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    A Madam's Heaven and Hell -- Jodi Mattinson

    in Entertainment

    "A Madam's Heaven and Hell," from Emmy winner P. Frank Williams and award winning director Kourtney Ragland, chronicles the shocking final moments of freedom for former Mormon and Companions Escorts owner Jodi Mattinson just days before she begins her Federal Penitentiary sentence for tax evasion.  States Williams, "Jodi Mattinson's life has all the ingredients of a great rags to riches American drama.  She survived abuse and became the boss of a very successful business. I want the world to see the real ins and outs of her empire, her role as a den mother to the women and hopefully spark a discussion about how escorts are viewed in the United States and worldwide.”  Jodi joins OutTakes to talk about the film and her life experience as the owner of a world-renowned escort service.

    A Madam's Heaven and Hell will be released on April 3rd.  For more information on this documentary, please visit:  www.AMadamsHeavenandHell.com

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    Heaven and Hell

    in Christianity

    Tonight we are discussing what happens on the other side in heaven or hell. This is a forum style looking into the word of God to see what happens when we die. The topic of heaven and hell can bring all sorts of mental pictures into your mind. Our culture has been a large part in this. Cartoon characterization of the devil with horns and a red tail, angels floating on clouds. Culture has to do a lot on how we see many things today. But why, why are we so interested in what others think?
    “What is on the other side?” or “ What happens on the other side?” it is our natural curiosity that drives in searching for answers. Our curiosity wants us to look more.

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  • Heaven Or Hell? The Temple of God

    in Christianity

                                                                  1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

    We as theChristians was washed in the Blood of Christ, now then their is a way to live in Christ Jesus and that way is not our old past lifestyle which is corrupted according to the Holy Bible. If there are those that sin or fall grace shall abound that we as Children have the same opportunity as others to Repent-to turn by considering our ways before God, becoming obedient to His Will, which is the Word Of God. 


  • Heaven or Hell, The kingdom of God

    in Christianity

                                                                       1 Corinthians 6: 9-11

    The Bible say's certain people will not Inherit The Kingdom Of God: Unrighteous-Adikos-breaking of Gods Laws, Fornicators-os-Male Prostitute, Idolaters-Eidoloatria-Worship or Serving an Image-Eikon or Icon, Adultterers-Moicheia-Unlawfull relations in a marriage, Effeminate-Soft or Sissy (Catamite), Sodomite-Arsennokoites-A male engaged in same gender sexual activity. There are a lot more that Bro. Paul talks about but we are going to stop here this is a lot to understand. Lev 18:22, lev 20:13, Romans 1:26-27


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    The Vocabulary Use For The Romans Fictional World Is God Jesus Heaven And Hell.

    in Music

    The vocabulary Rome use to rule people, is first God, Jesus Christ, heaven and hell. Many people do not know that the bible at its core represents a fictional picture to be taken as a literal world in which they live. Time and space have allowed the  Romans to use dictitorial maneuvers of penal laws,with religious edicts to shape societal form of behavior. In doing so over time the fictional picture takes on normative realism, and the literal situation in words is adopted to specious thinking with literal perception. It has culminated into a world of people living in mass confusion, and we are seeing it all around in every country, State, City, Town, prisons, mental institutionse and in homes. All because of a fictional book the bible.

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    Is there really a HeAvEn and HeLl...and if so what is it?

    in Religion

    Go to Hell, for Heaven's sake, these are phrases that are commonly heard.  What do you really believe in Heaven and Hell???  If you do what do you think they are and where are they?   Are they a form of afterlife for do we all live in our heaven or hell.  You've hear expressions like "living with my wife is like", well is that what you perceive hell to be.  Nobody really knows because no one that I know has ever come back from an afterlife to tell me about.  We'd like to get your opinion so call us at 516-595-3275 and let's stir up trouble.


  • Eternity is forever....Heaven or Hell.....Repent believe in LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

    in Current Events

    Tribulation Baptist Church....

    (GNN) Gregory news network....




    Sincerely, James William Gregory Jr.

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    The Power of Praise and Billy Graham Has Issues with Heaven & Hell

    in Christianity

    The Power of Praise  and Billy Graham Has Issues with Heaven & Hell plus more....


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    Do you BELIEVE?

    in Christianity

    What do you BELIEVE? 

    Is there LIFE after DEATH?

    Is there a HEAVEN and HELL?

    Do you believe you will die and thats it? 

    Just some questions to get your mind thinking.

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    Immortal soul, death, heaven and hell

    in Christianity

    Do people "have" an immortal soul, or ARE they "souls?"  Is death, really death, or is it something else as Satan suggested to Eve?  Do people "go to" heaven or hell at death, and where is there proof of this if they do? 

    There is great confusion on these topics, and we need to understand how they are deceiving many Christians into a false belief system.