation as a finalist on American Idol, Scott MacIntyre has continued to move audiences to laughter, tears, and standing ovations all over the world. As an acclaimed singer-songwriter, he has toured in arenas across North America, headlined concerts in Japan, Austria, England, Canada, and the US, and written and released his latest CD Lighthouse. He has performed with many notable acts including Alice Cooper, Jason Mraz, and Queen to name a few.  As an author and in-demand inspirational keynote speaker, Scott has shared his unique and dynamic life story with many different audiences across North America and beyond. Visually impaired since birth, he started playing the piano by ear at age three, began classical lessons at six, and subsequently learned to play the organ, guitar, bass and drums. 

    Scott has appeared on Regis and Kelly, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Today Show, Access Hollywood, among others and has been profiled on many outlets including CNN, FOX International and Sky News Europe. He has authored a book entitled, "By Faith, Not by Sight."  Having always forged ahead when the world said to give up, Scott continues to be an inspiration to all who hear his music and story.  Visit Scott online at www.scottmacintyre.com

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.

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    TAM Opening Reception – Second Sight

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    Our guests this morning are Janene Ferguson and Chris Reynolds from the Torrance Art Museum

    Janene Ferguson is the Cultural Services Supervisor for the Community Services Department for the City of Torrance.  She has been responsible for educational programming and volunteers at the Torrance Art Museum since 2000.  Her position also entails planning and coordinating 115 visual arts classes in six media at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center for youth and adults each quarter, including master workshops and children’s art camps.  She previously served five years as Education Director for the Palos Verdes Art Center. Janene is the Cultural Services Division's primary liaison for the Stories in Art program, the Torrance Artists Guild and the South Bay Watercolor Society. She is currently a member of Museum Educators of Southern California, National Arts Educators Association and California Association of Museums.  

    Christopher Reynolds is an artist, curator, and arts educator living and working in Los Angeles. He received his BA in Fine Art at the University of Southern California and his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts. He is currently an Assistant Curator at the Torrance Art Museum, Adjunct Professor of art at Long Beach City College, and Vice-President of GYST, an artist-run company providing resources to working artists.

    So this morning, we’re going to hear about the two new exhibitions, Second Sight: New Representations in Photography and John Hyatt: My Brush with Angels opening on Saturday, March 28.


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    Apostolic Scope - What To Do With Vision But No Sight

    in Spirituality

    Scope: extent or range of view, outlook, application, operation, effectiveness, etc.: space for movement or activity; opportunity for operation

    There are many who have had a vision (or visions) given to them by Christ, but still have no sight. The desire of their heart is to see the manifestation of what they know was spoken to them by the Lord. Because of a lack of sight, many are frustrated and have even forfeited the opportunity to affect the purposes of God as well as the purpose of God for their birth.

    In this hour of the church, it is imperative that the visions of the Lord which He has placed in your heart not be negated; as the Lord expects a return on His investment in you.

    Join us for a broadcast that is not only full of knowledge, but the wisdom according to God's word on how to see what you've saw.

    Apostle Greg Davis is an anointed Apostle in the Lord's church who will be here to release strategy, insight and tools to move you forward.



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