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    Valentine's day: Chocolate Special

    in Food

    Do you love Valentine's day? Do you love Chocolate? Are you giving out chocolates this valentine's day? Well then this is the show for you. On this special Valentine's show, I will be disscussing all about Chocolate.I will talk about the Hershey Store, and how it got created, talk about Hershey's most famous products, then talk about most common chocolate ingredients, kinds of chocolate and more. I will also be disscussing Valentine's day dinner suggestions and desserts. I will be giving out my delicious chocolate covered strawberry recipe, as well as white chocolate covered oreos, and a heart shaped yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

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    in Politics Progressive

    What is the difference between a white-American slave and an African-American slave ? Answer : African Americans realize that we're still slaves, while your average teabagger still believes you can start out working as a Wall Mart cashier and end up as CEO of Wall Mart. They think that if you just " work hard enough, anything is possible. " Isn't that something. Poor trash that die at age forty, after working for twenty years in the coal miness of West Virginia, think this way. In fact, wherever you find white people, many of them cherish this fantasy. However, the awareness that we have regarding how America's " winners and losers " are chosen sometimes doesn't transcend into action that can make real political statements. In yesteryears, the boycott was the billy club ( along with 12-gauge rifles and real black men ). Sadly enough, things have taken a bad turn. As mindless consumers, our consumption of chocolate ( one of many examples of things ) is contributing to child slave labor in the Ivory Coast. And who has finally had enough, and is trying to change this practice by getting niggaz and whites of good morals to sign petitions ? The Reverend Jesse Jackson ? No. Minister Farrakhan ? No. The Moors ? No. Hebrew Israelites ? Forget about it. So who will be the answer to the prayers that slave children pray ? Well, a blonde, blue-eyed teen named Jasper Perry-Anderson is leading the charge. What does that say about the need to increase the intensity of magnitude of Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism ? Many people aren't worth a dime and don't gime a damn about such issues. However, there are large numbers of us that ( 1 ) do care, ARE AWARE, but are very actively fighting evil on FAR TOO MANY FRONTS TO ELABORATE UPON, and ( 2 ) people who would care if they only knew. Well, if nobody has engaged you about this issue, I will do so tonight.

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    Pay-Day Loans for African Countries.

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    The vicious cycle of poverty and despair is aided and abetted by so-called " Pay-Day " Loan stations in poor communities. Poverty destroys psychological fortitude of the working poor, those who make too much money to qualify for government assistance to live, but barely make enough money to put food in a refrigerator. On an International scale, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other criminal outfits use the same hustle to bloodsuck money and resources from poor nations. Sadly enough, some leaders in Africa ( and other places ) are complicit in this exploitation. And in-depth chat about the aformentioned shady practices can be expected tonight.

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    Hershey's Night at the Musuem

    in Social Networking

    Classy Mommy & Audrey from Mom Generations will share our adventures from Hershey's Night at the Musuem blogger event we attended this past weekend.