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    Health Care Reform

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    What do we really know about the Health Care Reform? The plan states that it wants to ensure that every American has access to high quality health care. However, to reform the current health care system, we will have to expand coverage, improve quality, lower costs, honor patient choice and hold insurance companies accountable. Join us as we have a panel of health experts who will discuss the Health Care Reform.

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    Health Care Reform with Jane Cooper President and CEO of Patient Care

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    Jane Cooper is founder, President and CEO of Patient Care, the nation’s leading advocacy company, based in Milwaukee, WI.  The company began operations in August, 2001 and helped create the advocacy industry. Patient Care currently provides services for over 1 million members across the country.

    Jane is a pioneer in health care reform.  Her company equips consumers with information needed to make informed decisions.   Her experience indicates when given cost and quality information consumers make better choices saving themselves and us money.  

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    Political Gravity: Public Health Care & Immigration Reform

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    Tonight at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's Political Gravity.

    Your hosts Jane Hoffman and Jon Yoder will discuss the public health care plan.  It's not working for some people, especially financially.  --  The same idea goes for immigration reform.  Is someone coming across an imaginary line in the sand really that big of a deal?  Maybe it shouldn't be, but to some it seems to be a sticking point.

    Jane and Jon are live tonight!

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    Preparing to take care of Your Health under Obamacare

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    Were you like many who thought Obamacare was going to solve all of the

    health care issues? What is happening to thousands who have been put into

    the Medicaid system and can't see a doctor? What about those who have health

    insurance and the doctors are not taking the plans? Join Dr. Taffy Wagner as she

    updates us on what is happening with Obamacare today!

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    Health Care Reform Is It Affordable?

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    Health Care Reform Chuck Hudspeth, Group Insurance Expert, of the Hudspeth Benefits Group, shares his expertise on ACA (Affordable Care Act) also known as Health Care Reform or Obamacare.
    Can Employees Afford the Affordable Care Act? As employers seek to understand the implications of the Law and it's impact on their businesses, employees are faced with possible reduction of hours that could change their careers from full time to part time.
    Will Part Time Employees Be Refused Health Care? Mr. Hudspeth will answer questions and concerns about the new Health Care Reform and break much of it's complexity down where the average employer and person can understand it. For more information visit: http://hudspethbenefits.com
    Watch the video presentation here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HPQqhbr59I

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    Part-Time Workers, Vision - Whose Health Care is it Anyway?

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    A couple of days ago I saw where Wal-Mart was getting into the benefits game for the shoppers. Well, if you are a part-time worker, its not the same for you. Have you ever thought vision should have been a part of the ACA? Well it is for children. Join Dr. Taffy as she discusses some of the latest happenings with the ACA. After, all it is your health that you are responsible for.

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    Accountable Care Organizations and You

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    The Affordable Care Act has changed the health care system in a number of ways. One of the changes is the advent of the Accountable Care Organization. This edition of The Fischer Report will focus on Accountable Care Organizations and explain how the changes will affect your health care providers. We will also provide links to online resources to help further your understanding of this this complex system. 

    We have prepared an online companion to our show highlighting this weeks topic here.

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         It's a specialty for Saphyr Blue, and Reylon Ellis is near expert on HEALTH CARE INSURANCE.  This SATURDAY'S SHOW will center around HEALTH CARE and THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT.  Get your questions ready, and we'll dig into some of the dos and don'ts, and information.  The more you know - you know the saying.  And I say, ALWAYS STAY IN TUNE, because you NEVER KNOW when it's your TURN to GET PLAYED.....

    Plus in the beginning, HERSHEL MYERS JR joined us for the ongoing action and drama in Feguson, Missouri. That topic is on most people's lips and mind.  Hershel is right there in the heart of it.....


    Call in?  347-205-9366 - 


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    Concerned about the new Health Care Reform?

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    Learn how to eliminate co-pays and reduce medical bills through 7 Simple Yet Sustainable Vitality Secrets with Ultimate Vitality Coach Dr. Linell King, M.D.

    Discussion Topics:

    7 Steps to Achieving Ultimate Vitality
    Learn How to Transform Your Health
    Maximize Your Energy
    Discover Your Power Personality
    Launch of the Power Is Now Health Featuring Ultimate Vitality Radio


    Quote:  “True Wealth Starts with Health”


    Guest Speaker:

    Dr. Linell King
    Certified Internal Medicine Physician
    Email: drking@conqueringage.com  
    Phone: 239-273-9898 
    Website: www.MeetDrKing.com

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    Where is Health Care going in the Next Few Years?

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    Healthcare is changing rapidly, no question there.  But we the consumers, myself a practitioner, and others who are involved in any aspect of healthcare; we are all worried about what is coming down the pike.  One year, your insurance is your best friend, next year, it is taking you to the bank.  While the government seems to have answers about healthcare and started to demand people have insurance, is that the answer?  What are the problems:  access, money, payments from third party, what should be paid for or not, who should be taken care of and how will this game of dice play out in the next few years?

    Steven Jacob, author of HealthCare in 2020:  Where uncertain reform, bad habits, too few Doctors and skyrocketing costs are taking us  and his other book So Long, Marcus Welby, M.D.:  How Today's health care is suffocating independent Physicians - and how some changed to thrive will be with us to share his work about all these topics.  Everyone seems to have different view on the problems and can offer up solutions but if you notice, it is generally in relationship to who it benefits.  Physicians think one way, payors another and patients another.  Can they ever come together and heal the landscape called HealthCare?  

    Today, we are continuing the conversation to see what sense we can make of it, funny though, we may talk about it and guess what, in a year or so, we might have another conversation with government changes. 

    For more information on Steve Jacob and to purchase his books, visit:  www.unitedstatesofhealth.com

  • Health By Design

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    The radio program of Alpha Health Ministry will focus on Health Education and personal health improvement by covering various health & wellness topics designed to educate, elevate and inspire people to take control of their health & well-being.  This is a Christian radio program which adheres to biblical based principles designed to promote a Healthy Spirit, Soul and Body. Join us for another segment of Health By Design hosted by Minister Surette Sands.

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