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    Sergey Kovalev vs Jean Pascal Recap

    in Sports

    Sergey Kovalev, man. He's a fighter who doesn't give opponents whole lot of options. For instance, when he's about to knock you out, he either thrusts his pelvis in your direction or laughs at you. And after he knocks you out, he makes an internet meme out of you. Make no mistake. Kovalev is an assassin, and he proved it by stopping a ballsy Jean Pascal in the latter's backyard. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor welcome Brent Brookhouse of MMAjunkie to the show to talk Kovalev-Pascal, Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, and much more. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Herby Whyne; NotiFight;

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    An Epic Football Weekend For The Ages

    in Football

    Good morning POH faithful! Today the crew and I will be discussing the best action from Sunday and the Monday night slugfest between the Miami Dolphins and the Jets. We will also be getting into the potential Super Bowl preview between the Packers and Patriots, Denver knocking down the Chiefs, The Chargers unlikely comeback against the Ravens, Falcons' dominating Arizona and much, much more. Make sure to stay tuned for our Best of the Best segments as well as Herby's "You're The Worst" for the worst QB performances of the week. I'm ready to talk some football! Are you?

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    Elaine Joyce Singer

    in Music

    Elaine Joyce Singer 

    Elaine was born in Chattanooga and raised in Clarkesville , Tennessee not far from Nashville and the Grand ‘Ole Opry. Together with mom and dad, Elaine and her 7 brothers and sisters all shared a great love for music. All could sing and several could also write songs and play musical instruments. Even as a small child Elaine's youngest brother Billy Joe would sit for hours watching and listening to some of the great musicians to pass through Clarksville. Evenings were spent on the porch of their home and as kids they would find something to make a noise with. That noise blended into some pretty good music .Elaines sister Dorothy was referred to as the young Kitty Wells and older sister Fran was labeled as female Marty Robbins. Brother Johnny sounded like Merle Haggard. Brother Jimmy was a mean hot harmonica player and could sing. Ron a guitar player/singer. Herby was a drummer/singer. Elaine was the shy one and the last one to take up music and shoot for a career in the entertainment field.Elaine gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of 7 when attending a big Baptist Church in San Antonio Texas where a friend had taken her. 


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    The Family Reunion

    in Blogs

    The Age of Aquarius is the age of herby friends!  Love and Bless Bless, J

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    Best Pranks You Ever Pulled Off

    in Comedy

    This week we're talking best pranks/vandalism you've pulled off and got away with.  Call in with your story and as always JR will be on at 11 p.m. Eastern to give you his Best Bets of the Week!  Wednesday 10 p.m. Eastern we take it to the airwaves!

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    Luv or Jealousy, Cheater Weight, & Surprise Babies...Oh My!

    in Music

    You are tuned in to the hottest Independent Music Around...that's "Earplugs"...Starring Ms. Mary Francis
    Co-host C.J. Fox and Herb "Herby Derby"
     Featured Artist-  B.L. and M's Single "All over the world"
    Also Featuring
    Turner's  X-treme Cleaning
    Body by Vi- http://yayagettingfit.bodybyvi.com
    It Works- www.bodywraps4sale.com
    Dove Chocolate Discovers- www.chocolatiersharon.com
    Crosswind Media- crosswindma@gmail.com

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    in Religion

    As we have began the NEW "sacred year" of God already, I and and millions of God's people worldwide will be celebrating GOD'S TRUE HOLY DAYS starting with the PASSOVER and what it truly represents for those who are called and CHOSEN and are BAPTIZED members of God's church. This radio show: GOOD NEWS 4 A CHANGE is also part of the NEW "Radio Church of God" ON THE AIR! Through "THE SIMPLE TRUTH MINISTRY" which God has ordained me to establish online and to present to ALL THE WORLD!
    On this SPECIAL show and broadcast, therefore I've decided to incorporate a message or "Sermon" for ALL of you who are listening and tuning in! If you are already a baptized member of God's church you will be able to eat and "drink in" from the SPIRITUAL food herby provided, and if you are SIMPLY a hearer and not a DOER od God's Word then hopefully at the very least a seed will be planted in your hearts and minds to understanding the TRUTH of God and how are things done in the TRUE "Church of God"!
    Overall I sincerely hope this message "imparts GRACE to the hearers" and knowledge and WISDOM and sheds more light into the GLORIOUS Plan of Salvation of God!
    "To him who has an ear let him HEAR!"

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    Evening with Ella and Mylow Young

    in Books

    “New Jack City” and “The Wire” meet JESUS!

    Against The Gates of  Hell: A Crack House Exodus is the story of twin brothers, Kerby and Herbert Wilson Jr. Other than the obvious, these two are alike in that both of them deal with life controlling issues. Moreover, both are in very deep denial. As adults on the Philadelphia Police Force, both experience the affects and influence of drugs in their world.

    Kerby is a man searching for identity, for love, acceptance and self worth. He would search for grace and mercy as well but would only find judgment and condemnation, from others and himself. A functional junkie, he’s distraught that he pushed his wife out of his life, and then the bottom falls out as he sells himself to his addiction. Now there’s a price on his head and he has to face the wrath of the biggest drug dealer in Philly.

    Herby, or  “Junior”  his family affectionately call him, is a deacon at Living Waters Fellowship of Faith. Bitter after the death of his parents and his brother’s escape to the streets, he battles anger and a critical and judgmental perspective. Then there is Rene, Herby's beautiful, spirit-filled wife, the glue that holds them all together. But who would be her glue when she became weak under the burdens of family chaos? Jesus!

    This is a story of struggle and faith, of forgiveness, transformation and hope. This is a story of the love, power and Fatherhood of a gracious, merciful and forgiving God. This is a story of a man’s battle for freedom as he fights to leave a life of bondage and addiction, as he fights against the schemes and deceptions of the ruthless, relentless enemy of the cross, as he fights against the very gates of hell.

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    Ralph & Herby on Egos

    in Radio

    Ralph & Herby on Egos

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    The Andrea Shea King Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Andrea in the Nation's Capitol with Vic Bandini of Rattlers-Firebirds Army Unit, talking about Capt. Herby Crosby, MIA Vietnam

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