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    HART BEAT radio with Bruce Hart

    in Wrestling

    Discussion about prowrestlings past and the new generation of Old School  Attitude

    You host Bruce Hart and co-host Cowboy Johnny Mantell talk with SPECIAL GUEST   Hillbilly Jim.

    Johnny also gave a little update on the Red Bastien's TX Shoot Out that is held each year in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

    and the upcoming guest....


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    HART BEAT radio with Bruce Hart

    in Wrestling

    Bruce Hart wrestler,promoter and booker with Stampede Wrestling and the Head Trainer of Hart Brothers University and senior member of the famous Hart Wrestling Family in Calgary Alberta Canada  joins his cohost the legendary Texas wrestler Cowboy Johnny Mantell for a weekly exchange with their guests on pro wrestlings past and focusing also on the next new generation of Old School Attitude.

    Guests include pro wrestlings legends from the past as well as others including wrestling historians and writers and others connected to the wrestling industry.

    Guests who have appeared on Hart Beat radio  include  Terry Funk  Ric Flair  Harley Race  JJ Dillon  Mick Foley Jeff Jarrett B Brian Blair  Stan Hansen  Ivan Koloff  Hillbilly Jim  The Goddwins  Debra McMichael  Paul the Butcher Vachon Alexis Smirnoff  Bruce Swayze Barbara Goodish  Col DeBeers Baron Von Rascke Larry Matysik  George Shire Sir Mo Bobby Horne  Bobby Eaton  Ricky Morton  Joyce Grable  Amazing Kong  Princess Victoria  Dianne Von Hoffman Dave Meltzer  Don Fargo  Lord Zoltan  Jody Hamilton  Fidel Sierra  Mike Mooneyham  Jimmy Korderus  Billy Silverman  Evan Ginzburg  Mike McCurdy  Thomas Rude  Merv Unger  Jon Trotsky  Bob Brooks  Scott Teal Micheal Elliott  Fulvio Cecere  Nikita Bresnikov   Dan Murphy  Melissa Coates   Tom Burke  Richard Blake   Ross Hart Bertrand Hubert  Pat Laprade  Dr Mike Lano  Barry Orton  

    We welcome listeners to recommend guests or themes they would like us to talk about. The show can be downloaded.as well as past episodes all available on HBU  FB fan page







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    HART BEAT Radio with Bruce Hart

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    Old School Wrestling Interviews

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    Hart Beat Radio: Ladies Wrestling w/ Bruce Hart & Friends

    in Wrestling

    Hart Beat Radio w/ Bruce Hart
    November 21, 2015 at 3 PM EST
    "A Discussion on Ladies Wrestling'
    Presented by: http://www.PWPNation.com

    On a brand new edition of Hart Beat Radio, Bruce Hart is joined by Ann Casey, Diane Von Hoffman and Mike McGuirk for a special episode with a discussion on ladies wrestling. Also, the new President of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, Johnny Mantel, will join Bruce as his special co-host.

    Please call the show and interact with Bruce at 760-888-5749 and be sure to follow on Twitter @PWPNation

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    Celebrating Owen Harts 50thy Birthday

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    Celebrating Stu Harts 100th

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    Guests  Fred Curry and Tom Burke

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    Hart Beat Radio: Bruce Hart & Ole Anderson Go One-on-One

    in Wrestling

    PWPNation.com Presents
    HART BEAT RADIO hosted by Bruce Hart
    Special Guest: Ole Anderson
    November 7, 2015

    On a brand new episode of Hart Beat Radio, Bruce Hart goes one-on-one with one of the original members of The Four Horsemen, one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, former booker of WCW OLE ANDERSON! 

    Listen as old-school reigns supreme as they discuss Ole's career in pro wrestling! They are sure to drop a wealth of knowledge & break out some rare stories from the world of professional wrestling. 

    If you have any questions for Ole Anderson or Bruce Hart, please call the show at 760-888-5749. Be sure to send your tweets to @PWPNation

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    Guests  from PWHF    Tony Vallano     and Dale Pierce talked about Wrestling in Ohio

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    Hart Beat Radio: Halloween Edition with Bruce Hart & Friends

    in Wrestling

    PWPNation.com Presents:


    HART BEAT RADIO: Halloween Edition w/ Jon Patrick Trosky of The Sanctuary
    October 31, 2015 at 8 PM EST
    Hosted by: Bruce Hart

    Another fun-filled episode of Hart Beat Radio takes place on Halloween 2015 as Bruce Hart brings on his longtime friend Jon Patrick Trosky from The Sanctuary! 

    Listen to Bruce break down the wrestling business in his own unique and articulate way! You never know what Bruce is going to say next about WWE, McMahon, Bischoff & anyone else in the wrestling business! 

    Call the show at 760-888-5749 and share your thoughts with Bruce and Hart Beat Radio! 

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