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    Haunted Houses In your Area

    in Politics

    The show is about haunted houses in the area where you live, Melissa Bryan and I are going to be talking about the houses we have been in and our experences in and near our area. If you would like to call in it would be great ! They are everywhere and you don't have to use your name when calling in if you wish. And other experiences in haunted areas. It should be a exciting show !!!  As you know Melissa is a great medium I can honestly tell you that !!!! Call in and let's share our thoughts of the spirit world. This has nothing to do with the New Revolution!


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    Haunted Houses

    in Spirituality

    Haunted Houses...I don't like to use the word hauntings for all of the hype and hysteria it brings but let's face it..people love to be scared..why? I have no idea. I guess the same reason many like roller coasters. It is an adrenaline rush. I have yet to be in a place that has scared me. I love Spirits. I have met grouchy Spirits and kind Spirits. I deal with Them the same way that I deal with people here on this plane..with compassion. You will never find me waving sage and demanding anyone to leave. That is probably the worst thing you could do. I figure if I was departed and stuck and someone did that to me, heck, I would be a little ticked off too. Compassion is key to all things in life. Everybody has good and bad. It is a matter of understanding. So if you have a Spirit in your home, this is the show for you. I will be taking questions during the show and doing a 20 minute chat room session afterwards.

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    Haunted Houses

    in Paranormal

    Fear is an emotion we like to feel from time to time as we enter into these houses designed to scare us, but what about the houses in our history that have real hauntings?

    Listen in as Robyn and EW talk about homes that have hauntings and talk about what you can do to maintain your sanity inside these Haunted Houses.

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    Ethan's Halloween Conspiracy Corner - Sandy Hook, Haunted Houses, Cal Ripken

    in Entertainment

    It’s that time of year again. Join some of the cast of Free State Radio AND Ethan as he explores different myths and conspiracies
    – Haunted places in Maryland, including Seven Hills
    – Sandy Hook. Was it a hoax?
    – Cal Ripken and the Night the Lights Went Out
    – Haunted Houses
    – and Much more?

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    Haunted houses and ghosts

    in Paranormal

    Tonight we'll be talking about haunted houses and ghosts. Call ins welcome 760-683-2624

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    Haunted Houses

    in Women

    Find out if your house is actually haunted or if you've ever experienced a ghost with our Haunted Houses show! Editor-in-chief Jane Chesnutt talks with Leslie Rule, ghost hunter and author, and Shozo Kagoshima, general manager at Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA

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    Patrick Meechan-Spiritual Warfare & HAUNTED houses

    in Spirituality

    This is an early KAPOW Radio Show broadcast dated October 24, 2011 (3 years ago), and is our first interview with author Patrick Meechan who later became one of the hosts on the KAPOW Network and our good friend in Christ. Prayerfully, he will return to the Network one day soon. Forgive the not so tight audio, but listen to Patrick's story about the Haunted House he lived in at 220 5th Street and how he used spiritual warfare to fight against the ghostly demons.

    You will hear strange noises, clicks and even VOICES on the recording that are not supposed to be there! At around 49:00, there is a female voice speaking Chinese dialect that is "bleeding" into our conversation. This was an "EVP" of an other worldly spirit. The demons really tried hard to stop this early broadcast, but failed.

    Hear Patrick's testimony of his survival of a haunted house. This is not for the faint of heart or spiritually squimish!


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    "SPOOKTOBER MADNESS!" - Haunted Houses & Graveyards!

    in Paranormal

    "SPOOKTOBER MADNESS!" is back!  All those creepy, eerie topics that get you into the Halloween mood and ready to enjoy the crispness of Autumn.  This month, just like last year, will be all about subject matter that can really give you the heebie jeebies.  This is my absolute favorite time of year!

    Please join us and talk about haunted houses and graveyards! Not only will we be discussing the hauntings of actual houses and buildings, as well as real graveyards through history, but we will also be talking about the man-created haunted houses and graveyards that we either enjoyed going to this time of year or still enjoy looking forward to getting freaked out by.

    Tune in all this month...if you DARE!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    Enlighten.. Paranormal truth and supernatural discussion

    in Spirituality

    This episode of enlighten focuses on the topic of haunted houses. 


    It can be challenging parenting a child who can see spirits. At first, you may not understand what it is your child is reacting to. Constant nightmares? Pointing to entities you can’t see? Talking to them? Cowering from the shadow people? Or maybe it's you

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    Graveyard Shift SN06E001: "Dear Diary, Bill LUVS Haunted Houses! PS: So do I!"

    in Pop Culture

    In this SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE, Emi broadcasts the interview between himself and famed Author Bill Hall!  The two discuss Bill's newest book, "The Haunted House Diaries", as well as reveal updates on Bill's previous book, "The World's Most Haunted House" (Episode available on archived list)!  Emi and Bill have tons of fun talking ghosts, psychics, ghost shows and they even find time to discuss magic!  Don't miss out, this is just the beginning of what's sure to be a fun SIXTH season of THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT!

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    Brian & Sherri and the Evil, no good , very scary Haunted House!

    in Entertainment

    As you all know, Brian does NOT do haunted houses! Well that is about to change tonight! The show has been invited to participate in a local haunted house put on by some friends of ours in a nearby town, the theme for this has Brian re-thinking this, Asylum. There will be creepy doctors, nurses and paintients waiting at every turn and you will all bare witness because it will be during the show!

    Brian and Sherri have decided to do this haunted house live during the show, something obvioulsly which has never been done before. So prepare yourselves to hear some crying, laughing and maybe Brian admiting to peeing himself.


    We want to thank our friends at Walmart for being part of our show and Dunkin Donuts, Thank you!


    *Just to warn you, there might be strong language.