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  • The Hits

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    Today's Adult Pop Hits!

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    Hard Hits: Curfew G

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    Hard Hits returns Saturday night for a tribute to co-host John "JPG" Giagnorio. Curfew G was supposed to join host Derek "Flex" Felix for a Friday show following their podcast on Howard Stern and Peyton Manning. However, in true fashion Curfew G disappeared after 11 PM on a Friday evening. We'll also get into some NCAA basketball with March Madness around the corner. NHL as the Rangers get a big win over the Caps. The final month of the season is here. Plus some Spring Training. 

    Show Highlights: Derek flies solo and breaks down the NCAA March Madness. What really is the madness about? Hint: not brackets. Ben Simmons didn't qualify for the Wooden Award due to poor grades. Is the one and done rule a detriment to NCAA basketball? Also he discusses the Rangers/Isles. And a lot on fantasy baseball drafts. 

    Overtime: AL East breakdown plus random music

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    Hard Hits: Stern Manning Gate

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    Derek Felix returns to host a regular Hard Hits with co-host John "JPG" Giagnorio. If only it were the norm. On Feb. 22, "Peyton Manning" called in and the guys played along. A week later, it turned into a bit for Howard Stern on his Sirius/XM radio show. TMZ covered it. YouTube has it too. What will be discussed in the aftermath?

    BREAKING: Derek and JPG did a special podcast Thursday on Stern/Manning Gate. It already has seen positive returns with 21 archives. Check out the full 34-minutes below:

    Hard Hits Podcast 3-3-2016:  We're Famous

    Show Highlights: Derek flies solo without Curfew G who vanishes. Derek talks why he's so disgusted with the election. Plus more on Stern and Brian calls in and discusses the Stern prank. Plus they talk Knicks.

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    Hard Hits Friday Night

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    Hosted by Derek "Flex" Felix, Hard Hits returns for a big Friday night extravaganza. The weekend blitz is going live at 11:30 EST/10:30 CST/8:30 PST. Featuring co-host John "JPG" Giagnorio and chatroom brigade personalities Brian Sanborn, Rob "Retirement" Davis, Justin "JNF" Felix, Daniel "Man" Wheeler and Colin "War" Cannaday. Lots of topics to discuss:

    A.Villanova NCAA Champs in a classic upsetting North Carolina

    B.NHL Final Weekend Rangers and Islanders

    C.Opening Week A exciting start to the baseball season 

    Derek and JPG talk baseball. Some hockey too and Villanova's big win over Carolina. 

    Overtime: Derek flies solo and previews the Eastern Conference for the NHL playoffs. 

  • 01:12

    Harder Hits: Baseball's Best

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    Hard Hits discusses their favorite baseball players. Based on who we've seen, who are the best ballplayers? Host Derek Felix is joined by Brian Sanborn as they discuss who their favorite ballplayers are. Past and Present. Also discussed is the difference between the AL and NL along with different eras. A fun show to do.

  • 01:22

    Harder Hits: Flex vs JPG

    in Sports

    Hard Hits returns with a fired up host Derek Felix ready to challenge John "JPG" Giagnorio to a duel. Buttons shall be pushed. Sports shall commence. Who will prevail? 

  • 00:15

    Hard Hits Podcast

    in Sports

    A special podcast on sports. Hard Hits Network's Derek Felix talks about Wisconsin's inability to finish off Notre Dame. Plus some thoughts on the Devils in a hard fought overtime loss to the Caps. 

  • 02:38

    Hard Hits: Flex vs JPG

    in Sports

    Join Hard Hits host Derek "Flex" Felix for another live episode between 6-8 PM on Sunday night. He and cohost John "JPG" Giagnorio have drawn the lines. A battle is ready. All topics debated. The biggest covered is JPG's refusal to acknowledge that the 2015 Mets were better than the 2015 Cubs. A fun debate ensued. 

  • 01:57

    Hard Hits Friday Night

    in Sports

    Hard Hits Fridays covers the week's daily happenings. Hosted by Derek Felix and joined by cohost John Giagnorio and sidekicks Brian Sanborn, Rob Davis, Justin Felix, Colin Cannaday and Nate Sousa, we have you covered.

  • 01:59

    Boxing History - Hardest Punchers Ever Pound for Pound

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    This weekend marks the return of Gennady "GGG" Golovkin, one of the hardest punchers in boxing. While facing a relatively unknown opponent like Dominic Wade is always a risk, Golovkin is a huge favorite for a reason: he carries dynamite in both fists.

    Some of the hardest hitters in boxing history were incredibly memorable fighters for exactly that reason. "Sugar" Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Sandy Saddler, Sam Langford, Roberto Duran, Jimmy Wilde... All could level opponents with a punch or two on any given night. And knockouts are something most viewers are captivated by, even if they don't enjoy them.

    This week on Top Men Boxing Radio's history edition, Compubox operator/historian Aris Pina and Patrick Connor of The Fight City and more discuss history's greatest knockout punchers in great detail.

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    Hard Hits Saturday Night

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    Host Derek "Flex" Felix returns for a Saturday late evening edition of Hard Hits. Joined by cohost John "JPG" Giagnorio and featuring on air personalities Brian Sanborn, Rob "Retirement" Davis, Colin "War" Cannaday, Justin "JNF" Felix, Nate Sousa and Greg "GQ" Quarello, we got you covered. 

    This Weekend's Featured Topics:

    1.NCAA Basketball-March Madness

    2.NHL races heat up with a busy Saturday featuring the Islanders and Rangers in action Saturday afternoon.

    3.Donald Trump more reaction on Chicago protests against the controversial Presidential candidate.