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    Tony DeBlois: Journey of the Heart

    in Motivation

    Our Host: 

    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Speaker, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. www.svetlanakim.com

    Our Guest: 

    Tony DeBlois was born weighing 1 lb., ¾ oz.  But that was only the first obstacle that he had to overcome.  Tony is also blind and autistic, with Savant Syndrome. 

    This 41-year-old pianist from Randolph, MA, who has been playing piano since age two, was the subject of a movie inspired by actual events in Tony’s life.  “Journey of the Heart,” with Cybil Shepard, was a 1997 CBS made-for-TV movie of the week.  Additionally, he has appeared on 2 Catholic Global Showcase Specials (2001) and The Learning Channel’s “Uncommon Genius,” Strange Science “Unusual People,” and “Understanding the Mysteries of Memory.” 

    Tony graduated magna cum laude from Berklee College of Music.  In addition to piano and organ, he plays harmonica, guitar, harpsichord, English hand bells, violin, banjo, drums, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, mandolin, flute and trumpet. His extensive repertoire includes jazz, classical, pop, rock and show tunes. Tony’s favorite phrase seems to be, “I haven’t learned that yet.”  He is on Facebook and has a website,   www.tonydeblois.com.


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    Publishing--Why Is It the Most Lucrative Model

    in Business

     "You need to start publishing what you know about direct marketing. You will earn more money publishing what you know, than anything else you can do in marketing."

    When I heard her tell me this, I made a mental note of it but didn't know anything about the publishing industry. 

    Learning direct response has been one of the most life changing things that has ever happen to me and I will always be grateful for Carol Scovotti's enthusiasm for direct marketing and being so willing to share her experience and knowledge with me.  

    This led me on a 10 year quest of learning about the publishing industry, while I primarily ran my marketing business and my own retail stores.

    I started following the success of many magazine publishers from all different niches and products.

    1.    Books - even today, publishing a book leads to instant authority status on the topic and there are so many ways to monetize a book other than just selling the book.

    2.    Magazines - are quite frankly one of the most lucrative business models.

    3.    Paid Newsletters & Membership Sites - are similar to magazines and scalable, they build a loyal following of customers that are interested in purchasing similar products that are related.

    4.    Information Products - are ways to monetize and leverage what you know. They can be about business, hobbies, challenges that you have overcome in your life, or related to specific niches, like raising a family, gardening, training your dog, or even how to play a harmonica.  Almost everything you know can be leveraged into an information product to help people.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers

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    Vocalion Records Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner

    in Country Music

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Vocalion Records Lester McFarland & Robert A. Gardner

    Lester McFarland & Robert A. Gardner WHEN I WAS SINGLE


    The Bright Sherman Valley

    The East Bound Train

    Lay My Head Beneath the Rose

    Sweet Allalee

    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: Www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or oscssw@juno.com

    Vocalion was founded in 1916 by the Aeolian Piano Company of New York City, which introduced a retail line of phonographs at the same time. The name was derived from one of their corporate divisions, the Vocalion Organ Co. 


    Vocalion 5122 


    Vocalion 5122 / E3933

    Lester McFarland & Robert A. Gardner The Bright Sherman Valley / the East Bound Train

    Vocalion 5174  

     Year: 1927

    A: The Bright Sherman Valley

    Vocal Duet with Harmonica, Mandolin and Guitar

    B: The East Bound Train

    Vocal Duet with Mandolin and Guitar

    AKA Mac & Bob, &as the Miller Brothers.


    Lay My Head Beneath the Rose / Sweet Allalee

    Chip near edge of the record

    Vocalion 5199

    Manufactured By the Brunswick Balke Collender Company

    Both are Vocal Duet with Harmonica, Mandolin and Guitar

    A: Lay My Head Beneath the Rose

    B: Sweet Allalee

    Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner were heard on WLS from 1931 to 1950.

    "Mac and Bob," our sweet harmony singers, are Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner, 

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    Train wreck Grey Gull Records1

    in Technology

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Train wreck Grey Gull Records

    Thank you to Bob Bovee on Facebook

    Gene Autry Back In the Saddle Again

    Calhoun, Jeff Freight Wreck at Altoona

    Wreck of the Number Nine

    Wreck of the Old '97

    The Wreck of the Titanic

    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:

    www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or oscssw@juno.com

    1919 through 1930 Grey Gull Records was a record label based in Boston, Massachusetts, from 1919 through 1930. According to the Massachusetts Department of Corporation and Taxation, Grey Gull was officially incorporated on 31 December 1919. It was dissolved on 31 March 1934 The Company was founded by Theodore Lyman Shaw

    Calhoun, Jeff Freight Wreck at Altoona

    Grey Gull 4172, 22-30, 2823=3DA,

    Nov 29, 1925 - Freight #1262 crashes near Altoona, PA, apparently due to defective air brakes

    Dalhart, Vernon = Calhoun, Jeff   

    Wreck of the Number Nine

    22-30, 2821=3DB  

    Jeff Calhoun Wreck of the Old '97 / the Wreck of the Titanic

    Grey Gull ‎– 4131

    A: Wreck of the Old '97

    Written By – Watters

    Recorded ca. February March 1927 in New York, NY. 

    B: The Wreck of the Titanic

    Written By Gilbert Hayes

    Recorded ca. May 1927 in New York, NY

    Fiddle Murray Kellner

    Guitar Carson Robison

    Vocals, Harmonica Vernon Dalhart

    Gene Autry Back In the Saddle Again 

    Okeh 05080 l1865 1939

    Written Autry &Whitley

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    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    in Music

    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    Fabian Marley was born on the 27th of July 1968 to Raphie Munroe and Bob Marley,in Kingston 12 At a later age Fabian and his mother relocated to Eastern Kingston,

    His first encounter with the music was with the Rainbow Band where he met with The Skattaliets and learn music the orthodox way from people like Jonny Dizzemore Roland Alphanso and other members from the band his first instrument was the Harmonica then he learn to play the piano and further on he went on to play other instrument's. The band sounds of rainbow start creating their own album they took one single from their album and started their own distribution, then they had a miss fortune, a few of the members past away leaving only Fabian the drummer and the lead guitarist, they found members and at this time Fabian became the lead singer. In the band then they re-recorded some of the tracks from the first album with some new ones.

    Fabian Marley started recording with the All Fruits Studio in Rock fort, Cave Man Studio and Afari Studio which is located in the constant spring area ..... all the mix and mastering has been done at the Tuff Gong Studio and Anchor Studio, Fabian's vision is to continue the work that his father started spreading the gospel of reggae music all over the world. in the future Fabian wishes to build a solid music industry, where we can teach the younger generation how to play instrument's and how to sing on keys And to appreciate the roots reggae music like the rest of the world, Fabian's hope is to start charities to help the disable and the unfortunate children.

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    Slam Allen, Anthony Gomes, Jason Ricci & WORLD PREMIER Victor Wainwright

    in Music

    Show # 270 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Slam Allen began his musical journey performing in the family band, The Allen Brothers before spending nine years as guitarist, lead singer and frontman for the legenday James Cotton. Now, his new album Feel These Blues is showcasing Slam as his own man, forging a new trail. Slam and I will talk about his journey and we will explore his many influences and what it feels like to influence the new generation of Blues Artists.

    Anthony Gomes was raised in Toronto and began plying in his early teens.In the late 90's he moved to Chicago and had a brief stint with Magic Slim & The Teardrops before he was recognised as "Best Unsigned Blues Band" by Buddy Guy's Legends. His music has charted on Billboard, been awarded numerous accolades and awards and now Anthony has release Electric Field Hollar with a dozen original tracks. Anthony and I will discuss his career.

    In addition to his solo albums, Jason Ricci has appeared as a guest harmonica player on albums with Johnny Winter, Ana Popovic, Walter Trout, & The Mannish Boys among others. He was named "Best Harmonica Player" at the 2010 Blues Music Awards, and has won a Grammy Award for his contribution to the 2014 Johnny Winter album Step Back. In February 2015, Ricci began a national tour with a new band named Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind. I will speak with Jason about his road, which has not always been so smooth.

    WORLD PREMIER - Victor Wainwright returns to The Couch to share his upcoming release Boom Town two weeks before it drops! The album is a winner and Victor and I will discuss the last year of touring and getting healthy and more.



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    NyAirWaves Radio Show 5-7 PST 5/1/15 Featuring Blade Hudson

    in Music

    Tune in From the People's Perspective LIVE from 5-7 PST! Get The HOTTEST gossip, fashion advice, interviews, and music!



    Born & raised in Greenville,MS. Brenton Hudson better Known as ''Blade'' to many people and other musicians in the music scene. Grandson of blues harmonica player Nate''LittleAddison''(Freddie King) and Nephew of the bluesman Eddie Shaw who was Howlin' Wolf's Saxophonist, fuses the blues-based roots of hard rock-n-roll with a bit of classic-metal mixed in. You have the rockin' "Bastard Child of Blues" known as Blade. Taking on the industry with his producion team Solid Zero Entertainment! Businessman, musician, and much More!!!!

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    EXIT56 Blues Fest, Nate Myers, Toots Lorraine & 2 CKNM Mr Sipp & The Nighthawks

    in Music

    Show # 267 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”

    The Exit56 Blues Fest takes place in Brownsville, TN on May 23rd and includes a Blues Concert, Corvette Car Show, Classic Car Cruise-In and a Deep Fried BBQ Eating Contest.  I will speak with Sonia Outlaw-Clark about the event and how you can be a part of this wonderful celebration.

    Nate Myers has been playing harmonica since boyhood.  He has performed with many wonderful musicians and he and his band, The Aces are well know for their great shows.  Nate has a new album out entitled It’s My Music and I will chat with him about the album and his career.

    Toots Lorraine and her band, The Traffic, are out of Jacksonville, FL, but their music is West Coast Jump Blues & Swing with Chicago Blues mixed in for comfort. I will speak with Toots and her guitarist husband, Chad Dant about their journey to this point and the music and the new album, Make It Easy.

    COUCH KID NEW MUSIC WORLD PREMIER! My ‘nephew’ Mr. Sipp brings his upcoming album The Mississippi Blues Child to The Couch and we get to share it with y’all a couple of weeks before it drops.  Thrilled to be doing this and let me tell you, I have been playing the darn thing over and over since it arrived!

    Then another Couch Kid New Music Segment with Mark Wenner from The Nighthawks comes by for the third time, with music from their new release, Back Porch Party.  Once again, this album is acoustic and was recorded live to tape before a studio audience.  We’ll speak with Mark about the goings on of the Nighthawks and the music on this great new album

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    Deak Harp, Mary Hott, Bill Phillippe & Couch Kid New Music Kelly Richey

    in Music

    Show # 263 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Deak Harp is a master of the Mississippi Saxophone - or harmonica as most know it by. Oh, and he can also play guitar with the best of them. He now owns his own business in Clarksdale and ships his custom harmonicas around the globe. Deak and I will explore his life and career and we will share tunes from his album Clarksdale Breakdown.

    Mary Hott has spent most of her career in a supporting role, working as a session vocalist in NYC and spending time at Berklee School of Music in Boston Her debut album Shaman Lover is her time to step into the spotlight with help from Billy Thompson on guitar and also as musical director. Mary and I will explore her career and life and share the music from the new album. 

    Bill Phillippe, is a talented solo acoustic guitarist with stylings from the pre-war blues era.  His album, Ghosts, is a collection of originals and songs which Bill has imprinted with his personal stamp. We'll explore his career and the last 20 years of playing all around San Franciso.

    Kelly Richey first Sat On The Couch in Dec. 2010 and then again in Feb. 2013.  Tonight she wil join me to talk about the new music she is recording and releasing slowly.  The album doesn't even have a title yet! We will also talk about her new band, her guitar instruction platform and continuing with her life coaching.

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    The Beautiful Soulfilled Music & Miracles of Jeff Morrison Of Morrison Hawkes

    in Self Help

    Finding the rhythm and song of life has helped Jeff Morrison overcome some very significant challenges. 

    jeff morrison is a songwriter and visual artist whose artwork has been exhibited and sold around the world. Musically, he began playing the piano at age 9, and by high school had composed a number of original songs. in 1977 jeff suffered a paralysing spinal cord injury. undaunted by the daily challenges of quadriplegia, he continued to draw and paint, write lyrics and compose melodies. he met tim in 1984, and together they have been writing and recording ever since. jeff sings lead and backing vocals, and plays harmonica.

    Morrison Hawkes has an amazing CD out of wonderful and original Christmas Music - Here is the link to check it out


    Please note that 25% of the sale of every CD goes to charity!  


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    Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Rudene Wible / Chakra Clearing Readings

    in Spirituality

    Welcome  Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show this Monday

    November 24th, my 'special' guest Rudene Wible a 'Gifter' Healer will offer Harmonica Chakra Clearing a quick and easy

    way to bring your body back to balance, back to wholeness. 

    The Harmonica has the seven basic notes that are exactly as the seven

    basic Chakras.  Rudene will explain how we can do this for ourselves.


    Rudene is a Kinesthetic Hypnotherapist, (working with Impasse Removal) Reflexologist, Grief Issues, Alien Abductions, Implant Nullifications,  Pain Release 

    and Dowsing.

    She is a Licensed LVN, Author, Lecturer, and Publisher of many books.

    Call in early for a reading with Rudene, you will love it!

    Rudene's email-/ rudenew@yahoo.com


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