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    Holistic Health Insurance 2014 Revolution is Now Here!

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    Cancer Survivor Invents Life-Saving Holistic Health Insurance to be a reality in 2014! Sometimes in life there are ideas so big that it matters none if they start in someone’s bedroom, dorm room or garage its the story behind the story people love to hear, one of  adversities overcome.
    Revolutionaries whose vision and contribution were so immense giving up was never an option. That is the story of GreenSurance Financial and the cancer survivor whose discovery as an insurance professional is set to save the lives of millions of people.
    There is no cause greater than to save the life of another, nothing more noble or heartwarming. And for Kari Gray a 23 year liver cancer survivor whose life was given a second chance by holistic treatment, her contribution of paying it forward, is helping people out of the healthcare system whose terminal illness treatments kill more people than it saves.
    As both an insurance professional and the patent pending holder of only holistic healthcare insurance that will lead a revolution in health insurance, Kari Gray is the holistic health insurance equivalent today before their success of a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.
    GreenSurance Financial is a grass roots company whose starting a movement to a better holistic medicine coverage and healthcare. Because only Green-Surance is an insurance company who’s about people, GreenSurance Financial is the People Over Profits insurance solution.
    Please review this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPhAmB7AN6U

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    Health Insurance is a big deal! Let's talk insurance!

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    Tom Kucan returns to Anna's Journey to discuss health insurance.

    Join us to hear the advice Tom has to share with us.

    Listen live on the phone (1-661-554-9121) or

    Listen live or in replay on the internet at www.blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault

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    How to get health Insurance

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    How to get health insurance? - Understanding the Affordable Care Act. Learn how to enroll and shop the Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange at http://onhealth.us/ and Watch The Health Channel for all of your health and medical needs and information.

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    Health Insurance for Developmental Disabilities: Proposed changes

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    The ability for families to get services for children with developmental disabilities may increase if a new rule proposed under the Affordable Care Act becomes final.

    In this "Kids News Extra" segment Dr. T reviews the article, "Proposed Rule Mandates Coverage of Habilitation" from the ASHA Leader about proposed mandate to cover habilitative services.

    "Habilitation" is intervention to help a child build skills in which they are delayed or disordered. It's similar to the more familiar term of  "rehabilitation" whereby an individual receives intervention to regain skills that are lost second to an accident, a disease, or the like. 

    The ASHA Leader is a publication of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association which provides information for the public and governs the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology.

    This proposed rule goes beyond speech-language and hearing services and regards global developmental issues. We hope it's helpful.

    Send your comments and quesitons to us at info@KidsAtoZ.com 

    Best,The Kids AtoZ Team

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    Health Reform Individual Health Insurance Mandate.

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    As we approach 2014 and President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or, “Obamacare”) continues to unfold, one of the realities each and every one of us will have to face is that of the individual mandate. This is the part that essentially forces each American citizen to have some kind of credible health insurance, or else face some penalties that go up over time. Obviously, this individual mandate has gotten a lot of press, and continues to face legal challenges. But late last year the Supreme Court of the United States upheld it.
    So ultimately, as a consumer and/or business owner, you may be asking yourself: why is the government forcing me to get health insurance?
    Matthew Byrne has made a career helping people find affordable health insurance. He is the founder of MyHealthQuoter.com, a Dublin-based brokerage providing health insurance for individuals, families and corporations. Mr. Byrne is a subject matter expert speaking frequently about Health Care Reform, Defined Contribution Programs, COBRA, and Medicare.

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    Does Health Insurance Equal Health Care?

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    Eight Million people now have HEALTH INSURANCE under the healthcare exchange. Does this equal health care? What do they really have? What are they really paying for? What does health insurance really get you when comparing it to life insurance or even home owners insurance? Join Dr. Taffy Wagner as she talks addresses the question - Does Health Insurance equal Health Care?

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    EPL, Inc.: Innovation and Health Insurance Reform

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    Health Partners America presents an in-depth discussion with Wayne Benson, President and Chief Executive Officer of EPL, Inc. about credit unions, health insurance reform and private exchanges.

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    Health Insurance Expert Valerie Reeves

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    Hear from award winning health insurance expert Valerie Reeves on exactly what you need to know today about Obamacare. 

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    Unveiling the Secrets to Individual Health Insurance

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    You may be one of the thousands of individuals who have gotten their health insurance from their employer. In the future, you could be faced with purchasing your own individual health insurance policy. Will you know what to do? Do you completely understand what you need to know to purchase an individual or family policy?
    Join Optima Health Blog Talk Radio on Thursday, November 15th when we focus on “Unveiling the Secrets of Individual Health Insurance.” Our expert is Kathy McVey, Manager of Consumer Products. She’ll explore all the ins and outs of buying an individual insurance plan.
    Show airs from 12:30-1:00 p.m. but if you miss it, don’t distress, you can listen at your leisure by downloading the archived filed from the Optima Health website.

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    Richard Mayhew • Shopping for Health Insurance

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    Richard Mayhew talks with Jay Acroyd about the open enrollment period for people using the PPACA exchanges; the role that shopping around plays in creating a competitive environment for insurers and providers (Response to Digby and Dave Dayen);  auto-renewal for December 15 and the reason why everyone on a current Exchange policy needs to log-in and look around, and criticism that shopping for health insurance is overly complex.

    Then, what we've learned in this first year of Obamacare and propects for future quality and cost of care or the dog that has not barked -- the technology worked this year, and the program is effectively doing what it said it would be doing.


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    Health Insurance 101-COBRA

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    Today's show topic is COBRA Continuation Coverage. Join Industry Insider and Consumer Watchdog, C. Steven Tucker to learn more about COBRA, stimulus subsidies and alternative consumer-driven health insurance products.

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