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    Healing & Hope Through Gratefulness

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    As we enter into this holiday season, we celebrate Jesus who is the reason for the season.  There is no Christmas without Christ. However, everyone is not thankful for everything that has made this season possible.  Life has taken us all down different paths and every path has challenged us to become either better or bitter.   Join me along with my Guest Host, Senetra as we discuss, how to begin your healing through gratefulness.  That's tonight at 8pm on Healing and Hope for the Heart with Phyllis.

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    Healing & Hope For The Heart Connects with " HOPE MATCH"

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    What do you do when you have those that are egar to give but need someone on the other end to receive.  Join me this week as I speak with an organization that has become a match maker for families that are in need with sponsors that want to change lives.  Stories that will warm your heart and opportunities that might still be available for this holiday for families that need an extra boost of love.  A true story of hope in action this week on Healing & Hope for the Heart  Tuesday night at 8:00pm on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Healing & Hope For The Heart - Tackling Fear

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    Is fear keeping you from living the life you were intended to live?  Pick up some valuable points tonight to move from a life of "pity" to a life of "power" and keep fear from ruling your life! Join me as I share tonight about the world we live in and how we are affected.  8:00 pm on Healing and Hope for the Heart!

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    A Relentless Family Walk of FAITH - HOPE - HEALING

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    Life happens and as carefully planned as we might have projected, we can never escape the bumps and detours that the journey presents.

    Join me this week as we look inside the lives of Pastors John & Elaine Lofton  who faced an unexpected storm that literally rocked their lives and the congregation they served.  We will see how this family, against all odds made a decision to fight together and ultimately won together because of their faith and determination.  Their compelling story will take you through every emotion but will leave you encouraged to dig deep and find the things we all have access to in order to triumph in every situation.

    This Tuesday @ 8:00pm on Healing & Hope for the Heart with Phyllis on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Hope and Healing - Chap Oscar Smith

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    Chap Oscar Smith talks about hope and healing for hurts and heartaches.

    Do you feel helpless?  Time to turn that around to feel hopeful and happy.  Be positive and be powerful.  Have faith that things will be better--much better.

    Chap Oscar will show you the way.  Have faith that the "sun will come out tomorrow," and maybe even today!

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    Fighting Infertility for Women of Color

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    Did you know that  7.3 million people in the United States are affected by issues of infertility but black women are twice as likely as white women to experience these issues. Still, black women are less likely to seek treatment, according to experts.

    “Popular culture may portray black men and women as hyper-fertile, baby-making machines,” Rev. Stacey says. “But the reality is that many of us are suffering in silence trying to conceive and we don't have anyone to turn to.” Fertility for Colored Girls is unique because it offers a holistic approach to fertility infertility: expert advice of nutritionists, obstetricians and gynecologists address the biological solutions; adoption agencies and family planning experts address alternative options and a prayer/support circle available for women and couples address the issue from a faith perspective.

    Join us this week as we talk with the organization creator, Rev. Dr. Stacy Edwards-Dunn, who not just knows about the subject, but along with her husband have experienced this process in their lives, and are now providing hope for others.  Call in, join the conversation and investigate some solutions you might not knew were available.  That is this Tuesday night at 8:00pm on Healing and Hope for the Heart!.

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    The Voice of Hope: "Love Stronger Than Stones"

    in Christianity

    FEAR - it can control your life. FEAR - it can keep you from life's exciting opportunities. Take control of your life away from FEAR. Find out how in today's broadcast on "The Voice of Hope!"

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    More Past Life Healing for Hope & Happiness

    in Spirituality

    Last week's show was so popular, we decided to devote another week to working with FREE Readings about Past Lives!

    Do you believe you have Lived before?
    Have you ever been someplace for the first time--yet you have "known" what was just around the next corner?
    Have you ever met someone who you felt an instant & intense positive (or negative) connection with?

    Join the Psychic Reflections From Starcrafts crew on Blog Talk Radio LIVE at 7pm PST on Tuesday, March 22nd for a show filled with FREE Past Life readings that may well help you understand why you may have answered "yes" to any of the questions above.
    We'll look at incidents from the Past Incarnations of our Listeners & Callers so that they might find Healing, Hope, & Happiness in their current Lifetime.

    Get your questions ready and call the show at (657)383-1814.
    Don't miss the healing & fun!

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    The Voice of Hope: "How to Turn Fighting into Blessing"

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    Probably many of our days contain some kind of disagreement with other people or perhaps the disagreement even escalates to a fight. Relationships, lives, and good plans can be ruined by those disagreements. So how should we handle them? How should we face trouble and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion? Thanks for joining us today on the Voice of Hope! Please contact us with comments and suggestions at voiceofhopechina@gmail.com

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    Jenuine Healing Friday Night Call-In: EP007

    in Spirituality

    Join Jen Ward, live every Friday Night at 10pm Eastern Standard Time, for insights on Healing and Spirituality. Call in for real time assistance. It is great fun and truth combined. It is time for everyone to know the basic truths about healing and Life that have been withheld from mainstream down through history. We all hear that everything is love. Get a working understanding of the physiology of love and how and why it does indeed prevail. Love is a powerful energetic force. Know it more than just a feeling. Understand it as it moves through every atom of life to bring everyone and everything to bring a greater understanding of their own wonder.Jen Ward is the founder of Jenuine Healing. Come join her.Join us!

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    Dealing with Emotions

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    One thing we all have to deal with in life is emotions.  Too often we label them as being good,  bad and sometime just ugly.  How do we identify what emotions really are and deal with them rather than letting them deal with us? God created us with emotions,  so he certainly has a purpose and solution for them.  Join us tonight at 8:00 pm on Healing & Hope for the Heart as we talk about what we all experience in life .... Emotions!  Call in and join the conversation on Blog Talk Radio.