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    Behind The Curtain: Gregg Clark "Where Shadows Walk"

    in Paranormal

    Join us tonight as we speak with Gregg Clark of "Where Shadows Walk" tours of Franklin, North Carolina.. You can visit his website at whereshadowswalk.com.. 

    “Ghost tours can be rich and insightful, but they can be absolutely hokey,” explained Clark, whose mix of academic specificity, down-to-earth look and flair for weaving authoritative, captivating yarns, is anything but hokey. “We want everyone to know that this is not silly. These are so real, and the stories are grisly. Some of them are horrific and horrifying, but they’re real, and they represent chapters in the life of this town. They’re rich; they’re gritty; they’re real.” 

    The real-life history of Macon County, said Clark, is a sometimes ghastly, always intriguing tapestry of narratives that doesn’t need embellishing as much as it needs uncovering. So while Clark and his wife, Pauletta, may be the ones unearthing the past, they’re really just helping the past speak for itself. 

    For the Clarks, both teachers, what they do now is just an extension of a long-held love of history and a desire to fill a niche they’ve long lamented was empty. 

    Clark is a Macon County native who yearned for local history that he wasn’t getting in school.


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    Paranormal Realm Radio presents: Brandy Herr, Haunted tour guide of Texas

    in Paranormal

    Please join Jill Wilder and Debra Robinson as they interview Brandy Herr on Paranormal Realm Radio show. Why did Brandy start haunted tours in Granbury Texas? Did she experience something of the unknown? Please tune in to find out!!

    Brandy Herr is the co-founder of the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour and co-host of the annual Granbury Paranormal Expo. She earned her Bachelor's degree in public relations and a minor in theatre from Pennsylvania State University. She currently lives in Granbury with her husband, her rescued dog and two rescued cats.

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    Paranormal Kool Aid; Legendary Haunting "The Sallie House" & Team Interviews; 4

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    Paranormal Kool Aid is proud to have as our guests Tony & Debra Pickman who lived through one of the most famous hautings of modern times, "The Sallie House" of Atchison, Kansas. As seen on "UNsolved Mysteries", "Sightings", "A Haunting", "My Ghost Story" and many other TV shows, their story has been told also in Debra's book and movies. Listen as they tell the story of years of personal experience at the hands of a spiritual attachment and possible demonic oppression.

    In the second hour, The TriState Paranormal Investigators (TSPI), of Middlesboro KY started out investigating the Tri-State areas of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. Use the latest technology along with modern day and old school scientific methods they search the supernatural, investigating everything from ghosts/spirits to aliens and even the study of cryptozoology (Bigfoot, chupacabra, etc.) They've working together since 2004, but our Co-founders, Neal Williams and Lonnie Rhymer, have been studying the unexplained since the late 90's. With their own radio show, podcast and local TV program that is going National this month TSPI is a team who are making a name for themselves.

    Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained.

    Hosts Chris Medina, Chandra Stull, Jamie Geller and Scott Gruenwald with Claire Connolly(Chat host and live Chat questions) producer Belinda Clark-Ache broadcast "LIVE" every Wednesday Evening @ 9e/8c/6p




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    Ghosts and bumbs in the night

    in Spirituality

    In our first episode we are going to be discussing the thoughts and ideas about the supernatural and the world that lies beyond our own. We will be talking to those who have experienced the paranormal and those who are able to communicate with those long passed. We will also be discussing reasons for the paranormal to be occuring and we will be talking to those who investigage it on a day to day basis.

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    Scary Ghost Stories

    in Youth

    What's good FAM?!  It's ya boys coming to you live on the Real Life Radio Show.  The topic of the month is "Scary Ghost Stories."  We plan to share some of the scariest true stories we've experienced or heard about with you and let me tell you that some of them are off the CHAIN!  You truly don't want to miss this one folks.  If you have a story to tell, call in with the 411.  We'll be waiting.

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    Connecting Us To Other Realms

    in Paranormal

    AnnMarie Touchette will be talking more about Ghosts, Hautings, Haunted houses, Experiences.
    If you have a story to share AnnMarie would love to have you call into the show.
    AnnMarie, will be on Psychic Voice Radio in the Spiritual Garden with Sandy Winnette every Thursday from 11;30 - 12:30 talking about "Other Realms". WooWoo,etc.

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    Steven La Chance Paranormal Author of "Children Of The Grave"

    in Spirituality

    Yes he is back again. Steven La Chance, movie producer, Author. Steven La Chance lived in a rented house in Union Missouri with his three children. Happy family, till one night of all nights, his family had many encounters with Spirits. Haunted and Evil, this house wanted them out. And it got what it was there for. Now, Steven took it to the highest level, to make a come back. Discovery Channel was his mission, and he won. Steven La Chance was in so many Television, interview from Fox 11 in California, to New York. He is here tonight, to discuss with all of you. More about his new book. And spook you out, with many tales from the graves. His movie Children Of The Graves, Fear House, A Wierd Hautings, and much more. Come a chill out with this 7foot tall, Deep Voice, Chilled seeker tonight!.. Enjoy!!

    WARNING!! No one under 16 should view or listen to this show, unless is accompanied by an adult supervision. We are not responsible for any harm nor health issues, caused by listening to this Wiccan Radio Broadcast. All agents and Producers, are not Resposible for any lude acts, discriminations, race, color. religions, this is a soul owned Radio Station by BlogRadio. And its proucers. Any complaints of illness, mislead, or phone issues. Regarding prices, Rates of telephone billing, is not the Resposiblity of the Producers, of the Wiccan Radio Talk Show. Any producers may cancel any legal agreement contracted by them, regarding you as a guest to appear on the Wiccan Radio Talk Show. All guest are pre interviewd. This is an honest Radio Station. With good copyrights. Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved.