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    Steven Tillis from RepTillis Herps

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    please welcome Steven Tillis From Reptillis Herps to the show. On this episode we will be talking about Blood pythons and where the hobby of reptiles is going in the future . Steven is an out standing blood python breeder her has high quality blood pythons and I have baught from steven in the past and they are out standing animals. If at any time you want to ask steven a question please feel free to call in at 718-766-4119 press 1 to ask your question. check out his web site http://www.RepTillisHerps.com

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    Free For All Saturday

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    Wasn't sure what to talk about. So I will let the callers decided tonight. Free for means anything goes. Any topic that the callers bring up is what we will discuss. So come join us for some fun and friendship.While we talk about reptiles or animals in general. lol

  • Genetics And More

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    We are gonna have fun tonight. We are gonna talk about genetics and all kinds of other sh!t. lol So BYOB and come join the fun tonight.

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    Quarantining Practices

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    Tonight we will be talking about the many ways people quarantine their reptiles. Seems to be some debate on the proper ways to do so. We have had several requests for a show like this. So we decided to do the show tonight.

    I would also like to discuss a page on FB . That has been brought to my attention.


    The man behind this page. Seems to think that everyone in the reptile hobby are racist. I am mentioned several times on this page. With screen shots of my comments and yes I made the posts. Most were in a joking manner. That have been taken out of context. I was accused of being racist. When I am not racist. So I decided to play the part. Do I use racist words towards certain black people. Yes yes I do not gonna lie about it.I also use the same terms to describe a lot of whit people also. Do I hate everyone who isn't white. No and my friends list on FB can attest to that. Do I hate certain people in all races.Your damn right I do. If that makes me a racist. Well then I will wear the name like a badge of honor. So Elronza I'm sending you and invitation to call in tonight. If you have the balls to do so.

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    "Indie Music Galore"!

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    Hallelujah and Praise The Lord Everyone! Tune in to join us this Sunday, January 11, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. as your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle take you on another fabulous gospel ride on the "Glorious Gospel Vibes" show! We will be introducing many independent gospel artists from around the world and would like for you to join us in this endeavor.  They are also asking that ALL Gospel Artists and Inspirational Authors contact them by emailing them at gloriousgospelvibes@yahoo.com to send in your MP3's, EPK's and/or info so that they will be able to introduce you properly to the world.  Also on the show will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon with 'Inspiration Corner', along with Sista Vangelist Peppercorn.  So let's make it a date and don't be late, we be hearin' from YOU!

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    MBSFood: Readings Galore & So Much More

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    On this special 2-hour show to help mark the end of the year, we have lots in store for you--Readings Galore & So Much More! Tune in to hear a panel of three of our favorite intuitives from the show talk about what they are hearing/seeing for the new year, and call in to receive messages from Spirit to help support and guide you through the holidays and beyond. We'll also get to hear the exciting new offerings of our witty and wonderful message-bearers: Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C of Spirituals by Torrie C, Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient Coach Wilma Lee of Full Bloom Services, and Transcendent Karmic Balancer, Spiritual Warrior and Counselor OM Boogie of Lotus and Phoenix Productions, LLC!

    As if that's not enough, we'll be offering other types of readings--giving away books to callers as a special treat. Listen in for your chance to win books from past guests of the show!

    Here is the contact info for our guests:

    Torrie C: http://www.spiritualsbytorriec.info 240-554-5219

    Coach Wilma Lee: http://fullbloomservices.com 202-498-5281

    OM Boogie: OM@OMNV.TV

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    From Troubled Breeders to Trouble Feeders

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    The title says it all. We willbe talking aboutsome of the more less hit on things. That go along with our hobbby. Let's go into some detail. About how we do the things that really shows. If a keeper knows their shit or not. It's time to get into the gravy of what keeps me doing this year after year. So join us tonight for a good time . Talking about how to separate the old school people from the noobs. www.hardcoreherpsradio.com www.redneckherps.com www.redneckherpsradio.com

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    Harvey's Herps

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    Well we've finally made the change. We are no longer on FB as Redneck Herps. We have made our own Social Netwrok site. Thanks to Ian of course. So tonight we will be talking about the future. What will become of Redneck Herps? Not sure really. Harvey's Herps is the future of our little group and it's time to give it all we got. So we will be talking about the transition from one to the other tonight.

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    Auction and BOI Groups On Facebook

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    OK so let's talk about Auction and BOI groups on FB. Do You love them or Hate them. Do you think these kinds of groups are good for the hobby? Call in and let us know. What you take on things are tonight. This should make for a fun show. I myself have some negative thoughts toward all this. But that's is just me. So hang on for some fun tonight. This should be a great show and I can't wait to get some folk's on the air to talk.

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    Steven Tillis from Reptillis Herps joins us to talk about Red Blood Python.com

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    In this episode we will be joined by Steven Tillis from Reptillis Herps. He will be talking about his new website

    Red Blood Python.com


    This site is dedicated to the distribution of care and other info for Red Blood Pythons or Python Brongersmai. Included in this site is a comprehensive morph guide along with care sheet and breeding info. 


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    Saturday Night Free For All

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    Okay guys guess we will be doing a Free for all tonight.  Get off your damn asses and call in!!

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