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    Community Investor - Hard Money Real Estate Deals with Chris Haddon

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    Joining Host Larry Muck on this episode of Community Investor is lender, investor, marketer and entrepreneur, Chris Haddon. Chris is the founder of REI 360 and the CEO of Hard Money Bankers LLC. His grit and stamina have produced a solid private lending network and an educational source that investors have come to rely upon. Discover how you can make your dreams come true through the right real estate investments.


    Make sure and contact Larry to ask a question or to learn more about his special offer: Larry@larrymuck.com

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    Hard Money Talk with Trent

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    What you need to know about Hard Money Lending, Investing and Borrowing. Trent Dalrymple has been a Private Hard Money Lender for over 20 years, working with both Note Buyers looking for secured investments and Real Estate Investors who need property rehab funding. After speaking at numerous financial seminars across the country and teaching classes on distressed property investments for one of the countries largest labor unions Trent will share his knowledge on this unique financial product right here on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Hard Money in Real Estate with Georges Franco

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    The real estate market is heating up. Are you thinking about investing in real estate and looking for other lending solutions other than a traditional bank? Try a hard money loan.ReShawna Leaven interviews Georges Franco ith RevitaLending. RevitaLending sees things from the investor point of view. They have completed over 400 real estate projects in the Washington metro area.

    Georges Franco
    RevitaLending, LLC
    4619 41st Street NW, 2nd Floor
    Washington DC 20016
    (202) 570-7050 Office, Ext 503
    (202) 747-5741 Direct Fax


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    Hard Money Lending

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    A discussion about the uses of hard money lending with Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas.

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    Hard Money Lenders and Transactional Funding for Bulk REO and Non Performing Notes

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    Hard Money Lenders and Transactional Funding for Bulk REO and Non Performing Notes. At http://mccp.pku.edu.cn/oblog45/u/Bulk-REO-1/index.html we provide insights and a forum for interactive dialogue related to transactional funding, hard money lenders, proof of funds letters, non-performing notes, bulk reo, hard money, distressed commercial real estate, commercial real estate short sales, commercial loan modification and other related Commercial Real Estate financing issues and opportunities affecting us today.

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    Hard Money Lending Basics in Houston with Darel Daik

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    In this interview, Brian Spitz and Kevin Price interview Darel Daik on the basics of hard money lending for investors in Houston and the current investment market in 2013. 

    Darel discusses the types of lending that investors need in this market and why. 

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    When Hard Money Talks-Newbies Listen to Dan Argello, Private Money Lender

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    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years.

    This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you.

    Today, we'll hear from an active, nationwide #HardMoneyLender.  Daniel Arguello of Private Lending Group will share what new real estate investors need to know about hard money loans, what private lenders need to underwrite their loans and much more.

    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".

    You can network with 150,000+ active investors by going to KenRERadio.com and creating a free account.

    Check out Dana Leigh's new website at SWMIBizDev.com.  Login to learn about an opportunity for an honest-to-goodness college style real estate education. And, she'll be happy to show you how to make money starting next week by helping her to enroll students.

    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com.

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    Money & More - Virtual Money, Digital Money and well ... More

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    Wendy Cassera of Taxpectations hosts this show that deals with finances and money for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Individuals, and Mostly YOU.  Words like Finances, Money, IRS, Taxes and Financial Statements shouldn't create fear.  These things should be used to strengthen and grow your business and your life.  Besides ... where were you when it stopped being fun?  Let's bring the fun back together.  

    Wendy Cassera is an accountant and tax expert with over 25 years experience.  With a Masters of Science in Accounting degree she uses her extensive knowledge to help those struggling with their finances to find simple, easy to use ways to manage and understand their finances and make more money. 

    This Success Place is about you succeeding.  So ... come to where the fun is ... hear tips about taxes, short cuts to bookkeeping, jokes, quotes, and even some really great guest speakers that can help you with your life, your business, and your Success ... whatever that means to YOU.

    www.taxpectations.com // wendy@taxpectations.com

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    Chill Out: Money Come, Money Come, Money Come!!!

    in Spirituality

    How you guys be?

    A couple of weeks ago we addressed money...let's talk about what's happened since then!

    We will be taking live callers so get on early! If you miss this show the recording will be available. The energy will be high so fasten your seatbelts, you're in for a fun ride! http://marlenehere.wix.com/chill-zone visit our website for more infomation and sign up for a free gift and other specials!

    Call us at: (323) 375-0849

    Let's talk about money, money, money!!!

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    Anita Talks Money

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     "Anita Talks Money" is taking your questions over the phone, in our chat room, or email, answering them right on air. We won't mention your name-we will just answer your questions. For thirty minutes you get the full attention.

    This is a safe secure environment where you can learn healthy financial habits allowing you to have financial power 

    Submit your questions at moneywisdomforwomen@gmail.com  or text your questions at 916-572-9033 

    So get your questions ready, pull up a chair and listen to "Anita Talks Money. 

    When: Every Monday March 2, 9, 16, 23,29, 2015
    Time: 2:00 pm-2:30 pm
    Where: Click below or call 323-927-2939

    You can click the link

    or call in at 323-927-2939  

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    Project Prophecy / THE DEATH OF MONEY

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    We will talk about The Death of Money  BY JIM RICKARDS

    Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, says the expectation of rising rates in the US is one reason behind the surge in the US dollar of late. However, the US Fed doesn’t want a strong dollar because it’s
    deflationary. One of the Fed’s primary policy objectives is to hit 2% inflation.

    We will have Isis Wisdom, Hope Elliott, Gregory Priester and Beth Harris join us in the conversation.

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