• 01:13

    The Word "Addict" Is Hate Speech

    in Self Help

    Our guest this evening is Meghan Ralston, harm reduction manager for the Drug Policy Alliance and author of many articles including I'm Breaking Up With the Word 'Addict' and I Hope You'll Do the Same.

  • 01:28

    Bill Nye & Ken Ham Debate; Hate Speech Inquisition?

    in Christianity

    Did you see the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye the science guy?  If so, call me up and tell me your thoughts. We'll share audio from their appearance on the Pierce Morgan show.

    Have you heard, Hate Speech: The New Inquisition - a new article by attorney Craig Parshall offers insight.

    We'll also continue our discussion on homosexuality, that topic that is unacceptable to discuss.

  • 01:01

    The F Word Ex: Hate Speech vs. Free Speech

    in Culture

    Where do we draw the line between hate speech and free speech? What are the social consequences (if any) of allowing hate speech? How does censorship factor into 1st amendment rights?

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    Hate Speech Pays Politicians?

    in Politics

    When politicians attack issues, everyone's opinions can be instrumental in seeing to a positive outcome for America. When politicians attack one another, opinion's can become destructive and result in division for Americans. So why is it that hate speech gains more attention than speech to improve. Hate speech pays and this must be fixed to save our economy.

  • 02:13

    Join Sunette Bridges From S Africa on white Genocide

    in Current Events

    Sunette will discuss with us the charge she is facing in court for hate speech- Charged for speaking out against white genocide and enslavement. Bringing light to the injustice the media refuses to expose and the Government is guilty of propagating. Support Sunette Bridges and others breaking the barriers of political correctness and silence, or surely we will parish. It's time to rise up and fight back - this is a global issue not held to one country. The same Black Empowerment (BEE) is in place in America and around the world.

  • 02:00

    What is Hate Speech

    in Politics Conservative

    On today's show we will discuss who gets to determine what the line between "Free speech" and "Hate speech". Why anyone might want to use the term "Hate speech" to stop legitimate discussion of issues. And what the dangers of letting people bully us away from certain topics may be. 

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    Why Does Obama Hate African-Americans and Jews?

    in Politics Conservative


    Why Does Obama Hate African-Americans and Jews?


    President Barack Obama got 89% support from black voters and 66% support from Jewish voters. The question is why are African Americans and Jews voting against their own self-interest? Why are they voting for a guy committed to hurting them? As an American (and a Jew), I couldn’t think of a more dangerous or damaging plan towards African-Americans or Jews than the one being carried out by Obama.

    Let’s start with black Americans, and let me be blunt. As a successful businessman, Obama’s plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will not greatly affect my life. However, it will it crush the lives of millions of poor and lower income black Americans, especially those striving and working hard to escape poverty and achieve the American dream.

  • 01:57

    March sports: Love it or hate it?

    in Sports

    Welcome to March, and we are back broadcasting Monday night at 8pm so call and interact with the show via Twitter. March can be a tough sports month, but still lots to talk about.  Trade deadline for the NHL will end on Monday, what will our Boston Bruins do?  And will it matter?  Spring training games get started this week, so we'll talk some Boston Red Sox and their new acquisition. March Madness? Can be tedious, but worth some discussion. And lots of other interesting things will be covered as well, so tune in and and come talk!

  • 02:00

    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito

    in Politics

    Tonights guest will be Mr. Christopher Logan of Logan's Warning and President at North American Infidels (NAI).  Chris has been one of the most ardent educators on the Islamic movement in the United States of America.  Mr. Logan does not back down from a challenge nor is he afraid to take Islamic apologists head on and back up his claims with verses from the Quran, Hadith and other revered Islamic text.

    You can find Chris at his website - Logan's Warning or on Facebook and Twitter.  He personifies Radio Jihad Network's goal: "We strive to educate America"! Chris Logan educates America! Sadly to some in the United States of the Offended, he's not too "Politically Correct", so you might be offended, in fact you will be offended by the content of this weeks show!  

    Please join us Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm EST.  It will be a candid discussion with Chris on the subject of Islam, it's impact on our Republic, Moderate vs Radical Muslims, the sanitizing of Islam in the U.S. by the Administration including the POTUS, Freedom of Speech and much more! 

    Mama Mia NO Sharia!  

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    "Preachers of LA: False Prophets or True Men of God"

    in Radio


    Whether you love it, hate it, or have never seen it at all…Everyone’s talking about the Oxygen Network’s controversial hit show, “Preachers of LA”, that centers around the personal and professional lives of several ministers. After receiving hundreds of emails, texts, and inbox messages asking us to discuss this show…tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” tonight at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our 3 hour special, where we discussed: fallout from the show, the effect it’s having on the perception of the black church, and how to discern true men of God from false prophets seeking fame/fortune. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    The Shock Master's Entertainment Hour

    in Entertainment

    Netflix Movies this week include "Total Recall" and History's Mysteries Secret Societies. SNL ISIS Commercial and reaction. Kanye West BET Speech.  New Batman Game!  New Movie, DVD Releases?

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