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    The Two Spirits Connection with The Sacred Tree of Life. ( Jim Byrne)

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    James M. Byrne, PhD.

    Professor, University of Lethbridge

    Primary research and work interests: Climate variability and change; impacts, adaptation and mitigation of climate change; hydrometeorology; hydrology; integrated watershed management; watershed processes; hydro climate modelling

                      Career Highlights - Science

    Co-convener, American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on Climate Change Communication, June 2013.
    Supervised 19 Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Programs
    Founding member and National Theme Leader for Water Resource Management in the National Centres of Excellence Canadian Water Network (CWN) 2000-04
    Director, Water Resources Institute, University of Lethbridge, 1991-2004.
    Over 270 career publications, conference presentations, editorials and book chapters

                      Career Highlights – Science Education and Communication

    Lead scientist and producer for four major science education documentaries that received two awards, three awards nominations and many Screenings at International Film Festivals. 
    Science Education Lead (2010) and Co-lead (2011-12) American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Conference Committee (AGU Fall Meeting had about 20,000 attendees in 2011)
    Co-convener, American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on Communicating Climate Science 

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    It's All In the Cards - With Helene Martz

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    This sunday Rob and Jason Welcome Helene Martz. Whether reading Tarot, or Runes or hearing a Clairaudient message, Helene will read our dashing, daring, dynamic duo of dopes ( Hey it starts with 'D') and tell all LIVE what is coming for Rob and Jason. If you are interesting in knowing how a reading would go. Tune in for this episode rescheduled from its original airing due to ironically unforeseen circumstances. 

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    HOST & CRISIS DRAMATIST Phyllis Helene interviews CYNTHIA SUE LARSON Author of

                                          QUANTUM JUMPS


    Let's Take Time to Raise Our Consciousness!


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    How to Overcome Chronic Pain with Mary Byrne Eigel

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    Sept 23: 7-8 pm CT. Mary Byrne Eigel, author, speaks on “How to Overcome Chronic Pain with 

    Mindfulness, Non-Traditional Medicine, Writing and More” 

    Intuitive Life Coach, Publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, and Feng Shui Consultant, Cynde Loves helping people Soar! Join Cynde Meyer every Tuesday as she help you become your own Spirit Seeker. She will guild you as you journey into the unknown and strengthening your own spirit to travel this life more fully. Let her find ways for you all to heal both in the body, mind, and spirit. As a Feng Shui expert she can also help your home as well as your heart. Cynde will bring oyu the best guests to help you transform your life to one that is whole and complete. See you all then...

    Visit our full website for a wealth of information http://www.spiritseeker.com

    Become a friend of the show on FB http://www.facebook.com/cynde.meyer

    Or get updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/SpiritSeekerBTR

    Listen LIVE and Ask Questions: Call in  347-884-9914 from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm CST Every Tuesday!


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights personal empowerment life coach Beth Koehler

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    Saco, ME – Awareness of the Law of Attraction has reached a fever pitch since the 2006 release of Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling self-help guide The Secret. But what is the Law of Attraction? And how can we use it to improve our lives?

    According to personal empowerment life coach Beth Koehler, the simplest explanation of the Law of Attraction is that we attract the energy we project, so what you focus on, you get more of. If we’re joyful we will attract joyful people and circumstances.

    “The law of attraction is always turned on, like the law of gravity. Why not learn to use it to your benefit?” says Koehler.

    Koehler incorporates the principles behind the Law of Attraction philosophy in her personal coaching sessions, where she works primarily with women 40-70, empowering them to align with their heart’s desire.

    “As a coach I have the ability to step back from the center of their lives,” says Koehler. “I help them realize the ways in which they may have manifested their own struggle. If they have the power to manifest their struggle, they can manifest joy as well.”

    Koehler says the hardest thing for a coach to hear is “Yes, but…” because it means they’re blocking themselves in some way energetically. They know there’s something that needs to shift. All it requires is an openness and willingness to allow change. If you allow help and support from avenues you’ve never considered, you’ve just opened the floodgates of change. That’s the Law of Attraction at work.

    Says Koehler: “I love to witness my client’s growth and see them become empowered and confident and strong enough to start making different choices in their life, better choices in their life."

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    This month "IN THE SPIRIT" we are UNLOCKING "GRATEFULNESS"Let 's discuss the NOW season in this the third act of Life  -   IDENTIFYING A SEASON  "IN MY LIFE" - Making this season SPARKLE

    “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change!" Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

    Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 6:30p est





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    The Play in The UK, ‘Olaudah The Middle Passage Survivor, Author & Abolitionist

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    Please Join The Gist of Freedom as we welcome Adam Tulloch from Great Britian's Production of the play ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’


    Olaudah Equiano Survived The Middle Passage, purchased his freedom, became a black abolitionist  and  authored the first known  Enslaved African Narrative . He was a famous proponent of British abolitionism and worked with William Wilberforce.  His story is featured in the movie Amazing Grace.

      Following its success at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ will be transferring to Sutton House from the 26th-29th November.

    Kidnapped with his sister at the age of eleven, Equiano is beaten, suffocated and tortured on their journey to the coast, which sees him separated from his sister and sold to British traders.
    Set in the heart of West Africa during the height of the British slave trade, ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ is an honest, uncompromising and moving portrayal of Olaudah Equiano’s early life.

    Please note this is a site-specific production with no wheelchair access. The production also contains scenes of a violent nature and is therefore only suitable for those over the age of 16.

    Creative Team
    Writer/Director – Adam Tulloch
    Assistant Director – Sian Edwards
    Choreography – Sharon Henry
    Music – Jamal Hue-Bonner

    Jonathan Luwagga
    Marie-Helene Boyd
    Alessandro Babalola

    Tickets available via Eventbrite
    Full Price £10
    Concessions £8
    Limited number of £5 Early Bird tickets


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    Debt The Education Killer Featuring Helene Naftali

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    U&I TALK : DEBT has become another EDUCATION Dreams Killer.

    What can U do about it ? 

    Tune in to hear from our Featured Guest Expert Author :

    Helene Naftali is a financial advisor, Career Coach, psychotherapist, mom, and Author of Own Your Zone: What Students Need to Succeed from School to Career. She has worked with hundreds of college students to cut down on their debt by pushing self-discovery in life and career.

    Tune in for another great Conversation. On U&I TALK SHOW with Louise UWACU.

    LIVE as of 2pm Pacific. 5pm E.T. 10pm London. 11pm Paris.

    Brought to U&I by IMANA & UWACU PRODUCTIONS.


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    On Air Channeling Session with Divine Entity ~ SOTU

    in Spirituality

    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and Helene Olsen as they interview Adrienne Metcalf, her husband Josh Schwartzbach and the channeled entities named "SOTU." Tune in as they unlock the secrets of the world around us. Ever wonder why you’re here? The purposes of your life? Is there is a point to it all?

    "There is a great movement afoot in your world dear ones. It is a movement that you cannot avoid. Each and every one of you are being asked, in your personal as well as the ever-increasing intensity of the reflections from the consensus, to identify yourself." - SOTU channeled by J. Harold Schwartzbach

    SOTU will help our audience unlock some of these secrets and get down deep to our inner truth. We will hear from the channeled spirits themselves with SOTU live on the air. This is an episode you cannot not miss! Call in and receive answers to your questions and find the inner meaning you have been looking for.


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    The Pulse of Crypto Currency

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    This call is going to be very special, we have a guest speaker, Anthony Eufemio, a leader in the Crypto Currency world. Anthony is also a partner in Global Coin Reserve. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9nwB9OnhM.


    You are in the company of millionaires

    There’s so much going on!  Please don’t miss it!


    Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock announced on the 1st day of accepting Bitcoin that they saw 130,000 in sales.


    Bernie Han, COO of Dish Network is excited to announce their company will be accepting Bitcoin.


    John Donahoe, CEO of Ebay is going to integrate Bitcoin into PayPal.


    MasterCard applied for a patent to add Bitcoin to their Global Shopping Cart.

    Your Ladies Kristina (Summer) and Linda (Winter)

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    State Sovereignty: Defensive Medicine and Common Core

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight Mike Slack and Dave talk with Dr Jim Cesar, a family practice physician from Branson. Dr Cesar will discuss survival medicine, the Ebola scare, and the general state of medicine in this country.

    Then, we will visit once again with Dr Mary Byrne. Dr Byrne is on the front lines of the Common Core fight and will bring us an update.

    Join us by clicking the link at 7PM Missouri time. You can participate with either of our guests by calling the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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