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    "Time Heals All Wounds," and Other Lies.

    in Self Help

    Where did you learn about the process of heartache? When I was growing up I heard pearls of wisdom like, "Time heals all wounds," "Don't talk about your troubles; no one wants to hear about them," or "Just get over it!"

    If you are like me you probably learned these, and many others, from your parents. Your parents learned from their parents, and inaccurate or incomplete information is passed from generation to generation; family patterns are set.

    Learn more effective ways to resolve heartache or any other upset, you may be experiencing. It is possible to resolve and let go of your past and live a free and happy live. Listen in and find out how!

    Bill and Irene are transformational life coaches and hold master’s degrees in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. For over a decade, they have worked with individuals moving through life transitions in their private practice and have facilitated workshops across the country. As powerful motivators and inspirational public speakers, they have appeared on public radio and television. They live in southern California

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    Surviving the Tornado of Life

    in Self Help

    Bill and Irene Stafford experienced some of the greatest heartaches you could imagine and found themselves trapped in the tornado of life.  Searching for meaning and purpose in their lives, they embarked on a spiritual path and discovered a new way of being in the world.

    Bill and Irene have created a program for resolving heartache and living life to the fullest.  By integrating a spiritual philosophy and healing approach, their book, “From Heartache to Happiness,” shows how you can build a foundation for living a more joyful, loving life.

    Business partners, best friends and married for over 25 years, Bill and Irene will take you on a spiritual journey of the heart, sharing tools and techniques you can use to upgrade your personal toolbox for a more successful way of living.

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    in Romance

    Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever broken someone's heart? Tonight we'll discuss the heartache we never wanted to relive...

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    The Heartache Show

    in Comedy

    Matt-Man and Jayman have had more than their share of heartache in life and they feel it's time to share it with you. Also, there are people out there that Matt and Jay would like to give some heartache to and they might just do that this week. On top of that we will wallow in the heartache of other people like John Boehner and Lance Armstrong and anyone else we can think of. So join us and let's make it all better together.

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    Writing as a spiritual journey: Writing the Heartache

    in Writing

    Writing is a beneficial practice and wonderful gift that can be used for healing, health and hope.  Join motivational speaker and workshop presenter, Alice J. Wisler, in this segnment of Writing the Heartache, Writing as a Spiritual Journey.  Alice will share ways to use your journal as a place of discover, lament and safety.  Draw near to a God who reaches out to His people when they go through the journeys of heartache.

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    Easy Steps to Writing The Heartache

    in Writing

    Have you experienced the devastation of losing a loved one? Writing through your pain has many benefits for health and healing. Learn the value of keeping a journal as well as tips on writing poetry. Alice J. Wisler, Wriitng the Heartache instructor of twelve years, will show you how writing can make a difference in your life.

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    Writing the Heartache: Getting Through the Holidays

    in Writing

    The holidays are coming and we might not be ready for them. During this segment of Writing the Heartache, bereaved mom and author, Alice J. Wisler, will talk about how we can use writing to help us deal with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    Author Shawon Watson speaks of his latest book "Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye"

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people I am honored to come to you once again for an hour of Inspiration my guest tonight is the author of Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye .Shawon Watson believes this is a book that every women needs to know before ending another relationship. Relationships are so important to God but we all need to know when is the right time to say goodbye.What God says about relationships verses what we say within ourselves.Mr. Watson is a Coach and Speaker of another book "The Setback Strategist'' which Mr. Watson teaches how to defeat setbacks,and what to do when you lose your job. Come join us on the platform this evening you will not be disappointed.See you there and Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    Heartache or Happiness; You Choose

    in Spirituality

    Do you ever feel stuck in a rut or down in the dumps? What is holding you back from living a totally free and loving life?
    All too often we holding onto the negative energy of past relationships and circumstances. Even if you are aware of your past losses they still may be sabotaging your future.
    Todays guest is Irene Stafford, co-author of, "From Heartache to Happiness," relationship expert and creator of, "Women's Weekend Makeover," seminars.

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    Rape, Molestation, Guilt and Shame; Thank you Bill Cosby.

    in Self Help

    Far too often women (and men) are holding on to guilt and shame of some sexual abuse that happened twenty years or more ago. Why is it that the victims of sexual abuse are the ones that carry the guilt and shame in our society?

    Finally it's time to take these experiences that have been locked-up in the darkest recesses of the heart and bring them to light to be healed once and for all.

    Today I have the privilege to interview Irene Stafford. She will share her healing journey through rape, molestation, guilt and shame and how she was finally able to fully release the love in her heart.

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    Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye

    in Romance

    Shawon Watson author of "Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye" joins us to discuss his book.
    A lot of us are holding on to hurt from past relationships. We have been used, abused, manipulated  hurt, and just mistreated. We hold on to this baggage and it affects our lives and holds us back from endless possibilities romantically & professionally. It's time for HEALING. It's time to get back the heart ache and move towards a great future. Shawon will be joining your favorite Candi Ladies and helping us understand how to learn from the past, get over it, and move towards happiness.