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    Talk with Jacob Cherrington - Motivational and Life Coach

    in Lifestyle

    Mr. Cherrington is HCBC's exclusive Life Coach and Motivational Mentor for our clients. He not only motivates them to keep focused on their Physical goals but also their Life goals as well. HCBC is hosting these Radio show's Featuring Mr. Cherrington so we will be able to reach out to all our clients on a Bi-weekly basis to reiterate what they have learned and applied through their one on one calls and also the daily 1-2 minute Motivational videos that are prequel to his astounding 12 week course which is a step by step process for turning your dreams into reality, transforming stress into drive and fulfillment, and showing you how to create a life you've directed and shaped rather than one of reaction.
    Not only are we covering the Health and Wellness side of everyone’s life but also we will get into the business aspect of thing as well. We will help you to focus on how you want to change your life with your new business and how does one make it successful and continue to be motivated through tough times, plus more ….A lot more!

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    The EoP presents Music Month - Episode II

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ellen Gee welcomes StinkiFace Music mogul MoRece, Harbor City Bread Company duo T. Terrell Jackson & Yacob Yisrael, undiscovered diva Shukee, and Wombatt55 to The Evolution of Perspective for episode II of Music Month.
    MoRece has managed to gather the most eclectic and talented group of artists Baltimore has to offer under one label. With artists like Janice B., Love the Poet, The 5th L, Ama Chandra, Queen Earth, and countless other artist on the roster, StinkiFace Music has something for everyone. 
    Harbor City Bread Company is known for its dynamic clothing line, its passion, and its mission to evolve. T. Terrell Jackson & Yacob Yisrael carry their energy to their music with a smooth transition. Determined to succeed and positioned for success, these gentlemen do a lot and say a lot. 
    Ronata "Shukee" Johnson is the ultimate triple threat. She's an artist, a barber by trade, and a dynamic vocalist. She specializes in funk and soul but does every other genre she choices to justice with her style, sound, and charm. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. 
    Terry "Wombatt55" Jones is a Baltimorean to the core. His love for music and his city go hand in hand and run deep. He redefines the underground with real lyrics, real love, and real history. Listen to him tell the story of Baltimore unlike any other artist. 
    MoRece open the show at 8 pm EST. 
    HCBC joins Ellen at 8:30 pm EST.
    Shukee joins Ellen at 9 pm EST. 
    Wombatt55 closes out the show at 9:30 pm EST. 

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    Debra Jackson LIve- Black History Month

    in Radio

    We will be featuring famous African Americans who suffered from a mental illness. Highlighting Jennifer Lewis With special guest,Rev Vanessa McCoy Owens, Founder of Martin Luther King Family Life Center, Inc, Lebanon, PA and Rev Wilbert D. White of Hope Community Baptist Church. HCBC is hosting the Healing for the Soul Concert Tour on Feb 20th. Project to support C.M.E. Mental Health Ministries.

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    Striker and the Hot Chicks Special

    in News

    Several members of the HCBC were in studio for this special episode. Too bad the microphone was muted for the first 40 minutes of the show! Just advance your player to about the 40th minute to listen. Sorry for the screw up!

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