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    Heaven on Earth Kingdom Gathering

    in Christianity

    Bringing transformation to the tampa, florida region and surrounding counties

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    Bringing Heaven to Earth

    in Spirituality

    Heart Centered Visionaries, Jennie Byers-Lane, Matt McDowell, Dave Stillwaters and Beverly Deffense (host) speak about their Visions for a new Heart-Centered Earth. The idea of Heaven on Earth is ancient; however, it has become increasingly popular as humanity realizes that we cannot continue in the current direction. We must create a more Heart-Centered Compassionate World if we are to survive as a species and save our Beautiful Blue-Green Mother planet. For three years now, Bill Billard has held a collective focus calling all Visionaries to set their intentions for the planet. Last year's event touched 8,000 people and Bill is hoping for even more to attend this year's event the “2012 Global Collective Focus to Manifest New Earth ~ The 40 Day Event.” I will be interviewing Bill as we draw closer to the event scheduled to start June, 21st 2012, but Bill has cleared stated do not wait until the event, set your intentions now for the New Heart-Centered Earth. 

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    Bringing Heaven To Earth Promo

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    Hi, This is Brent Hanson and I want to personally invite you to join me on Friday's at 1PM eastern on blogtalkradio on Bringing Heaven To Earth. I was privileged to serve as a pastor in local church ministry for 25 years and now God has called me to pastor in the marketplace to encourage, equip, and release God's people for works of service – to bring heaven to earth, as Jesus invited us to pray.

    We'll have lot's of exciting topics and guests, and you'll have the chance to call in and do your part. Most of all, will talk about bringing heaven to earth – especially in the times we live today. It's more important than ever.

    So, join me on Friday's from 1PM to 2PM Eastern. You can listen by clicking on this link or call in via phone at 213-943-3429. That's 213-943-3429. I will look forward to seeing you then!

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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Apostle Diane Chappelle - Praying Heaven To Earth

    in Christianity


    Apostle Diane Chappelle

    Apostle Chappelle was affirmed as an Apostle by The Macedonian Call Ministries of Humble, Texas on April 10th of 2013, with whom she is in covenant.


    Apostle Chappelle is an Itinerate Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.), and presently pastors Ruth Chapel A.M.E. Church, Detroit, MI. She is the founding Apostle of Visions of Hope Fellowship Worldwide, which is an Apostolic-Prophetic community of Kingdom-minded believers, structured to teach, train and release the five-fold into the earth to fulfill the Great Commission. Apostle Chappelle has also founded The Watchman-Gatekeeper Network, a company of prophetic intercessors assigned to covering Detroit /Windsor, Ontario with transformative intercession. Finally, Apostle has launched [K]nights Ablaze AHOP (Apostolic House of Prayer).



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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Rick Warzywak of Transformation Michigan

    in Christianity

    Rick has been passionate to bring heaven to earth with the ministry of Transformation Michigan - bringing together God's people to pray and to take action especially in Michigan...to see God's kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Join me for this exciting interview as we hear what God is doing in the state of Michigan and how we as Michiganders can get involved and help. I will also take time in this broadcast to share practical helps about how God can and wants to use you in the world in which you live for his glory - Pastor Brent

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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Jill Janiec - Health in Body, Mind, & Spirit

    in Christianity

    This week we are having Jill Janiec of New Beginnings Nutrition on Bringing Heaven To Earth. Jill brings a unique blend of spiritual wholeness and nutritional wholeness that helps our body, mind, and spirit. Jill operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and helps people deal with issues in both the natural and the supernatural.You will enjoy her effervescent spirit and testimony of how God brought healing to her physically and spiritually to her and to others.

    Jill can be reached at 734-556-2184 or at www.jilljaniec.com

    Discover more about Jill here... http://www.jilljaniec.com/index.php/aboutus/about-jill

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    Heaven on Earth kingdom Gathering

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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Pastor Mike Shaver - Servant's Heart Fellowship

    in Christianity

    Pastors Mike and Robin Shaver felt the call of God to move to LaSalle, Illinois several years ago to release God's kingdom into dark places. Several years later Servant's Heart Fellowship not only serves as a lighthouse in their community but is also being used by God to impact other churches and ministries in the region - truly bringing heaven to earth as Jesus commanded.

    What does it mean to live in the presence of God? God has seared Pastor Mike's heart with this message, and if you are open, you can experience the presence of God in your life every day as well. You will be blessed and encouraged by Pastor Mike in this powerful broadcast and learn how to live from a place in God's presence in your life everyday.

    Find out more about Servant's Heart and connect here...

    Servant Heart's Facebook Page




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    Heaven on Earth

    in Spirituality

    Frontier Beyond Fear radio host Susan Larison Danz reflects on the concept of Heaven on Earth and the Unconditional, Omnipresent Love showing us the way.

    "All the way to heaven IS heaven." ~ St. Catherine of Siena

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

    Note: The original scheduled guest for today's show, Jacky Newcomb, will appear on a future program.  Visit www.frontierbeyondfear.com for schedule details.

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    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop

    in Spirituality

    January 21, 2015

    Balancing Heaven and Earth with Denise Iwaniw @ 8 PM EST

    "What is a Medium?" - Join Denise for sixty minutes of discussion about what makes someone a medium, or are they simply born that way?  What if any difference is there between a psychic medium, physical medium, clairvoyant, sensitive or seer?  It promises to be a lively discussion about spiritual matters that have their roots beyond the veil.

    Sacred Hoop with Neshi Lokotz @ 9 PM EST

    Gaining and Maintaining Balance in a Imbalanced World - We strive for balance in a world of imbalance. What is balance? How do you maintain balance when you are surrounded by chaos? Balance is connected and inter-woven with the healing of your emotional, mental and physical bodies. Neshi will also share numerology information for Personal Year Number for 2015 as a tool to use to gain or maintain your balance. Join Neshi in this important conversation about an important ingredient to your soul growth.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.