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    Advocating for All Children & Parents

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    Research has proven time and time again the power of parental involvement and my accomplishments reflect what is possible with this support, hence the focus of this radio show...From Head Start to Harvard!  I will interview my colleague, Stella Edwards, chairperson of the Legislative Committee for the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who will share her perspective on how parents, educators and community members can collaboratively advocate to make every child's potential a reality.  

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    Unlocking Potential of Incarcerated Youth

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    Did you know that every day in the United States of America, an average of 7,500 youth are incarcerated in adult correctional facilities? Also, about 65% of residential juvenile facilities offer educational services, varying in educational programming, to youth in custody? I will interview my colleague, Hilderbrand Pelzer III, award-winning educator, speaker, and author of "Unlocking Potential: Organizing a School Inside a Prison", who will share his perspective on how parents and educators can work together to unlock the potential of incarcerated youth.

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    Learning is Year-Round for Young Scholars

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    The traditional school year for preK-12 students spans over 10 months, generally August to May or September to June, in over 80 percent of the public schools within the United States. I had the pleasure of teaching at the first multitrack year-round school in North Carolina, Morrisville Year-Round Elementary School, and learned several important principles about learning that can be applied no matter students' school schedules.  Learning is not limited to school; learning is a way of life.  I will provide suggestions on using the resources in our local communities to stimulate young scholars academically and ensure that they are immersed in a productive learning environment, whether formally enrolled in school or not. 

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    Get a Head Start on Organizing

    in Self Help

    2015 will soon be here--find out from professional organizer Jane Foxen how to get organied for a healthier year, and you!

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    Education is a Community Issue

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    It has been 60 years since Brown vs. Board of Education, the landmark United States Supreme Court decision to desegregate public schools. This court case represented decades of efforts from concerned citizens who were empowered to consistently "speak up and speak out".  I will interview my colleague, Stella Edwards, chairperson of the Legislative Committee for the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who will share her perspective on how parents, educators and community members can ensure that every child’s potential becomes a reality.

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    Live Broadcast at MYCAP Head Start Enrollment Fair

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    MYCAP Head Start is an agency that provides free preschool for children 3-5 in Mahoning County. With this service they provide many other services to help families get out of poverty. If you have any children who are preschool make sure you all come out to Renaissance Learning Center located at 345 Oak Hilll Avenue Youngstown, Ohio  44502 tomorrow from 10-3 p.m. Get your babies enrolled and ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

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    Getting Down to Business with High Schoolers

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    The LEADership Summer Business Institute in partnership with the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University has annually hosted 30 high-ability high school students (rising seniors) from all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands since 1985.  LEAD scholars participate in intense learning experiences to develop skills to be successful in business, which I had the pleasure of developing as a high school student in 1986.  I will interview my Duke classmate, Mr. M. Keith Daniel--Program Director of the LEAD Program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in Durham (NC)--who will discuss the benefits of the LEAD program for high school students and the upcoming 30th Anniversary for the LEAD Program at Duke. 

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    Empowering Children through Martial Arts

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    Children learn what we teach them, and this learning occurs before, during, and after the school day.  I will interview my teacher, Master Barbara Robinson, Owner & Head Instructor of Gentle East Martial Arts in Midlothian (VA)--who will share her perspective on furthering the education and empowerment of our children through Taekwondo, a Korean martial art. 

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    Positive Relationships & Student Safety

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    Schools and communities are made safe through positive relationships! April marks the 15th year since the fatal Columbine (CO) High School massacre, touted as the deadliest mass murder committed on an American high school campus. Since then, United States citizens have witnessed some of the most violent attacks against our children in K-12 schools, colleges and universities.  These tragedies remind us of how important it is to keep our children safe, so I will interview my colleague, Mr. Timothy Mallory--Security Consultant in the Richmond (VA) area--who will share practical steps for ensuring a positive and safe learning environment for our children and adults in our schools and communities.

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    Dr. Traci Teasley on Head Start to Harvard

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    Dr. Traci Elizabeth Teasley is a disciple of the Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, Virginia. As a servant of the Lord for over three decades, Dr. Traci has faithfully served in various leadership capacities in the local church, such as: Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader, Choir Directress, Gospel-Cise Aerobics Ministry Team Member, Economic Empowerment Team Assistant Overseer, and Christmas Production Actress. Dr. Traci has dedicated her life to developing her spirit, soul, and body and relishes the opportunity to encourage others to do the same!


    To further advance His Kingdom, God has blessed her to earn degrees from Duke University (Durham, North Carolina), North Carolina State University (Raleigh, North Carolina), and the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Dr. Traci is a fierce advocate for children and youth who are neglected and underserved and has worked in senior-level positions in various urban school districts.



    Dr. Traci is forever committed to spreading the joy and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ, training believers to lead an intelligently spirit-led life, fulfilling God’s mandate in Ephesians 4:12-13 (NRSV) “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ..."


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    Achieving Success at Any Age on Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie D. Graham

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.


    Success. We all want it, but few know how to achieve it. Only 5% of Americans are considered successful.


    Claudia Hiatt teaches the methods of success used by Andrew Carnegie, Wallace Wattles, Bob Proctor and others; the same principles that when learned at age 40, 50 or older, invoke the response, "If only I had known this when I was younger." She decided to give her children a head-start on success, but discovered that teaching this to kids is like talking to the wall. How to make it relevant to what matters to them? Claudia's solution: HeadintheGameSports.com, where she applies success lessons to what today's kids want to achieve NOW – success in sports – and performance-based activities like dance, band, theatre, and academic contests.


    Discover how the ‘YOU’ Factor will change your life with Leslie Strong, founder of Strong Coaching, author of The YOU Factor: A handbook for powerful living, and Power Coach. Leslie will share how you can shift your mindset from powerless to powerful to gain / regain control in every area of your life. The result? Feel happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled, break down the walls holding you back from creating the life you really want, and enhance your relationships. www.strongcoaching.com.                                 

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