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    PRIME #147 (Hetalia: Axis Powers and Ringu)

    in Radio

    The clan discusses the popular anime series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. The "horror/Suspense" film, Ringu (The Ring) is also reviewed.

  • 00:25

    Godspeed Mr. Mandela

    in Fun

    Paying tribute to Nelson Mandela by talking about the awesome French Anime movie called Kirikou & The Sorceress & in our Yaoi Spotlight is Hetalia!

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    Todd Haberkorn Interview - Dennis Daniel Show

    in Entertainment

    The Summer of Bigger Biggerness 3 continues with the next installment of The Dennis Daniel Show, when we're joined by voice actor, Todd Haberkorn. 
    Todd is a very acclaimed voice actor who has been in countless anime and is best known as the voice of Italy from the critcally acclaimed "Hetalia: Axis Powers", Death the Kid from "Soul Eater", Natsu Dragneel from "Fairy Tail", and Ling Yao from "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" 
    Outside of voice acting, Todd is also known as Mr. Knickerbocker from the hit Barney movie, "Barney: Let's Make Music", Moorin in "Borderlands 2", and Spock in the fan-inspired "Star Trek Continues" 
    Join us for a Pasta-filled edition of The Dennis Daniel Show. Thursday at 11PM EST! 

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    Welcome to the Random Voice radio show!

    in Hobbies

    Welcome to the Random Voice radio show! My name is Ki and I will be your host for this show. I will be doing random voices and impersonations of people, anime characters, and cartoons. I will also be accepting messages from people as the show goes on. 
    One of my best impersonations is the Leprechaun from the horror Leprechaun movies. Another of my good ones is Jigsaw, and others. I am also working on different accents; two of my favorites being the Russian accent and the French accent. In addition, I am also working on impersonating China, Chibitalia, and Chibi!Japan from the Hetalia dub. 
    It also seems that I have close vocal patterns with actress Cherami Leigh, especially her voice as Liechtenstein in the Hetalia dub. 

  • 00:57

    Eric Vale Interview - Dennis Daniel Show

    in Television

    In honor of the release of the trailer for the new thriller "Chariot", The Dennis Daniel Show is proud to present a special encore edition of our interview with producer/writer Eric Vale.   It’s an “All American” edition Dennis Daniel Show, as Dennis shows his love for the U.S. of A by welcoming none other than voice actor Eric Vale, best known as Trunks from "DragonBall Z" and the patriotic America from “Hetalia: Axis Powers.”   It’s guaranteed to be an international incident as Dennis talks with Eric about working on shows such as “DragonBall Z!”, “Hetalia: Axis Powers!”, and “Fruits Basket”. Plus, find out Eric's new self-produced thriller, "Chariot"   Grab a cheeseburger, don your American flag, and break out your swords as Eric Vale invades the Dennis Daniel Show.