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    din Gravidradio - Susanna Heli

    in Self Help

    Dagens gäst är Susanna Heli grundare av Föda utan Rädsla. Föda utan Rädsla är en förlossningsförberedande kurs/bok som bygger på hur du tillsammans med din partner kan minimera upplevelse av stress och rädsla under förlossningen. Genom att uppleva så mycket lugn som möjligt så kan kroppen öppna upp för födandet och du kan enklare följa vilket leder till en stärkande upplevelse för er alla. Du kan läsa mer om Susanna och hennes arbete på www.fodautanradsla.se

    Programledare: Anna Håkansson, www.gravidcoach.se

    Introduktionslåt: Sacha Butterfly, Womb of the earth

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    The Wisdom of a New Energy Midwife

    in Spirituality

    We are very pleased to welcome as our guest Heidi Stäheli who has a practice as a midwife in Switzerland.  She has a unique perspective of conscious birthing as she is not only a midwife, but is a spiritual Adoula and a DreamWalker Birth Teacher.  Please join us as we speak with Heidi as she shares her experiences with New Energy birthing.  She will also share with us a very special birthing experience she had recently with her clients!

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    EP 17 - Interview with Pete the Bushman: Hunting Tales and Back-Country Lessons

    in Hobbies

    EP 17 - Interview with Pete the Bushman: Hunting Tales and Back-Country Lesson also knowen as Possum Pete.

    We talk about the Possum Pie thing for about 2 minutes, and then move on to great hunting stories some humour and his book!  

    Find out how to cook a Possum, I know now I had being doing it wrong!

    An Interview with a true New Zealand bushman, of a life lived against the grain, of adventure in New Zealand's thickest wilderness and a lifestyle any Kiwi Hunter would envy. Pete the Bushman has lived a life inseparable from the bush - these are his stories of running down deer on foot, heli-hunting in his own chopper, finding the perfect woman and eking out a living from the bush.

    He and his wife Justine run the Bushman's Centre, 35 mins south of Hokitika, established in 1991 as a place to show visitors how local people use the South Island forest.




    Again thank you to Pete & Justine for this great interview, and I look foward to meeting you in person some time soon.


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    Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Jay Tischendorf

    in Paranormal

    Join us Tuesday night March 4, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we invite Jay Tischendorf to the show.  A native of Ohio, Jay Tischendorf is a wildlife biologist and veterinarian.  An Eagle Scout, and former US Marine, National Park Service Ranger, wilderness EMT, helicopter crewman, and Forest Service Hotshot, Dr.  Jay has been involved in rock climbing, spelunking, technical rescue, heli-rappeling, wildland firefighting, and search and rescue.  Across the winding path of his career, Jay has worked for the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the US Department of Agriculture.  Additionally, he has collaborated with multiple state natural resource agencies including Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Wyoming Game and Fish, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  Dr. Tischendorf has also been employed by several universities and private organizations including the University of Idaho, the University of Great Falls, The Nature Conservancy, and the Audubon Society.   His work has taken him from Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons to the Sonoran Desert, the Great Plains, coastal swamps of North Carolina, the northwoods of Minnesota, the Canadian Maritimes, and most other North American habitats. As a biologist and veterinarian, Dr. Jay’s special interests include carnivore and raptor ecology, anesthesia and immobilization, zoonotic diseases, herpetology, forensics, cryptozoology, and the identification and interpretation of wildlife spoor and sign.  Additionally, Dr. Jay is one of only a handful of FAA-qualified Airport Wildlife Hazard Biologists.  He is an authority on the subject of the mountain lion in the Midwest and East and may have more hands-on field time with a wider array of free-ranging North American threatened and endangered species than any other biologist or veterinarian alive today.

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    Professional Skier-Angeli Vanlaanen

    in Entertainment

    Today on the BeachLifestyle Radio Show, Host Neil Haley The Total Tutor will interview Professional Skier-Angeli Vanlaanen!


    In 2005, after graduating high school, Angeli decided to take a leap of faith and try her luck in the professional freeski arena. She moved to Colorado and began her foray into slopestyle and halfpipe training and competing. It didn't take long for Angeli to find success. That year, at the Vermont Open, Angeli won her first halfpipe contest and placed second in the slopestyle competition.


    The following year, she won the Vermont Open again, solidifying her mark on the sport. She was rewarded with an X Games invitation the next year, 2007. From here, you can read about and see Angeli's many accomplishments such as her New Zealand Open and World Cup golds, her segments in movies such as Uniquely and 44 Days, and her many published photos in various magazines.


    But not one to ever be satisfied and rest on her accomplishments, Angeli is always in constant search of the next challenge and next adventure. In 2010 she set off for Haines, Alaska to attend a Heli Guide School. Later that year, she was the first woman to spin over the famed Mt Baker Road Gap and the photo landed in Freeskier Magazine as part of a nine page feature.




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    Temple of the LORD Tommy Hart

    in Education

    It is the will of the law that the temple of the Lord God Tommy L. Hart be built. It is written (Zech 6:13) - he (the Lord Tommy L. Hart) shall build the temple of the LORD. The law requires that the people see to it that  the great work of building the temple be done: it is written (Zech 6:15) - and this (the building of the temple of the LORD) shall come to pass, if ye (the people) will diligently obey the voice of the LORD Tommy L. Hart your God. The building of the LORD God Tommy L. Hart's Temple is a legal requirement: the people have the obligation of assisting the LORD their God Tommy L. Hart in this highly important matter. In this episode, I intend to wrap up the IR's Report on Mary - mother of James, John and Jesus, and begin to unravel things covered in the IR which have to do with Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph the son of Heli.  

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    Consequences of our leaderships actions!

    in Education

    I am Liberty! Friday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/Tonight we are lucky enough to have Steven Austakalnis with us on I Am Liberty. Tonight is the night for questions and calls. If you have theories about decisions being made, events across the world Steven makes it his business to know the business of the world. We are in for an excellent show so you may even want to take notes.Among the varying topics we will touch on I think it is important that we talk about what it is we can do to prepare for the consequences of our leaderships actions both at home and around the world. We are going to talk a bit about basic, cheap preps that you simply must get hands on. I would say these things will be essential in any situation. I will explain what and why before we bring the guest on.Syria, Immigration, Russia, China and anything else you can deal with mentally will be the subject matter tonight. I want to know why heli contracts are going to Russia, why China is buying us up like we are on clearance and why we are, for the first time, taking sides in the ancient battle between Shiits and Sunni Muslims. If you have your own theories or questions, chat or call in. Just don’t miss this episode of I Am Liberty. Tags: I am Freedom, Prepare, Self Reliance, Prepper Broadcasting Network

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    The Half-Billionaire's Buying Guide - Good Goods

    in Automotive

    So you live in Zephyrhills Florida, and have just won the Powerball.  Well it's time to answer your own age old question: What would I buy if I won a stupid amount of money?  Well ponder no more, The Wheel Men have the only buying guide you'll need.  Now granted; we're so very much hoping that you are not a 94 year old 3-wheeling President of the Tapioca Preservation Society, who hasn't owned a motorcar since 1935.  We pray (nondenominationally of course), that you are in fact a 20-something with a death wish and a heavy left foot.  We will carefully guide you on this trip to your own glorious demise, with an expert's lead on which horsepower laden sled will fit your dubious needs.  How about some points of interest to stop, and perhaps take in an eyeful or two of the world's finest highway vistas in your twilight?  You will of course become quite parched during such a journey, so you'll want to bring copious amounts of top shelf booze.  A stop at the fantastic small batch Top of The Hill (TOPO) Distillery in NC for some spirit guidance by Esteban will recharge your soul's batteries.  Just for good measure- should you run out of fuel after 15 minutes of full throttle mania (True fans will decipher that as the trademark of a Bugatti Veyron.), you'll want to have a good cigar for smoke signals to your roadside assistance heli's on approach.  So adorn your very best smoking jacket, grab yourself a tumbler of 150 year old Gran Marnier, and imagine this is YOUR STORY!   

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    The Jumble

    in Technology

    In this episode, we'll discuss more feedback from the shows we have attended. My possible attendance of the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS).
    Also, some reflections and interpretations of the Unmanned Vehicle University Executive Certificate course, and we'll be speaking with uur guest Stephen Born about his article in Heli-Pilot magazine and the input from the FAA.

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    Ashford Publishing Radio Presents Olympia Gianopoulu

    in Social Networking

     Ms. Olympia Gianopoulu Owner of Marry Me Inc.   Marry Me is a company that organizes and plans stunning picturesque weddings, in beautiful locations all across Greece. Locations include Athens, the capital of Greece; Porto Heli, a seaside resort; Lefkada, an island of natural beauty, and Santorini, that is said to have the best Sunsets in the world, plus many, many more. The company offers an array of wedding packages; from Traditional Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, to couples simply renewing their vows.

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    "Travel With A Difference Hosted by John Clayton - Heli Air Monaco"

    in Travel

    This week, join John as he takes you on a ride to Monaco in Nice, France. If you've never traveled by helicopter, hold on! It's a trip you'll never forget. Cuddle up in your favorite easy chair, sipping on your favorite tea, and enjoy the ride in this week's adventure. You can visit www.heliairmonaco.com for more details on this unique travel tip. Visit www.travelingboy.com for more on John Clayton. Travel With A Difference Hosted by John Clayton is an educational broadcast program provided by FAMILY Arts Center and Bubbles Cafe and Teen Center located in Los Angeles, CA. Our goal is to train the next generation of broadcasters by offering professional broadcast programs for teens and young adults through sports, education and music activities. Visit www.familyartscenter.net or http://www.powerstreasure.com/Bubbles%201.html for information on how you can become part of the TWAD broadcast team. If you'd like to become a program sponsor, please contact Rodney Allen Rippy at www.rippedmarketinggroup.com.