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    2/5/2016: Episode 13 - Dan Szymborski

    in Baseball

    Is Hunter Pence going to leave the Giants to become a professional gamer? What is Hearthstone and is it contagious? Dan Szymborski answers the important questions for us.

    This week's Chroncast chronicles everything from baseball to trolling to Skynet to Bill Murray-led heists and to Star Trek. Perhaps a smidge too much about Star Trek, in fact, as we play a game where we try to figure out which Star Trek crew fits a particular Giant best and what role that player might have on that particular ship. But only you, fair listener, can be the judge of that.

    Dan manages to troll Bryan, affirm Matt Duffy, denigrate the Giants for daring to wear orange & black, and pitch a revolutionary method for resuscitating old TV shows that have long since left syndication. There's also a heady discussion of mortality that might be a great conversation starter here, even: "Who was the first great baseball player younger than you to make you realize your own mortality?"

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    Episode 19: I Came From Virtual Reality

    in Technology

    Former Senior Advisor for Digital Media for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Mark DeLoura joins us to talk about educational video games and how the industry can succeed.

    First, we have to go over the news. Skylanders BattleCast is coming out next year and Simone is really, really... not excited, for once. There's also the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, which is accepting entries now. Nicole is also really excited about Hearthstone, as usual.

    Then we get into the meat of discussing games for education, and how the Xbox Kinect deserved better.

    If you have any questions for us, email them to hello@pixelkin.org! We'd love to answer them on the show

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    O.G.T. Jarvis Database: Choose your fighter

    in Entertainment

             Welcome listeners to a special edition of the O.G.T. Jarvis Database, this week seems a little lack in gaming news so tonight's show will cover character battles of any kind.  Pick your favorite universe: Marvel, DC, Outlaw Star, Naruto, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Dragon ball Z, The Matrix, Marvel Cinematic Universe, god of war, Devil May Cry, Pokemon, Card Captors, Yugio, Jackie Chan Adventures, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and pit them against opponents outside of their respected universes.  for some of these characters it's basically provolone vs government cheese take your pick.

            I Robertron Transcendent will give off my favorite dream matches and who would take charge in this multi verse collision course.  In addition to tonight's main event the top of the hour will cover some interesting news:  What do Blizzard and the iPhone have in common? The new Fantastic Four movie is out and rocking or is it rolling? Iron man's armor takes another evolutionary step as Secret Wars comes to an end.  Robots in malls sounds cool right but what happens when it gets beat up by kids or the hitchhiker robot that was intended to walk around the world but it's last stop was in Philly, find out why. This leads up to a major petition sign by some of the smartest minds such has Steven Hawking, to ban killer robots before they become weapons of mass destruction.  The future definitely is being written as an interesting preface with more in store.  Back to the gaming news World of Warcraft announces legion at Gamescon 2015 with an introduction of a new class. All this and more coming up on Tru Radio Network's O.G.T. Jarvis Database. 

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    Episode 16: Sorry You're Not A Full-Time Meme

    in Technology

    We are joined this week by the funny, nice, and multi-talented Carlos Rodela. Boy, has he ever done a lot of stuff in his life. He’s been a musician, a tech/games journalist, a prolific podcaster (Video-Game-Break), a video producer…And now he does game dev and social media and other things at Big Fish Games. We talk about news, game development tools, and—as always—what we’re playing.

    We also discuss the new update coming for Splatoon, which is Nintendo's big new title. Not to mention a Hearthstone update, hijacked Steam accounts, and a new Minecraft Greek Mythology pack.

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa: We're Here to Mess stuff up

    in Entertainment

    Documentary on the scrapped 'Justice League' film from George Miller being produced. 

    Tron 3 has been canceled   

    Mark Millar has a crazy idea for a 'Hit Girl' spinoff http://screenrant.com/kick-ass-hit-girl-spinoff-mark-millar/  

    Colossus OFFICIALLY in Deadpool actor reveal 

    Game Of Thrones just got GOOD. WHITE WAAAALKERS!

    Potential for Penguin/Riddler team up on Gotham. Maybe a Harleen appearance with "Jerome"? Mr.Freeze?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bmkxnscK-U  

    Ash VS The Evil Dead teaser. Are you in? Groovy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ncef44CHrI  

    New 'Hearthstone' ads released by Blizzard 

    New Tomb Raider game on the way, trailer and teaser box art released   

    Fallout 4 trailer, thoughts?

    British Slang, Netflix, Fucking Shit up

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    Show #15 Dead rising 3 and Larping

    in Video Games

    This weeks show Josh and Dan talk about there day of LARPING. Josh also talks about Dead Rising 3. Joel tells us about hearthstone.We also discuss a little magic the gathering as well.

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    G3 Podcast 11/27/2013: Battlefield 4, Black Friday, Nexus 7

    in Video Games

    On the 73rd episode of The G3 Podcast! We start off our WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! Want to know what games we have been indulging in? Tune in to find out!

    First up the obvious topic of the podcast. Adam and his Xbox One a match made in Heaven? We get to hear some talk about some of his battles inside Battlefield 4. 

    Next we will talk a bit about the Black Friday deals we have come across. I wonder if any of our hosts will be out shopping after Thanksgiving dinner.

    Then we will get a bit into a family game discussion. I hear a story time train coming! What types of games do you play with your family at gatherings?

    Lastly some #BEAUWATCH talk about the Nexus 7 with the one and only Beau.

    Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say. 
    So come check us out tonight on our new night - Wednesdays at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!

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    G3 Podcast 11/20/2013: Blizzcon 13', PlayStation 4, XBox One, New Releases

    in Video Games

    On the 72nd episode of The G3 Podcast! We start off our WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! Want to know what games we have been indulging in? Tune in to find out!

    Since we didn't touch on it last week we will start off the topics with Blizzcon 2013! There were many announcements during Blizzcon including new expansions and a new game. What do our hosts think about the announcements? Will Christine go back to play WoW because of the new expansion? Maybe not... but I see some Diablo 3 in her future. Are you guys thinking about re-register your account?

    Next up we will discuss the XBox One launch. We know Adam is super excited about this. Surprisingly he isn't waiting in line yet! We will have to ask Adam which games he will be getting! Who else out there is excited for XBox One?

    We also will have to check out which hosts are going to be purchasing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D World on Friday!

    Then we move on to talk a bit about the PlayStation 4 release. Some people have experienced the "Blue Light of Death". Sony is willing to replace the system if you have experienced this. Also PSN went down as the PS4 launched... as suspected by many of us. What do you think companies should prepare for during launches like this?


    Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say. 
    So come check us out tonight on our new night - Wednesdays at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!

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    The Sword and The Stone

    in Comedy

    This week Tony, Maris, and Cesar discuss Xbox Music, the NFL, and the Hearthstone beta.  

  • 00:29

    Montessori Learning Programs for Seniors with Dementia

    in Caregiving

    eCareDiary will interview Dr. John Zeisel, President of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, that manages seven unique assisted living treatment residences for people living with Alzheimer’s, about the use of the Montessori Method of education adapted for use with adults, based on principles of rehabilitation as applied to learning.

  • 01:04

    Episode 49: Weaponizing Toys

    in Video Games

    Microsoft has stopped making Xbox 360s and GameStop is moving into the game publishing business. Because, really, how much longer will their brick and mortar retail business last?After some discussion about our sponsor, LootCrate, we get into a discussion about non-game-related things like Shopkins and weaponizing toys for the greater good of parents everywhere. When we get back to games, we talk about the new Hearthstone expansion, and the changes that will be coming with it. And we also talk about why Peter Jackson loves augmented reality, what the Dark Souls board game might be like, and how cool Kirby is going to look in his new mech.

    This episode was sponsored by LootCrate. If you go to lootcrate.com/gamingwiththemoms and use the coupon code: gamingwiththemoms at checkout, you can get a discount on their subscription.