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    Welcome to Well Being with Colleen

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    Hi, my name is Colleen, I am a board certified massage therapist who believes that the body has the ability to heal itself.  In this show I will explain simple things that you can do at home to boost your immune system!!!  Fun, simple and inexpensive!!

    You can contact me at colleenquinn730@yahoo.com


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    Welcome to Being A Well Being

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    A general introduction to what this series will be about.  I'll share a little background about where I'm coming from, and share a little food for thought

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    "Claiming Health” - “Mind Matters in our Well-being"

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    "Claiming Health” - “Mind Matters in our Wellbeing"   If we really create our own reality and I’m always feeling, down, tired or sick, what Gives? Can just choosing a new thought and sense of Self really bring about a true state of being healthy and whole, bringing about a more vibrant and optimized reality? Join us, as we ponder and discuss just that, on The Honoring Hour. 

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    Discover Your Truest Potential of Health and Well-Being

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    Do you feel run down, fatigued or just plain out of energy? 

    Discover your truest potential for health and well being with Diane Lauer, Wellness Coach, Therapeutic Massage Thereapist, Bodywork, and Yoga services. She utilizes a unique blend of training, knowledge and personal experience to empower you to reach your full potential of health and well being. For more information, visit Simple Abundant Wellness website: http://www.SimpleAbundantWellness.com

    Find Diane at the CCFL Global Academy - http://www.ccflglobalacademy.com 


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    Establishing Health and Well Being

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    I have been listening to motivational speakers lately who are encouraging the listener to “create the reality that he/she wants”. At first, I was unclear what exactly was being advocated, but the more that I listened, the more I agreed with the philosophies that were being set forth. Essentially they were saying the same thing that coaches around the world tell their merging athletes—first imagine your success then make it just like you imagined it.

    I was never a member of a high performing sports team and I never had a “hands-on” mentor so I did not have the benefit of coaching. As a mature person, confident in her profession, I find that I still long for the mentoring and comradery inherent in working with a group toward a common goal. It is important to interact with others on multilevels.

    There is a need for personal intimacy, professional dynamics and a “family unit” interactions. The personal intimacy is the one that too many neglect. The personal intimacy must start with self-evaluation--- Are you who you want to be? Do you look like you mean to look and do you treat others the way that you mean to? Answering these questions can be the motivation to lose weight, wear makeup or less makeup, change your hairstyle or hair color. It should prompt you to drink more water and less every other liquid. It should prompt you to exercise more and often. It should encourage you to laugh out loud and spend more time with those who love your laugh.If you have not laughed out loud this week, take some time to remember what makes you laugh and if it is legal, go do it. I like swinging on park swings. I like the feeling of flying as the swing goes higher. (Gotta do that soon).

    To many, going to church fills their social needs; they are welcomed, expected and loved. Everyone needs that type of “group” approval like the TV show "Cheers".

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    A new definition for being selfish

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    Learn to be selfish!  That is, take care of yourself before you dash about caring for the rest of the world.  If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of anybody!

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    Anne interviews host of Well Being With Colleen

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    On today's show my guest is Colleen Quinn She is Board Certified Massage Therapist Her new show here on Blog Talk Radio is Well being with Colleen. It will be a fun show! So please join us ! I will return to my regular show Connect With your guardian angel with Anne next week .I do guardian angel connections when I'm not on the air Here is the link http://www.connectwithyourguardianangelwithanne.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2240731

    Colleen's Blog talk show website http://my.blogtalkradio.com/wellbeingwithcolleen

    and her website www.massagebycolleen.com

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    Blocks to Your Financial Well Being - Dr. Melinea Holman DC

    in Spirituality

    Dr Holman will be our guest today. Join us as she dicusses how fear, worry, anger, grief effect your ability to gain more financial freedom, manifest the job you desire and manifest more money in your life. It is never too late to invest in yourself.

    For more information on this or her upcoming Financial Wheel course you can reach Dr Holman at call 239-278-5355 or visit her website Center for Health and Healing

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    LGBT Health and Well-Being across the Lifespan

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    Today's speaker is Dr. Robert Kertzner. The show will be moderated by Dr. Ray Smith.


    This talk will be on supporting the health of LGBT people.

    What are some of the concerns for the mental health of LGBT people?

    How can we understand these concerns in the context of stigma and discrimination?

    What can family and community member do to help?

    What is it that health care providers can do?

    For info about the Division of Gender, Sexuality, & Health, based at the NYS Psychiatric Institute click http://gendersexualityhealth.org/LGBT/LGBTHealth.html

    For questions on LGBT related issues please call (646) 774-6962. 

    To listen to any of our previous archived shows on topics such as child and adolescent health, eating disorders, and substance abuse please go to blogtalkradio.com/columbiapsychiatrynyspi


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    Premiere Show - The show celebrates life and well-being!!!

    in Motivation

    Guest: Garnet Schulhauser, author.

    After retiring from his law firm in 2008, he began his new career as an author and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. Since the release of his first book, Garnet has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows.

    In Dancing on a Stamp, Garnet recounts how his life changed dramatically one day in 2007 (while still practicing law) when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise) who revealed startling new revelations about our soul journey on Earth and the afterlife that awaits us. His second book, Dancing Forever with Spirit, (to be released March 15, 2015) describes his most recent adventures with Albert who appeared in his bedroom room one night to guide him on a series of out-of-body adventures around our world and other parts of the Universe to demonstrate the urgent need for us to discard the dark side of humanity in favour of love and compassion.

    WEB URL:   http://www.garnetschulhauser.com     

    2nd Guest: Cherie Doyen, Guide/Author.

    Cherie Doyen is a Life Coach and the author of “Junebug”. She works with women who are healing from trauma. Her purpose is to move them into a position of making healthy choices for themselves and their family. Cherie shares her story with the world in the form of her book “Junebug” with the intent of bringing awareness. Abuse for many is a life style verses an event. She got out of the entangled maze of abuse and has gone back in to help others, to bring the flash light.


  • Mindfulness Based Practices for Well Being & Chronic Illness ~ Dr. Berkelhammer

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    Dr. Berkelhammer is the author of "In Your Own Hands: New Hope For People With Chronic Medical Conditions ~ Mindfulness Based Practices for Mastery and Well  Being"  which serves as a guide to help those living with chronic illness, as well as their caregivers, learn to live with conscious intention to maximize health and wellbeing.

    Anyone can benefit from listening to this show as he will reveal the benefits of Mindfulness, Gratitude, How to Follow Your Personal Values, and much more...

    Dr. Larry Berkelhammer has lived with several chronic medical conditions since childhood. For decades he endured the frustration of not knowing the causes of his physical problems. Then, well into adulthood, he was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and a primary immunodeficiency disease. At the same time, he was told there were no known cures for any of them and that treatment for some would make others worse. A long-time mindfulness practitioner faced with this reality, Dr. Berkelhammer became curious about what practical steps he and others could to do improve health and well-being. He trained with several world leaders in psychooncology, psychophysiology, and psychoneuroimmunology

    In Your Own Hands chronicles Dr. Berkelhammer’s personal experiences with his past work as a practicing psychotherapist to give those struggling with chronic illness practical steps to take their health into their own hands, using the techniques of mindfulness and mastery.

    Dr. Berkelhammer is now retired and spends his time writing, teaching and serving non-profit organizations that serve people with chronic medial conditions. For more information, please visit www.LarryBerkelhammer.com.

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