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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

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    Did the Georgia General Assembly lose their collective minds this year? If you're following HB 170, the Transportation Bill, you probably think they have. Having studied the original bill and now the "Senate Substitute", I am absolutely convinced their is something in the water under the Gold Dome, OR someone needs to open the windows to clear out all the carbon monoxide in the chamber, legislative offices, and committee rooms! HB 1, the Medical Cannabis bill, cleared another hurdle in the Senate on Thursday, now it goes to the full Senate for a vote. Some changes were made to the bill and we'll discuss that. And how can an elected official (or government employee) resign from office under questionable circumstances only to be awarded a "consulting contract" or be hired in another part of the state? What was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard thinking when he hired former Douglas County DA, David McDade for the Fayette County office? We'll also be giving the latest updates and possible movement regarding any investigations into the background checks conducted by former Paulding County Administrator, Mike Jones. Make sure to tune in as we discuss all of this a more. As usual, we'll have some awesome music by Liberty Minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. You won't want to miss a minute.

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    People who know about domestic violence know how animals are often victims of abusers, and animals are often reasons women find it difficult to get away from an abusive situation.  If someone says they will kill the dog if you leave, you think twice about leaving.

    Rep. Liz Vazquez (R) of Alaska understands how domestic violence works. She knows abusers use every trick in the book, every controlling thing they can think of to keep their victims under their thumbs. That’s why she is sponsoring Alaska HB 147. The bill would allow courts to include animals in a protective order, which means that if the protection order is violated, there are consequences for the abuser just as if he violated a protection against the human being protected.  Think of the possibilities such a bill could have, not only for protecting pets, but also for helping victims and their children.

    Rep. Vazquez was born in New York, went to law school at Cornell, served as an administrative law judge and was an assistant attorney general and prosecutor. The first co-sponsor of the bill is Rep. Max Gruenberg (D), who has been an Alaska State representative for 20 years, a decorated veteran of the US Navy, who graduated from Stanford and the UCLA Law School. They are just two representatives at the forefront in what is a law that could have great benefits for victims of domestic violence.

    Join both representatives on Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to find out more about this proposed legislation, and to talk with the representatives sponsoring it.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways.

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    Texas Biker Radio #35 - Citizen Journalist - The New Media

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    Texas Biker radio Episode # 35 

    With Mel Moss And Mel Robins:  On Tonight’s Show – Citizen Journalist The New Media – Police Interference – Texas HB 2918Sons Of Liberty Riders Delivers – SB 754 Be Ready – ISIS Or SISI Blow Hards – Lack Of Honesty In Government = Distrust – Stupid Is As Stupid Does Al Gore – Internet Battle Rages – Will Ferguson Police Back Down On Shooter – White House Celebrates Iranian Holiday “Damn” – Naked Doorway….

    All That BS And More On Texas Biker Radio  

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    Hopeton Brown - Socially Conscious - Reggae Music

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    Step into the studio with the Kool One - HB. Playing some nice conscious reggae music

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    State Sovereignty: Mike Moon and Sheriff Mack

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    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!!

    Tonight we begin with our Friday night legislative update from Representative Mike Moon. We'll discuss the Campus Free-Expression Act (hearing this week), The Food Freedom Bill (hearing this week), and HB 215 Anti-Commandeering Requirement. We'll also look in on how things are going for MIller and how a bill being heard this week may effect that situation. A hearing will be held this week on a bill that would require any public or private school or day care to announce if a child attending is unvaccinated.

    Then we will chat for a bit with Sheriff Mack, founder of CSPOA. This will be an interesting hour, so don't miss it.

    We'll start Friday night promptly at 7PM Missouri Time. You can join the discussion at 347-677-1835.


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    QARLive: Saturday Stew W/ Jason, Katie & Angie: Battle For Prolife Continues

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    WASHINGTON – In a 27-5 vote, the West Virginia state Senate today joined with the state House of Delegates in voting to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HB 2568), legislation that protects unborn children from abortion at the point that they are able to feel pain. Tomblin's veto came after the state House of Delegates and the state Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill in February. The legislature’s successful override of Gov. Tomblin’s veto means that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will go into effect in 90 days.

    Despite having passed the legislature last session, Governor Tomblin's first veto of this legislation came after the session ended, preventing an override vote.

    “Medical science provides substantial compelling evidence that unborn children flinch away from painful stimuli, that their stress hormones increase when they are subjected to anything painful, and that they require anesthesia for fetal surgery,” said Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D., director of state legislation for the National Right to Life Committee. “States have a compelling interest in protecting the lives of unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion. West Virginia becomes the eleventh state to recognize this obligation by enacting the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”

    The legislation is based on a National Right to Life model bill that is currently in effect in eight states across the country: Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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    TOM CARROZZA is a founding member of The 1st Amendment Improv Company in NYC and has taught at Second City, HB Studios, New York Conservatory of Dramatic Art, The Comic Strip and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. He was a member of the 4-man comedy group MENTAL FURNITURE and has written and produced several plays including "AREA 51 - The Musical!" which featured twenty-two original songs by Noel Katz. He has followed up his first album of music "ZESTY" with another called, "IN YOUR EAR". Both albums deliver an uplifting assortment of humorous songs. The new one serves up compositions by Jeff Ward, Don Puglisi, Joe Mulligan, Noel Katz, Rick Reil and Carrozza himself. It also includes his first-ever cover track, "She Turned Out To Be The Girlfriend Of A Boyfriend Of Mine" originally sung by Eddie Cantor in the 1928 Broadway show, "Whoopee!" As one critic said, "He should have called it "ZESTY 2 - NOT A FLUKE." Follow him on facebook he's funny.


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    State Sovereignty: Representative Paul Curtman & The Estep Roundtable

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    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    We have a blockbuster tonight. Representative Paul Curtman (Mo 109) will visit with us to discuss and answer your questions/concerns about HB 206, Establishing the Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act. There has been a lot of chatter about this bill. I say, when you have questions or concerns - go to the source. Here's your chance to talk with Rep Curtman directly using the studio line 347-677-1835.

    In the second half of tonight's show, we set the Roundtable up to discuss the Estep incident in Sparta, MO. Joining us at the Roundtable:

    Tim Starks: Vice President of Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association and CSPOA Lead Investigator for this incident.

    Doreen Hannes: Co-Chair of Property Rights Coalition and longtime friend of Estep.

    Kevin Jotz: Chief of Police at Summersville, MO and also Co-Chair of Property Rights Coalition.

    Mike Evans: America's Voice Now

    YOU: 347-677-1835.

    Join BTR featured host Dave and his accomplice Mike Slack tonight at 7PM Missouri Time for this unforgettable adventure. The studio line is 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: Representative Mike Moon

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    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    Tonight BTR featured host Dave again shares the podium with special guest co-host Doug Enyart, Chairman of the Missouri Constitution Party. Doug and Dave will be joined by State Representative Mike Moon for an in-depth discussion of the week in Jefferson City and an overall outlook of this year's upcoming legislative session. On the agenda; funding for Department of Natural Resources, HR 99: Requiring Missouri's federal representatives to work to repeal Obamacare, HB 866: Direct Farm to buyer transactions, HCR 3&4: Signed by the Governor withdrawing pay increases for elected officials, and two bills that would increase the majority needed to pass initiatives or Constitutional Amendments. Bring your favorite topics to the table and discuss them with Mike.

    You can join us at 7PM Missouri Time by clicking on the link. Participate on the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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    PA Rep. Mark B. Cohen - Office for People with Disabilities Act

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    Join us for a conversation with Rep. Mark Cohen, of the 202nd Legislative District (Philadelphia). We will discuss the importance of his sponsorship and upcoming reintroduction of HB 1183, known as the Office for People with Disabilities Act. The Act would establish The Office for People with Disabilities within the Office of the Governor, instead of its current location under the Department of Human Services. We will also discuss how to work with legislators to suggest and support the passage of bills to improve the quality of life for residents of Pennsylvania.  

    Rep. Cohen is the “Dean” of the Pennsylvania General Assembly -- the longest serving member in either the House or the Senate, Democratic Chair of the House State Government Committee, and past Democratic Chair of the House Human Services Committee. Rep. Cohen received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Juris Doctorate from the Widener University School of Law and a Master of Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College. 

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you every Friday at 12:00 pm EDT/EST by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

    Read and subscribe to PA Disability News (it's free!) to stay up to date on news and events of interest to the PA disability community. 

    Thanks for listening!

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    Radio Free America - February 1, 2015

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    A Discussion of Libertarian Politics in Delaware and Across the Nation, with a Little Bit of Music Thrown In, Just for Fun.



    Bread and Circuses

    Greek Debt Negotiations


    Support the Truth

    by Jim's Big Ego

    We Go Down Fighting

    by Suicide Denial

    Podsafe music courtesy of Music Alley


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