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    Healthcare Reform-Straight Ahead

    in Politics

    Thursday November 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM EST. Our show will feature a special mystery guest....who will be discussing a wide array of topics pertaining not only to Healthcare Reform but to the social issues facing our nation. Keep checking our page for more info on this special guest. This is an episode that you will not want to miss!

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    Healthcare Reform

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    In the past week, I have engaged in many conversations where people have held strong opinions about the Healthcare Reform.  In this show, I will take an unbias approach toward it and pick out some of the pros and cons. DO NOT MISS IT!

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    Healthcare Reform in Layman's Terms

    in Women

    As a Certified Healthcare Reform Consultant (CHRC), friend of BWC Chris Lynch is eating and breathing all things insurance these days.  At a dinner party the other night with several BWC members, Chris had one end of the table mesmorized with conversation about the ins and outs of 'Obamacare'.  There was enough discussion and questions from that small group that led us to believe that having Chris as our guest on this show would be a grand idea.
    Chris could talk about this all day long (and often does), but we've only got 30 minutes.  In that short amount of time, we're going to filter out all the political agendas and simply cover what IS and what IS NOT going to happen, along with some new rules of the game. 
    If you're like me and are tired of hearing this topic battered around like a political piñata and even more confused about what's going to spill out, then this is the show for you.  It's time to clear some clutter!

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    Learning the Basics of Healthcare Reform

    in Health

    Doctors of the USA welcomes Lori-Ann Martell, LPN, CMPE, the Practice Administrator of Advanced Medical Center of Naples, LLC, to talk about the basics of healthcare reform, what does it really mean for consumers and how this affects them.
    Lori-Ann is the Practice Administrator of Advanced Medical of Naples, LLC, in Naples, Florida for 13 years. AMC is a family practice urgent care center with 10 providers caring for patients 7 days/ week, AMC is a modern practice delivering health care to both privately insured and occupational health patients. During the course of her employment she has assisted her Medical Director in growing the practice from 3 providers to 10 and from 21 staff to 74.
    Lori-Ann has been a nurse for 27 years in both family practice and acute cardiac facilities and is certified as a medical practice executive with MGMA (Medical Group Managers Association) and is currently completing her fellowship with that organization. She also is the owner of a private consulting firm that provides administrative support and billing services to many physicians and surgery centers within Florida.
    Lori-Ann is an advisory member for local nursing schools, and is also President  of her local MGMA, and a board member of her state chapter. She is a guest speaker for many local, state, and national organizations.
    Lori-Ann resides in Estero, Florida with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs.
    Please visit her office website or connect with her via LinkedIn.
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    Healthcare Reform initiatives.

    in Current Events

    Steve Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of ELAP Services LLC, a healthcare cost management and employee advocacy services firm. Founded in 2003, ELAP’s innovative approach to bring rationality to the price of heath services anticipated the future of healthcare years ahead of current ...Healthcare Reform initiatives.

    Mr. Kelly is a recognized expert in the insurance, employee benefits and risk management industry, possessing over 25 years of experience in solving his clients’ healthcare challenges. Since the formation of ELAP, Mr. Kelly has helped hundreds of employers increase their profits by empowering them to take control of their healthcare cost using ELAP’s groundbreaking approach.

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    Healthcare Reform and Policy - How does it affect nurses?

    in Health

    Nurses are an inextricable part of healthcare in the United States, but what does Healthcare reform have to give back? In this episode of iNurse Radio, our host Anthony Figliola sits down with Dean Emeritus of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch to discuss how healthcare reform and policy affects nurses.

    Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch, Ph.D., RN

    Colleen Conway-Welch, Ph.D., RN, Emeritus Dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, is known for launching the first accelerated BSN program. The accelerated baccalaureate nursing program is now part of the curriculum at hundreds of nursing schools nationwide. She is the second-longest sitting dean of any US nursing school. Dr. Conway-Welch was also recognized in the Top 25 Women in Healthcare List for 2009, which also included Past-President of the American Medical Association Nancy Nielsen and Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    Her current research interests include Nursing Education & Administration, Healthcare Reform and Disaster Management. In the past Dr. Conway-Welch has served on various panels and committees including the National Institute of Health, the Institute of Medicine and the Global Knowledge Exchange Network.

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    Healthcare Roundup: On Healthcare Reform

    in News

    Tonight's episode features a special discussion on healthcare reform and the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold "ObamaCare."
    Joining host and managing editor Angela Atkinson were Jonathan Friedman, COO of a national physician organization that employs more than 300 physicians in 15 states, and Linda Bryant, director of business development for Scrubs & Suits.
    The Scrubs & Suits Community enjoys the premiere destination for healthcare news, jobs and community spanning the entire healthcare community from physicians to administrators to patients to all clinical and non-clinical professionals.
    We are engaging all stakeholders in an exchange of thoughts, ideas and resources.
    Catch us on Wednesdays and Fridays!

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    Healthcare Reform - What It Means To You! Pull It Together with Erika Black

    in Motivation

    Join me today as my special guest Bob Lonardo shares his wisdom about healthcare reform, open enrollment extension and how the Affordable Care Act impacts individuals and businesses.  Let's learn about how to protect ourselves!

    Fun, Inspiring and Practical discussions on Life, Love and Making It Count! Host Erika Black is Life-Coach and the owner of Pull It Together and is all about helping people move forward, acheive their goals and dreams, live with joy, intention and make a difference.

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    Healthcare reform-No doctors for seniors!

    in Lifestyle

    Geriatricians are becoming about as hard to find as a needle in a haystack at a time when the population is rapidly growing older. Who will care for the Baby Boomers as we rush forward into the geriatric population.  Healthcare reform is worsening the dilemma rather than fixing the problem.  What good is Medicare if there are no doctors around who will take it?
    Let's Talk About IT!

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    Healthcare Reform: What it means to you

    in Finance

    Some Americans are in an uproar about the new Healthcare Reform. Are you concerned about your future premiums? How will this decision impact your household?
    It's not as bad as you may think!
    Tune in as your host gives you tips toward financial empowerment. Listen to  what thousands of listeners have learned about improving both self worth and net worth. 
    It's time for your C.L.E.A.R. approach to life.Visit www.BahiyahShabazz.com

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    Obamacare versus True Healthcare Reform

    in Politics Conservative

    On today's show I will once again look at the dreaded Obamacare.  The last show I did on the 30th was a big day for Obamacare or for healthcare.gov.  That of course was the date that the administration set to have the web portal "fixed".  So here on December 5th I'll take a look at some of the results of that "fix".  I'll also get into again what the true motivation and mindset is from this administration and its supporters.  I'll lastly try to give my layman's opinion on what needs to be done to have true healthcare reform in this country.

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