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  • An A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

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    ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: a President from the people’s center of mass: c2. The EPA has a PR, Public Relations BUDGET of OVER $160,000,000.00 wasted on FEEL GOOD but REAL BAD     WASTE    . Who allows for this. YOU DO. Am I screaming at you now.  YES and NO. you are looking in the mirror at yourselves and seeing RED without the WHITE and BLUE. I am here to unite our COLORS.    I am that good and take taken up with it. PLEASE   PLEASE   PLEASE   See me, listen in to BLOGTALK RADIO. Some of us on the BLOG are not crazy, stupid, egotistic, Un-important, Wrong.   I am here since 8 ½ years worth of your time and our Country’s failure to see me and have me lead.   bwell    c2it.   I am Curtis Clinton   c2 and undiscovered. Remember, Christopher Columbus didn’t sound too good to his crew all the time.   I don’t sound good to you when I say: Everyone must serve our Country; Every Gov’t Agency: IRS FBS EPA FDA and all the other ALPHAbetical Monstrosities, Like The COMMERCE Dept and Homeland Security ( my eye and my foot and my socks) will be looked at and cleaned up. Our DEA will be strong and respected. Our IRS agents will be right and respected and welcomed. I am here 4U. I am a Clinton Who doesn’t lie and Who money can’t buy.

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    COTUS 1A & 14A: Defund PP, Reject Gov Religion & New *GOP Speaker

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the Founder of Conservative Report tonight as Patrick Read details the importance of religious freedom. 

    Despite the RINOs on Fox News, who folds in the face of phony polls and give excuse for their continual collapse (ACA), how the GOP handles the War on Christians is pivotal. Moderates risk another 2012, when 4 million Christians REFUSED TO VOTE for Romney based on the same subjects of tonights show.

    Columbus Day: Ending PC of US History

    Wendy Davis Wins for GOP

    Grimm Reminder: No Lynch for Organ Cartel

    Down Goes Boehner: Who's the Jackass Now, Johnny Boy!

    Conservative Solution: Reject Govt Religion

    Govt Religion Forcing Churches Closed

    DEMS Foreign Policy Betrayal

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    Health Talk: Screenings and Common Things We Should Know

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    October is Breat Cancer Awareness month.  In that stead, No-Tea is doing a series of shows on all things health, including the physical, mental and sexual.  Please join us as we begin with discussing prevention through annual and other necessary life milestone screenings.  We will also examine barriers to seeking and receiving care, offer resources, as well as touch on the subject of health insurance, and ObamaCare.

    As usual, all are welcome, both listeners and callers.  We have even invited Healthcare Professionals from various specialties to give pertinent information on discuss this important topic.  So please join us.  News from 7-7:30 p.m., and then we begin. Call in.  We'll be waiting.  

    (646) 668-2620.

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    Pop Culture Crazies - POLITICON - Dog caught DUI - Mass shootings real narrative

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1  Recapping the POLITICON conference from the weekend in California. It was supposed to be bipartisan, but was heavily Democrat/Progressive leaning.

    Tami Jackson, Senior Editor at Barbwire, went to Roseburg, OR to cover President Obama's arrival and the community's reaction on the heals of mass shooting and knee-jerk calls for gun control.

    "Ride the Thunder" movie pays tribute (finally) to our brave & noble Vietnam Veterans.

    Hr2  California's Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill unfairly targeting crisis pregnancy centers. Unless the mother's life is in danger, looking for an abortion is not a healthcare matter.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    Are millennials too fragile to cope with life, requiring counseling for routine life speedbumps?

    DUI suspect tells authorities his dog was driving. No. It didn't work.

    Every mass shooting in US since the 1950s except 2 occurred in gun free zones. Blowing holes in #LibLogic.

    Hr3  Commercial by "Americans for Shared Prosperity" drives liberals nuts! Obama is a lying, cheating, no-good, paranoid manipulator who says he'll change, but never does…

    Wasn't everything really Columbus' fault? If he hadn't come here, none of this would have happened. One man, two narratives. Hero or villain?

    Jessie Watters, Watters' World Columbus Day Edition: Do we teach history anymore? These people are clueless.

    Obama loses his cool and filibusters during interview with Steve Kroft when questioned about ISIS, Syria, and Iraq.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is this a safe product? It has been link to SIDS

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    Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC is an odorless and solid plastic. It is most commonly white but can also be colorless or amber. PVC a major plastic material which finds widespread use in building ransport, packaging, electrical/electronic and healthcare. Application: windo frames, drainage pipe, water sevice pipe, medical devices, blood storage bags, cable and wire insultation, resilient flooring, roofing membranes, automotive interior and seat covering, fashion and footwear, packaging, credit cards, vinyl records, synthetic leather and other coated fabrics. Use to make blood storage bags. Can this product contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? Host tonight Paulette Young: Quess: Julia Lombardo and Selena Lindsey. Time: 6pm-8pm pst. Call 347-850-1243 press1 and be our quess.

  • Fully Persuaded About The Affordable Care Act & Financial R w/ Dr. Taffy Wagner

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    Dr. Taffy Wagner is a Healthcare Advocate, Personal Finances Educator, Money and Marriage Advocate and an Ordained Minister. She is the author of several Amazon.com Bestsellers Obamacare Made Easy, How to Get Business Credit: For the Entrepreneur, Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ, Debt Dilemma and more.Dr. Wagner has been interviewed on The Business Forum Show and School for Startups Radio regarding health insurance and its impact on self-employed, small business owners and individuals. She has also been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Business Journal and many national media regarding money and marriage.She provides seminars online and offline regarding Obamacare for individuals, small groups and entrepreneurs. Dr. Wagner has created several online courses regarding health insurance reaching over a thousand students. She continues to provide financial counseling for individuals and couples.Dr. Wagner holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin/Management and an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies. She is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.Dr. Wagner is also a home school mom that resides in the metro Denver area with her husband, Eric and their twins, Erica and Cody.


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    Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    Today's show:

    Kim Tran, MS PharmD, APhA trained immunizer and published researcher, shares how you can make plans now to prepare yourself and your family for the flu season.

    Laura Fuentes, the mompreneur behind MOMables, knows just how important post-game nutrition is, and as a soccer mom herself she’s created some post-game snacks that all young athletes from coast to coast are sure to love. Laura tells us about her top tips and tricks when it comes to quick post-game snacks.

    There was a time when men’s sexual problems got all the attention. Those days are over! Women’s sexual health has been making headlines lately, but there's still much more women need to know. Joining us to talk about women's sexual health issues, which impacts women of all ages, is Brooke Faught, Clinical Director of the Women's Institute for Sexual Health. 

    This is a crucial time of year for many people, because it's the enrollment period for health insurance plans. Here to help with these difficult choices is Lifestyle Consumer and Money Savings Expert Andrea Woroch.

    Renovating older home? Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict,” is here with ways to maintain the look and feel of your older home while updating with the latest conveniences.

    Money Saving Expert Elisabeth Leamy shares her tips and "hacks" for saving on your holiday shopping!

    "Travel Junkie" Julie Dimon, co-host of National Geographic's "World Travels" gives us some tips on how to use your vacation time before the end of the year.

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Patient Joan Mancuso shares info about Metastatic Breast Cancer the Beyond Pink Campaign.


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    Black Maternal Health: Talk with a Doctor & a Doula.

    in Women

    Black Maternal Health is at a crisis in the USA with little or no media mainstream attention, black babies die faster and more frequently before their first birthday than any other race. Please join Black Motherhood Empowerment host  Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula, and her special guest: Dr. Kecia Gaither. 

    Dr. Kecia Gaither is a double board-certified physician in OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine and holds a Masters' degree in Public Health. Dr. Gaither serves as a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist and Director of Perinatal Outreach at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in the Bronx, NY. Ranked among the top hospitals nationally and regionally by U.S. News & World Report, Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine is committed to advancing the health of the communities it serves through its innovative approach to treatments, procedures and patient care.

    As Director of Perinatal Outreach, Dr. Gaither provides oversight for perinatal services in all medical facilities aligned under the Montefiore health system. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Gaither’s expertise is grounded in the research and care for women with diabetes, HIV and obesity in pregnancy.

    Dr. Gaither educates thousands via twitter @KeciaGaitherMD and through her blog ‘En Caul with Dr. Gaither’ which can be found on her site – www.keciagaither.com.

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    Private Exchanges – Consolidated Billing and Benefits Brokers

    in Business

    On this week's episode, the hosts welcome experts from Benaissance and hCentive – two leaders in the emerging private exchange space.

    The first guest is Brian Ridder, VP of business development, Benaissance. Many insurance providers are only offering electronic billing for major employer customers. The majority of small and medium sized businesses will continue to receive paper-based billing for their insurance premiums. That means, billing is out of date before they even receive it – much like the old paper-printed phone books of the past! As employers look to private exchanges to bring an improved experience for the enrollment process, there is an opportunity to improve the process for everyone.

    The second guest is Michael Baker, SVP and general manager of WebInsure Benefits, hCentive's broker-focused exchange. This interview will cover how the benefits marketplaces industry is rapidly evolving. Brokers need to have an understanding of not only the technology, but also have it fits into their current and future business strategy. More importantly, brokers will have the opportunity to use this technology to differentiate themselves and enhance the way they do business.  

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    Educate, Inspire & Deploy: Secrets to Global Mktg Transformation @ GE Healthcare

    in Marketing

    Join us as Stephanie Meyer, Head of Marketing Operations and Milt Hwang, IT Leader, both of GE Healthcare, share their insights to achieving global marketing transformation in 18 months.  The size and scale of the enterprise organization presents unique challenges for a marketing transformation so tune in to Stephanie and Milt as they share the lessons from the focus on customer engagement, people and process.   You won’t want to miss this dynamic duo that provides both the executive and IT perspective!