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    Heartbreak And The Narcissist

    in Women

    This radio show is a deep look into our heart and our emotions when we are devestated by a narcissist. What has really caused our heartbreak? Was there a purpose for our heartbreak? How do we heal our heartbreak? Can our hearts ever be healthy or trust again?

    You will discover the answers to these questions, in this radio show, and much more.

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    Heartbreak Hotel

    in Self Help

    A broken heart can take you away from pursuing your goals and living a happy and peaceful life. Sometimes we struggle with getting over a broken heart and that broken heart could stop progress, growth, and living your best life. We must learn how to heal, forgive, release and forget. We have to get away from relationships that stall our progressive growth and we must desire more for ourselves. So, tune in on Monday for a late night chat about HEARTBREAK and recovery as we learn to love and trust again

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    Al Diaz, Patty Hayes Rewrite Your Story with healing from heartbreak

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and Patty Hayes share their insights on Rewrite Your Story with healing from heartbreak.

    Monday, Dec. 29th  11am PST

    Patty Blue Hayes helps people through the crushing pain of a broken heart. She assists them through their sadness and loss in a comforting, supportive way that empowers them to nurture themselves at a time when they are in great pain. Her own experience at the end of her marriage broke her; at times she didn’t think she’d survive.

    As a Life Coach and certified trainer of “Infinite Possibilities –The Art of Changing Your Life,” Patty has the practical knowledge and compassionate guidance to help people avoid the missteps she made, and approach their healing as a journey of personal self-discovery.

    She offers individual coaching and created a program, “Soul Garden Healing – A Seasonal Guide to Healing from Heartbreak.” She’s the author of the book; “Wine, Sex & Suicide – My Near Death Divorce,” which chronicles her dark days and manic nights when she wanted to heal but made choices to numb her pain. 

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    The Magi Star Radio Show ~ Astrology of Love, Heartbreak, & Magick.

    in Spirituality

    The Magi Star Radio Show Astrology of Love, Heartbreak, & Magick. Astrology, Magick, and historical firsts with journalism with intuitve astrologer Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool, using magi astrology, and other astrologies looking ahead now.  A lot of personal discussion about my personal journey around the world, and recent real life examples of the astrology of love and heartbreak, and the magick of now.

    All Rights Reserved. Intro music by White Lion “Little Fighter” – Outgoing music by Royalty Free Music - DJ Kestutis – “Uplifting Trance” available at the Youtube Channel Audiopad - Intermission music by T.a.t.u.  'Not Gonna Get Us' Eurovision 1,  and  Huey Lewis & The News 'The Power of Love', Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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    Cheating Spouses... The Heartbreak!

    in Relationships

    Did your spouse cheat on you? 

    How did you find out? Snooping or Confession?

    How did you handle it? 

    Forgiveness or abandoned the relationship?

    These are real things going on in our day to day lives, Christian or otherwise. It's a very sensitive issue and folks have different ways of handling the issue. The question here is how do you deal with infidelity? 

    This and more we will talk on....join us at 10pm Central USA time by calling in to listen or join the convo on 914 338 0831 or the website www.blogtalkradio.com/mobysugarscroonings and Press Play once we are on air.

    Let's rid our relationships of this evil as we swap tales ????


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    When Love Dissolves - The Sound of Heartbreak

    in Paranormal

    Got Heartbreak?? Gothic poetry & music performed by Nick Cave, Corrine De Winter and others. You know it hurts, but what magic we can pull from the ashes!

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    The MADHOUSE *Heartbreak Warfare*

    in Entertainment

    Ladies and gents of internet radioland....Tonight on The MADHOUSE is......"HEARTBREAK WARFARE". Lord knows that ALL of us have been through heartbreak in our lives and some won't stop going though it. It is just a part of life and tonight....The MADHOUSE Crew...will be breaking down the very subject. Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The MADHOUSE.

    **Music, audio clips, and pictures that are sometimes used on the program...are protected by fair use. NO infringement intended!!**

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    Healing After Heartbreak (Part II)

    in Relationships

    You don't have to hurt anymore. 

    Join Dr. D Ivan Young, author of the best seller, "Break Up Don't Break Down" as he teaches us how to let go of the pain, anger, heartbreak and guilt that comes from a failed relationship. It doesn't matter if you're the one that got left, or you're the one that did the leaving, breaking up is hard to do. Especially when the one you love doesn't love you. Tune in tonight and begin the processes of healing your broken heart. 

    Be sure to have a tablet, pen and paper, or smart phone handy to take notes. If you're still hurting, you don't want to miss one episode this season as Dr. D gives you the tools you need get what you want and deserve in 2014 using the laws of attraction, affirmations and prayer to bring about immediate and lasting transformation in your life.

    This is one episode of Conversations with Dr. D Ivan Young that you CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS! 

    You may listen via internet or call in to #646-478-5610 to listen via phone. If you have a question for Dr. D press #1 to connect with the host live on air! To submit a show idea, comment, or be considered as a featured guest email julia@divanyoung.com.

    *All programs are archived*

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    Forged in Heartbreak: Narcissist The Movie

    in Movies

    Producer/Writer/Director Eric Casaccio says the root of of what became the multi-award winning film Narcissist is a short-lived romantic connection between two men which ended painfully. Gay Celluoid writes, "Casaccio and to his credit has gone out of his way to shine the spotlight on one man's journey to deal with the emotional fallout following his painful relationship with a man with narcissistic personality disorder."

    Narcissist is the story of a kind soul (Evan) who attracts a dark knight (Rob) into his life. It's almost as it's meant to be until Rob goes from a charming man to a manipulative individual who suddenly pulls the carpet out from under Evan, smashing his heart into a million pieces.  Evan's post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ends up taking him to a place of truth while Rob spirals into his own midlife crisis.

    How much of this riveting film is true to life?  Nicholas Snow finds out in this episode of Nicholas Snow Live.

    Over 1.7 million downloads in just over 2-1/2 years.  The show's motto: "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."

    NicholasSnowLive.com | Advertisers (Plus How To Advertise) | Social Networks

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    Talkin' Flicks" Review of "JFK" & "Heartbreak Ridge"

    in Entertainment

    On today's episode of Talkin' Flicks C Fox does his review of the Oliver Stone Classic "JFK" (1991) Starring: Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pesci, Kevin Bacon, Jack Lemmon, Ed Asner, Sissy Spacek, Laurie Metcalf, and Kevin Bacon.  Find out why he thinks it is one of the most controversial movies ever and how it holds up twenty years after its release. C Fox will also review Clint Eastwood's military themed  "Heartbreak Ridge", released iin 1986 and also starring Marsha Mason and Everett McGill.

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    Holiday Heartbreak

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's episode of "Love Talk" will talk about the quest for people to find love during the holidays. From Paid escorts to doing activities they would never do under normal circumstances, people want to find that mate for the holidays. Also, during case of the ex, we will talk about those who want to break up with their mate before the holidays. Call 347-850-1228 to voice your opinion on the topic

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