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    Talk2MeSportsRadio w Raymond Bennett & Jerry Carpenter –S3 Episode 91th 04/26/16

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    Host: Raymond Bennett From Harrisburg Pa First Hour & Jerry Carpenter From Chicago ill Bring Sports From a Different Level

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    power of perception healers with Willam Stillman

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    Psychic medium William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism, and The Autism Prophecies. His book Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!) was published in 2015. His next book, Under Spiritual Siege, about spiritual warfare with negative energies, will publish in May 2016.

            Since 2004, Stillman has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor at Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. His accuracy in discerning the truth and making predictions that come to fruition has been acclaimed by his clients as truly extraordinary. He has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases.

            Stillman has been interviewed on numerous radio shows of a paranormal nature including Coast to Coast AM, the most listened to overnight radio program in North America. He has been interviewed on the Web series CharVision by internationally renowned psychic medium Char Margolis, who called Stillman “really fascinating,” and he has been a guest on the popular YouTube series “Swedenborg and Life.”

            Stillman’s Web site iswww.williamstillman.com and his Facebook page is William Stillman - Psychic.

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    William Stillman: How to Recognize Your Spiritual Giftedness

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    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee and co-author of The Last of the Four Musketeers: Allen Joe's Life and Friendship with Bruce Lee, Speaker, and Consultant. www.svetlanakim.com

    Our Guest: Psychic medium William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism, and The Autism Prophecies. His book Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!) was published in 2015. His next book, Under Spiritual Siege, about spiritual warfare with negative energies, will publish in spring 2016.  

            Since 2004, Stillman has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor at Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. His accuracy in discerning the truth and making predictions that come to fruition has been acclaimed by his clients as truly extraordinary. He has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases.

            Stillman has been a repeated guest speaker for Lily Dale Assembly near Jamestown, NY, the country's oldest spiritualist community. He also volunteers his time as an investigative resource to the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. William Stillman’s Web site is www.williamstillman.com.


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    Rich Brink - "Awakening Tour" in Philly on Sunday April 17, 2016

    in Entertainment

    RIch Brink is the Founder and President of East Gate Revival Ministries in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He and a team of people are coming to Philly this weekend on Sunday, April 17, 2016. He welcomes ALL who want to join them as they show up to see what God will do in the City of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. 


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    America's Champions with Special Guest Congressman Scott Perry

    in Politics

    America's Champions welcome Congressman Scott Perry from the PA 4th District.

    Rep Scott Perry is a proven conservative who knows, understands and follows the constitution wholeheartedly as Congressman for the PA 4th District (Harrisburg south to Gettysburg and York), and as a Bronze Star war veteran and Brigadier General with the PA National Guard. Raised by his single (small but powerful) mother in the bowels of Pennsylvania, Scott certainly wasn't one given the blessings of a “silver spoon” beginning, but in the counter culture where life necessitated "out houses". Truly an American Champion, and leader of champions.  

    Along with catching-up with current events and challenges our nation is facing, we'll discuss how Rep Perry has leveraged his past to become one of Pennsylvania's more accomplished leaders while maintaining a humble and compassionate heart, and more importantly, a fire to defend our American Constitution and her people! 

    Please join LT Dan and Rep Scott Perry, and bring your questions with you...

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    Late night smoke session

    in Hip Hop Music

    Episode 2 of indie artist exposure includes new material from more talented producers as well as artist...Shan Jones drops a new hot song and talks about relocating to harrisburg and meeting new musicians in the foriegn land linking up and creating new waves and trends of music on a late night of loud beats and loud weed

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    John Carver Show - Skip the Rest Stop Sometimes

    in Self Help

    This is from a sermon I shared on April 3, 2016.  Some of what I shared is:

    Opportunities can be missed very easily.

    Groupon's Andrew Mason turned down a $6 billion offer from Google

    Andrew Mason turned down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google. Instead, he opted to take Groupon public. The IPO raised $700 million, and the company was briefly valued at more than $12 billion.

    But the stock promptly tanked after Groupon missed earnings forecasts and struggled with its accounting and in 2013, Mason was fired. Today shares are trading under $8 and the company has a market cap of about $5 billion.

    Source: Information found in National Geographic, May 2001.

    Marco Polo is one of the most famed explorers of history. It seems he inherited the travel bug from his father. In 1260, when Marco polo was 6, his father and uncle traveled to Mongolia (part of modern day China). When they arrived there the Mongol emperor revealed an interest in Christianity. He asked the brothers to take a letter to the Pope requesting as many as 100 wise men to spread the Gospel among his subjects.

    Three years later the brothers arrived home, and two years later set out on their return trek. Did they take the 100 wise men with them? No. Just two friars, for this was all the church felt they could spare. And even those two didn’t make it, turning back shortly into their journey.

    What a tragedy! Imagine if the Kublai’s request had been fulfilled. Perhaps the whole history of China may have been changed.

    So, Elisha followed/served Elijah for quite a while.

    This is a story of being given an opportunity to REST (“STAY HERE”) instead of continuing to keep moving forward.

    2 Kings 2:1-14 - Parts of a story about Elijah and Elisha.


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    Power of Perception music with Elizabeth Findley

    in Motivation

    Eizabeth Findley is a Singer Songwriter currently residing in State College, PA. Started to get the attention of local radio stations in 2013. Then she began to create a social media following and started recording more and playing in various locations. ? Festivals that she has played in include the Harrisburg Millenium Music Conference, Rocktober Fest, Lemont Fest and additional local venues and events. She enjoys collaborating with other artist as she considers herself mainly a songwriter. She recently had Anna Lockhart a Nashville Singer record one of her original tracks 'Broken.' It's currently on iTunes along with another original 'Little Liar'. Her songs have been heard on b94.5, rocky 99, quickrock 105.9, and other local stations. She was interviewed twice on b94.5 morning show. Her latest accomplishment is winning a featured spot on ReverbNations home page. Shes been in and out of local cover bands but is currently pushing her songwriting and working with Global Songwriters Connection in Nashville. Her main goal is to be a writer and write songs for popular artists. Her music defines different life experiences in a way that is relateable to many different people. Her songs cover a wide variety of genres and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here is a link to her website where you can subscribe to her mailing list to receive updates on her progress. http://elizabeth-findley.wix.com/music-artist 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Tara Eisenhard of Relative Evolutions

    in Family

    Harrisburg, PA – Divorce represents the end of something, but it can also be the beginning of something new and exciting. Society has the idea that divorce is bad and our culture shames us for it, but people can still love each other and not sleep in the same bed every night. In order for love to last, you have to give it the freedom to shift and change. Divorce can preserve love and allow it to be what it needs to be.

    Tara Eisenhard is an author, speaker, divorce coach and family mediator. She’s the founder of Relative Evolutions and the author of The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes. As a self-described “Divorce Encouragist,” Tara believes families can evolve, not dissolve, through the process of divorce.

    “It is possible for two people to part amicably in a way that’s healthy and preserves the family,” says Tara. “I’m on a mission to change the way our culture approaches divorce because we do it in a really unhealthy way and that doesn’t have to be the case.”

    Tara addresses these issues in her book The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes. Through real-life examples, the D-Word addresses critical issues and aims to provide divorcing parents with useful insight into how their behavior shapes their children’s reality.

    “Most divorces don’t happen like mine so I wanted to write about a more typical divorce,” says Tara. “I realized while I wanted the story to be appropriate for 12-year-old girls, I really wanted parents to read it. It was extremely important to me that my book be a tool for an entire family.”

    For more information on Tara Eisenhard, visit www.taraeisenhard.com

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    PNN the Waters of March

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - brings out the Water Issues - so Drink up - Anti-Fracking efforts from Tallahassee, FL to Harrisburg, PA. and more

    News Director Rick Spisak and Associate Producer Brook Hines welcome some really exceptional guests. 

    Associate Producer Brook Hines will be also bringing her interview with the Florida Policy Institute

    Ms Kim Ross of ReThink Energy discusses the recent defeat of the ANTI-FRACKING Bill SB318 in the Forida Legislature.

    Jack Paransky will join us to discuss this weeks Sanders March from Jacksonville to Key West.

    Then Professor Wendy Lynn Lee of Bloomington University who is Active in the Anti-Fracking Fight and the Human Rights front

    Tune in Live 7pm Sunday 3/6/16


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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics

    Happy Friday!

    My March 2, 2016 FrontPage Magazine article, “Ukrainian National Infiltrates Harrisburg High School" Shows how violations of immigration laws may undermine national security. Page 54 of the official government report, “9/11 and Terrorist Travel” included this excerpt:

    Although there is evidence that some land and sea border entries (of terrorists) without inspection occurred, these conspirators mainly subverted the legal entry system by entering at airports...Thus, abuse of the immigration system and a lack of interior immigration enforcement were unwittingly working together to support terrorist activity.

    We will look at how polls may actually alter public perceptions. On Feb. 26 FrontPage published my article, “Skewed Immigration Polls May Skewer Americans."  Finally, we will consider my latest article for CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization):“Concerns of Americans from all Political Persuasions Ignored in Immigration Policies.”

    Please join my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell you friends about my show- and please- get involved! Democracy is not a spectator sport! You can also listen to my show, The Michael Cutler Hour on Red State Talk Radio on Monday evenings at 11 PM Eastern Time.