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    SportsFans In HeadBands

    in Sports

    Buckle up for this week's episode of SportsFans In Headbands.  Jim Slade from the Performance Racing Network will join us to talk some NASCAR as the All-Star race and Coca-Cola 600 are in Charlotte the next couple weekends.  Kevin Pomeroy will also be our guest to discuss the Celtics Game 4 debacle against the Sixers and the Red Sox struggles to climb out of the bottom of the AL East basement.  You also don't want to miss the latest edition of our faorite segment, "Fake or Funny". So grab your headbands and let's kick this thing off!

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    SportsFans In Headbands

    in Sports

    Welcome to the latest edition of SportsFans In HeadBands!  Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) from FanGraphs.com to discuss the struggles of Josh Beckett and other MLB topics.  Then we have a very special NBA 2nd Round Playoff Preview with CLNS' very own Celtics columnist, MIke Maacchi (@CLNS_Mike).  So grab your headbands and let's go!

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    SportsFans In Headbands

    in Sports

    SportsFans In Headbands with guest Elisabeth Galina from ArmchairReport.com.  We'll talk Mariano Rivera's injury and other AL East news, Saints suspension and other NFL notes, Tiger Woods and maybe even some NASCAR... So grab your headband and let's go!

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    Thomas Hughes/Headbands and Healing Rods

    in Spirituality

    Thomas Hughes is here in the first hour to share updates on the Sasquatch People. Interesting turn of events are beginning to happen. Thomas also has and IS able to "mind talk" with the hairy ones anywhere on our planet.
    Second hour will be taking your calls about your experiences(or not) of the Lemurian Crystal Headbands and Healing Rods. As well as instructions on how to use them.  Broadcasting also on http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/
    To order your very own, go to http://www.lemurian-crystal-headbands.com/

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    SportsFans In HeadBands - Episode 1

    in Football

    Two sports fans who love to sit around and talk about sports... while wearing headbands!
    We'll be talking Celtics playoffs, Patriots draft, and more on this weeks episode.

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    NetflixMovies.com presents... an All Independent Music Weekend Playlist

    in Indie Music

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    Nina Rae 'We Are One'

    Mic Signz 'All I Need'

    Buddy Lofton 'Headbands'

    Nia Prosper 'Consider This'

    The Big Boss 'Im Back'

    AyeMaze 'Club Jumpin'

    Rabidus 'Welcome To Disaster'

    Stephen Bridges 'Autumn Fire'

    October Dawn w/ a Back2Back

    BCG 'Bittersweet Saga'

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    Write On the Edge w/ M J O'Shea

    in Books

         Write on the Edge is a blog talk radio show that features GLBTQ, BDSM, and Erotica authors, characters, and issues.  An edgier, more adult, and taboo radio show, WOE is intended for an adult audience because of its saucy conversations and riskier subjects.

         M.J. O’Shea grew up and still lives in sunny Washington state, and while she loves to visit other places, she can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. M.J. spent her childhood writing stories. Sometime in her early teens, the stories turned to romance. 

          When M.J.’s not writing, she loves to play the piano and cook and paint pictures, and, of course, read. She likes sparkly girly girl things, owns at least twenty different colored headbands, and she has two dogs who sit with her when she writes. Sometimes her dogs come up with the best ideas for stories… when they're not busy napping.

    Check out more about her and her books here! 

         Join Authors Wt Prater and Amanda C Stone as they host this edgy, woefully delicious talk held in the whispers of the night each Thursday at 10pm central. OH, THE WOE!

        Write On the Edge is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.com They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet

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    Headbands and Healing Rods 101

    in Spirituality

    Not having any luck with your Headband or Healing Rod?  Well join Reiki Master Andrew Bartzis and fellow radio host as we begin a series of shows that will teach you the basics and more advanced techniques to assist you in your healing processes.
    Anyone can own a piano but you need the lessons to play it well.
    As always, we welcome calls from those of you that have had success with your devices, to share with the rest your techniques as well to these coming shows. So dont be shy. Step on up and be of service to others. 
    As always this show will also broadcast live on http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/
    To find more info and to order your own device go to http://www.lemurian-crystal-headbands.com/

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    Headbands and Other Things from Hollow Earth Network

    in Spirituality

    Join DaleafterDark as we discuss HEADBANDS! and what they do for us. Billy will share from a previous taped show with Anne DeHart, how they benefit us by wearing them. Also a terrific friend Jackie Cole will be here also to share stories of a product that is truly changing the way we see good health in our bodies. Zorra has also discussed this as well.
    Dont forget to set your alarms for this one. I will be sharing who's headbands im working on now and who is up next. So dont miss out on the info.

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    Talking about Lumerian Crystal Headbands and Manifesting

    in Spirituality

    Lets talk about manifesting and what it means. How can we change our future into a more loving caring and responsible future for all of us.
    Plus want a headband but may be short of money? Tune in to find out what this deal that will be only good for a very limited time. NOT be to missed.
    And taking calls from those of you that have headbands. Call in to share what and how they are working for you. To order a headband go to hollowearthnetwork.com then click onto HEADBAND ORDERS. 
    Host email-dalebenadum@gmail.com

  • 01:31

    Lets talk Hollow Earth and Crystal Headbands

    in Spirituality

    Taking your calls on your experience so far with your Lumerian Crystal Headbands. What have they revealed to you. This is your time to share.
    Jackie Cole may be joining us to share more about our Superfood product that is changing peoples lives for the better. We will be talking about how its origins may be truly ancient.
    To order our Superfood suppliment go to http://www.ourradiohost.com/
    To order your very own Lumerian Crystal Headband go to http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/about