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    The Greatest Love Practice for Healing Depression with Master Francisco

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2: Learn to apply The Source Sacred Mantra and The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ai - Greatest Love, for healing depression and anxiety.

    The purpose of channel is to assist humanity in learning how to apply the teachings and wisdom of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Many are searching for the deep love, forgiveness, compassion and light with which the Divine Channels offer their teaching and guidance. They will need the practical techniques but will return for their love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.

    Master Francisco Quintero is a Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha, who is a world renowned healer, soul leader, and a Divine Channel.

    Master Francisco is a Divine Channel, Divine Soul Communicator, and Reader of the Akashic Records. He empowers people to remove their suffering and overcome their life challenges through the teachings and soul mind body healing system of Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Francisco travels worldwide offering divine and Tao secrets, wisdom, knowledge, practices, and blessings.

    Master Francisco is one of the top teachers in the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™ and Soul Power Institute™. He is the leader of Soul Power Institute helping to manage and develop training programs worldwide on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha. His expertise, wisdom, and knowledge have assisted in training over one thousand Divine Healing Hands™ Practitioners, Soul Teachers and Healers and Soul Communicators around the world. Master Francisco is the author of Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Daily Life.

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    The Path to Healing Depression

    in Spirituality

    On today's show we will working on healing depression in its many forms. Depression is really coming out as something very serious in our community. 

    Join me for 30 mins as we talking about healing depression with Reiki and Soul Healing. 

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    Premier Show: Finding Clarity and Healing Depression with Kelly Simas

    in Self Help

    Tonight we're talking to Holistic Psychic - Therapist Kelly Simas about how using tools like astrology, tarot and energy healing can be used for people who live with depression to find clarity, understanding and healing.  As with any therapy, this is not meant to take the place of treatment with your doctor or prescribed medication. 

    I came to know Kelly through her videos on You Tube, and began working with her to gain clarity in some areas of my life that I was struggling with.  I have found her gifts to be genuine.  Astrology, tarot and energy healing may  not be main-stream methods of healing depression, but I have used them to understand myself more fully and thus heal through their use.

    Kelly Simas is a Holistic Psychic -Therapist and an Intuitive Astrologer Counselor & Coach. She completed her studies in Spiritual Psychotherapy at Transformational Arts College in 2014. Kelly has always had a thirst for knowledge and self discovery which has lead her in self studying Astrology and Numerology since 2007. Kelly has received a scholarship at RASA School of Astrology and is a certified Astrologer while pursuing her official degree in Astrology. These tools have helped her bring much insight, understanding and acceptance in her life her which in turn, has inspired her to share her greatest passion in providing guidance for others on their journey of healing and self discovery.

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    Healing Depression - The Quantum Techniques® Approach

    in Health

    This week's show with Dr. Stephen & Beth Daniel will be an in depth teaching about the physical, toxin, and non-physical aspects for the different types of depression. Depression is very common in our society, it is considered one of the big five illnesses for health care costs in the U.S. The holidays can be especially difficult for people. We will give a number of healing codes for depression.

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    Neutralizing the Negative-Healing Depression in Memory of Robin Williams 8/20/14

    in Self Help

    This week Janet focuses on the subject of fear and depression with an introduction to the energy field 'fear anonymous' guided by the higher selves. Janet explains how depressive energy can fog your vision, leaving you feeling lost and powerless and even provoking physical effects such as a heavy weight in your body. We learn how to rise from the depths of this illusionary 'soup' of energy, healing events from past lives and childhood that may impede you. Janet explains that choosing situations and supportive people that illuminate you can help to find self worth while also recognizing that despair is a pattern and belief system that can be changed. It may not feel like so, but depression is an opportunity for self forgivness and growth. Robin Williams also pops in to participate in a powerful healing circle calling in divine understanding and love!
    Listen Now:
    {audio}http://www.janetrichmond.com/mediadownloads/Higher Self Voice Radio/HSVR 2014 08-21.mp3{/audio}


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    The Healing Room - God Spoke and My Depression Was Healed

    in Women

    Minister Denise Davidson Mistich will share her testimony of how God healed her from chronic depression. He spoke, she responded and chose life. Janiece C. Andrews, M.D., and author/health coach Margery Phelps will join us to share their personal stories of healing from depression, plus tips on how to cure the disease naturally. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to share The Healing Room - Christian Radio - with those in need. Depression doesn't have to keep you down this Christmas. 


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    Margery Phelps

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    The Angel & Shamanic Healing Hour

    in Spirituality

    The topic will be on Angel and shamanic healing, we will be taking calls for free angel readings/healing and Shamanic healing. Elsa & Carey Stokes are renowned Spiritual Speakers/Teachers, Professional Mediums, Shamanic Practitioners, Angel Communicators, Reiki Masters and Ordained Ministers. Elsa was born extremely intuitive with the gift of prophecy, she is the author of “Dare to be Limitless when the Angels take your hand”, and the creator of “Angel DNA Health Practitioner®”. Carey is a Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and is a Native American in lineage. Owners of “The Medicine Way University” and “Angelshotline.com”. To find out more go to www.angelhealingwings.com,  www.medicinewindwarrior.com and www.angelshotline.com

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    This Week's Guest is Renowned Alternative Health Voice Dr. Carolyn Dean

    in Health

    World renowned alternative health voice Dr. Carolyn Dean joins us on December 17th during the second hour of The Best Years in Life Radio Show. Dr. Dean, who literally wrote the book on magnesium and authored the best seller "Death by Modern Medicine", is a great friend of The Best Years in Life.  The topic of duscussion will be her book "Death by Modern Medicine."

    During the first half hour Tony will go over additions to our website and will discuss the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about life triggers that may lead to depression.

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    Healing With Steve

    in Spirituality

    Steve, an etheric healer with over 25 years experience, will work with the callers to help improve their physical and / or emotional well-being.

    Talking with Steve allows him to connect to your etheric body.  He can then scan it to find problem areas and help remove them.  

    Some of the things he has successfully helped others with include: stress relief, sciatica, sinus congestion, migraines, tendinitis, burns, lung congestion, bronchitis, headache, gout, kidney stones, joint pain, muscle pain, breast cancer, pain caused by cancer and its treatment, pain and inflammation reduction after surgery, and much more.  Generally, if Steve can feel it in the etheric, he can help.

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    Temple of Healing Waters Morning Dew Prayer

    in Religion

    Please join Pastor Chad Carlton and the Temple of Healing Waters for our daily prayer at 6:00 AM.  We also, invite you to visit our website at www.healingh20.org for current news and events or our facebook fan and group pages at healing h2o.  Email or your testimonies, praise reports and prayer requests at our website.

    James 5:16b - The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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    Healing Waters Morning Dew Prayer

    in Religion

    Please join Pastor Chad Carlton and the Temple of Healing Waters for our Morning Dew Prayer daily at 6:00 AM.  You can also submit your prayer requests at www.healingh20.org

    James 5:16b - The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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