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    HHS Not Watching Planned Parenthood, Cutanea Announcement & Unborn Unprotected

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    Best Of Wednesday's Show

    Rachel Alexander-Breaking News-HHS grossly negligent in overseeing Planned parenthood’s actions explains Stream reporter Alexander.  Rachel is also the editor of Intellectual Conservative.


    Phyllis Schlafly-A national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo says "SENATE REFUSES TO PROTECT INFANTS WHO CAN FEEL PAIN FROM ABORTION OR TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD."

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    The HHS Mandate

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    An overview of the HHS mandate and its implications for the future of conscience rights and religious freedom.

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    HHS Secretary Defends Planned Parenthood, & Life After Forgiveness

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    Mark Crutcher-President of Life Dynamics and producer of the documentary film on Black Genocide, Maafa21, asks, "Why do the same people who mark the 1964 Civil Rights Act ignore the most widespread civil rights crime of our day:  Black Genocide ?" Mark also discusses lawmakers grilling of HHS Secretary over Planned Parenthood funding

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl reports on the latest viral videos from the internet.

    Megan Feldman Bettencourt- Award winning journalist and author talks about her latest book, Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness In An Unforgiving World."

    Larry Pratt-The Executive Director of Gun Owners of America says it's "Hard to Refute The Evidence: Just about Every Urban Disaster Is Controlled By Liberalism."

    Melanie Hall-The Executive Director of the Family Healthcare Foundation reminds parents with Back-To-School kids that in addition to back packs, and books, make sure you have health coverage. 

    Zachary King-He began practicing magic at 10 years old, joined a satanic coven at 13 years old, and had broken all 10 Commandments by 15 years old. After 26 years in the occult, his life was totally transformed.  Zach discusses the widespread practice of satanism-even a small town can have 100 practitioners

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    Delta County HHS Wrongfull Termination & Sexual Harassment

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    Delta County HHS Wrongfull Termination & Sexual Harassment

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    Fraud and Cover up by Office of Inspector General for and by Maximus Inc

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    Host Bio and Connections to These Criminal Organization and the Cover Up

    Born unable to Vote in Texas 1965 Born with Chiari malformations, due to Fraud and Concealment of the child birth defect I now have steno-sis of the foraemen magnimus Moved to Colorado in 1973 Maximus Inc in 1974 takes over and begins Fraud of children from black communities, defrauding by use of knowledge involving disables  Estates, Insurance benefits and other program and or services in tx and Colorado,

    From 1988- 2015 I have along with others known to me and the following agencies, and we have copied many in HHS SSA DOJ, OCR OGC and the  OVAL OFFICE and  HUD any and all Offices of Inspector General and United State Justice Department and the President's of the United States Clinton, Bush and Obama did nothing to stop the fraud against Black children in the Health and Mental health arena, and the Fraud that persist in the State of Texas, Colorado and many other states where these type of Fraudulent Acts that have been deliberately covered up. 

    Maximus in 2008 pays Millions to cover up Fraud with help of the DOJ, they DOJ have allowed Maximus Source America and The Ability to Work program obtains all medical records from these victims. Maximus over seers are folks like Wellington Webb of Colorado, Mayor and Auditor for Denver Colorado and the Board of  Directors/Governors for Maximus since it's inception, as well as Source America, Ability most if not all of these folks have worked in HHS, SSA and many other areas of our government. My voice has been voiceless by government Impedement. 

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    Tom Reid: Owner of Certified K Solutions

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    Tom Reid is the founder and CEO of Certified Contracting Solutions, a full service contract management, financial services, training, and mentoring company.

    Mr. Reid consults with U.S. Federal Government contractors on complex regulatory environments, system compliance, contract management best practices, and general management, leadership, and team building issues. His clients have included companies dealing with DOD, DOE, FAA, HHS, HUD, GSA, VA, and many others. He has directly supported many government agencies including National Parks, Corps of Engineers, VA, HHS and DOD.

    He is an author, speaker, mentor, and expert in government contracting and leadership. 

    Website: www.certifiedksolutions.com

    Twitter: @GovConSME