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    HeLLo, auGuST!

    in Travel

    Kinda like Hello Kitty, but yet nothing at all like. Just a reminder here to recap the Summer Bliss Nia class experience, the Camping and maybe some on this week from hell.

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    Hello World: Breaking Through Barriers

    in Education

    Hello World my name is Miyah Sundermeyer and I would like to welcome you to my radio blogs.  There are three main purposes.

    1. Sharing my experiences on living with Autism

    2. Giving my two cents on what is going on with Autism and the Media from my own perspective

    3. Covering topics that I am passionate about

    In this episode I talk about how I was able to learn how to break through a set of barriers and how you can do it too.  

    Next to this radio show I also have a series of vlogs on youtube.  Please be sure to check out "Hello World with Miyah Sundermeyer for more information

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    Introducing Hello Health Version 5.0

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with two of the architects of the Hello Health platform on the occasion of the launch of version 5.0.
    Steven Ferguson, Patient Management Officer, and Joanne Fournier, Director of Product Management, discuss some of the new features and advancements within the market's only Patient Management solution.
    The integrated EHR, patient health portal and suite of HIPAA-secure communication tools, is now 2011/2012 compliant and certified as a Complete EHR by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) and adds electronic prescription routing to the Surescripts network among many new features designed to streamline workflow for primary care physicians and their staff.

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    A Conversation with Hello Health Customer Dr. Jeff Gladd

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Jeff Gladd, a leading integrative medicine physician who has transformed his family practice and his personal life through the adoption of integrative medicine. In support of his practice vision, Dr. Gladd selected the Hello Health patient management platform of a revenue-generating electronic medical record (EMR) and a suite of secure web-based communication tools to engage his patients in his integrative care.

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    Hello I am Back!

    in Entertainment

    Just to touch base and talk about the latest fear of an astroid crashing into the earth this fall. Is it real this time? Is it just another false end world prophecy? Thats what God warned us about too, fear based false prophecy.

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    A Conversation with Hello Health Founder & CEO Nat Findlay

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with Nathanial (Nat) Findlay, founder and CEO of New York City-based Hello Health, on the growth of the Hello Health patient management platform and the vision behind this revolutionary approach to connecting patients and physicians together.
    Hello Health provides the market's only revenue-generating EMR as part of a patient management platform that engages patients in their care through secure cloud-based communications with their physician.
    Unlike traditional healthcare technologies, Hello Health employs a consumer-driven business model in which patient subscription fees collected for a value-rich experience with one's primary care doctor generate a recurring revenue stream for both doctor and Hello Health. 

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    A Conversation with Hello Health Customer: Dr. Bruce Hopper

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Bruce Hopper, a pioneer in direct medical care who has a direct pay family practice that addresses the health care needs of the working poor.  In support of his practice vision, Dr. Hopper selected the Hello Health patient management platform consisting of a revenue-generating and free electronic medical record (EMR) and a suite of secure web-based communication tools to engage his patients in a collaborative partnership for better care.

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    Goodbye fear, hello life

    in Spirituality

    Thursday August 6th Summer Thursday Night Spiritual Night episode of Relax, Let Go, Be with Charles

    Goodbye fear, hello life

    Charles invites you to explore this life, your mind, body, and spirit, to release fears that are stopping you from truly enjoying life and being with awesome joy all of who you are!  Listeners are welcome to join the conversation sharing your struggles and wins over fear.

    A blended this life, soul connection, and beyond life guided meditation is part of this powerful show.

    Listen live and join the conversation by calling 646-721-9527 while the show is live.

    You can as well listen live and access all the podcast at :  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/relaxletgobe

    Those logged onto BlogTalkRadio will be able to participate in the live chat room.

    Link to Elissabeth’s music and new cd  Passage: heartsoundsbyelissabeth.com

    Our Facebook page : www.facebook.comRelaxLetGoBe

    Email Charles: relaxletgobe@gmail.com

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    Hello Mr Brown Radio Show

    in Youth

    Hello Mr Brown is more than a simple greeting; it is a message of hope. It is clarity in a confusing world. It is a path to positive choices. Join the conversation as we talk about choices because choices are the puzzle pieces of life so choose well!