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    Know Thyself Academy

    in Education

    Mama Rose as she is affectionately referred to, the founder of Know Thyself Academy, has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, a M.S. in African American Studies from Prescott College and is currently an Education Doctoral student at Northeastern University. Mama Rose established Know Thyself Academy because she feels, just as the Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Episcopalians and Muslims, have schools that reinforce their teachings and beliefs, it
    is necessary that African Americans do the same. It is not feasible to think that an oppressive curriculum and system will educate a child for liberation, therefore African Americans must no longer rely on the current system to educate and empower their children. Educational empowerment can only come after you acknowledge their own worth. An African Centered Education will provide African American children with the self-knowledge needed to free themselves from societal bondages. Mama' Rose's Graduate thesis, When you are Left Behind What do you do? What Core African Centered Practices and Policies might benefit African American students, is the basis for the African Centered Curriculum used at Know Thyself Academy.
    For more information about the Know Thyself Academy, go to www.knowthyselfacademy.org


  • Horse, Heal Thyself

    in Spirituality

    Horse, Heal Thyself

    Horses are profound at guiding and supporting humans in our healing process. But have you ever wondered about their own healing? Do horses need healing? Do they experience compassion fatigue? Do they have the ability to heal themselves? Do they need our support to heal?

    Tune in on Wednesday August 12th to hear the Horses, Heart & Soul Herd's thoughts on their own healing and wellness practice.

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    in Religion

    If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face, turn from their ways ; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins, and heal their land.

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    Heal Thyself! Fix Yourself, Improve Your Health

    in Health

    We here in the Bible Belt believe every word of these stories. Now, the question becomes:  if you don’t take the time, the energy, the effort to heal yourself, what will you offer anyone else? Can you, would you, expect anyone to listen to your advice?  How does the head of a house teach health and wellness to its young when the head itself is sick… Think it over. 

    Once we have learned new pathways to health, and use them, it is our duty to share with others. First, however, we must, heal ourselves! Ashe! 

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    Prevent, Treat and Heal from Cancer - Daniel Wenniger

    in Health

    Daniel Wenniger, Chief Communications Officer, of Essante Organics will give you tips on how to prevent, treat and heal from cancer.  You will hear what products are bad for you and which ones are good for you to be free of cancer.  This show will go a long way towards a healthier lifestyle.


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    "Heal Thyself" - Queen Afua!

    in Lifestyle

    Jawanza4Life!! – Introduces Queen Afua

    Tune in TODAY, Sunday, January 26th, from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. est.

    Queen Afua author of "Heal Thyself" and "Sacred Woman" will be our special guest.  She will be discussing Womb Wellness/Man Heal Thyself.

    Don't Miss This Dynamic Show!  Let the Healing Begin...

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    in Religion

    This program is entitled: "The Answer! The Solution!" Tune in for the most dynamic and awe-inspiring presentations on Know Thyself Radio. Call us at 646-478-4713 at 6:30pm EST.

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    Using your creative resources to heal

    in Self Help

    Discover how connecting to your inner resources helps you to heal.

    Our guest, Beth Budesheim, is a mystic artist, energy medicine practitioner and bodyworker currently living in Santa Fe, NM. She is the creator of Art Rituals™and Goddess Energy Portraits™,  and conducts intuitive healing sessions for people both near and far. Over the years, Beth has come to realize for herself and others, the immense value of a relationship with and cultivation of one’s own inner realm, energy system, and creative expression. Her work is the outcome of exploring this for herself, as well as assisting others.

    Her website is beth budesheim dot com.Her website is: BethBudesheim.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

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    Healing House Radio with Dr. Ayleen - Healer Heal Thyself

    in Spirituality

    Welcome back to Dr. Ayleen's self-proclaimed "Healers Month"!  In this episode we'll be exploring self-care for healers.  It is a fundamental issue amongst healers that we will usually place the needs of others before our own.  We decide that we are "fine" and will push ourselves well past where we should mentally, energetically and physically go.  Today will be dedicated to ways and tools to make sure that we are at our best to give our best to others!

    If you would like to contact me for an individual consultation, you can reach me through my website at www.the-healing-house.com.

    I will be joining the chatroom after the show for comments.


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    A Safe Place to Heal: Lilada's Living Room

    in Lifestyle

    On this Monday's edition of FOXOLOGY TODAY I talk with Lilada Gee, founder of Lilada's Livingroom, a nonprofit organization supporting women who are victims of child sexual abuse. Showtime is 12NOON CST. I hope you'll listen in!

    About today's Guest:

    Lilada Gee was 6 years old the first time an adult family member sexually abused her. Throughout the ensuing years, she struggled with issues related to the abuse; including clinical depression, post-traumatic stress and low self-esteem. Now, as an adult, she is committed to helping girls and women who are victims of child sexual abuse, heal. Lilada’s Livingroom began in the living room of Lilada’s home, after she publically shared her tumultuous journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Girls and women who were in the audience started showing up at her home, in her living room to find a safe place to heal. Since that time, Lilada has traveled from coast-to-coast and abroad, creating safe places for women and girls to rid themselves of the shame, secrets and stigmatism of abuse.

    For additional information, visit www.lilada.org.

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    Learning To Heal all 'Real'ationships With Zoe Nicluas

    in Spirituality

    Join us  for our SECOND show on Relationship,this is a  4 part series. This show will talk about why we have troubles with realationships .Zoe will be setting the energy with an amazing meditation . The night will be about CLEARING and starting new, so that you will attract and change your freguency to attract the highest realationship.

     Being REAL is  the  most importent and highest way to achieve  relationships. Getting past old fears and rising to a new way of being in Relationship is what this show will be dealing with  . We will be talking about some reasons Spiritually we run into difficulties. From old  past life attachments that maybe causing the attractions that don't serve your highest . Or the many other energetic blocks that could be in the way of attacting what you truly want.

    This is a very Importent show, since  relationship is the most importent connection you have , from your parents to your brothers and sisters , your husband and wives. But  ALL energy  starts with your connection to spirit, and then follows through in your personal lives. When you can see patterns of attraction ,The same freguency reacuring over and over . Thats when you know you are needing to clear and reboot your energy field.

    Zoe Niclaus is a Theta healer and medium phychic , she is a expert on seeing blocked energies and releasing them .

    We will be taking calls  so have one question in your heart so that Zoe can help clear and heal any situations getting in the way of having a  great relationship with yourself and others .For a more extensive healing session call   Zoe.niclaus@gmail.com

    or call her at 1-310-651-1545

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