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    Happy New Year

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    It is a new year and we thank God that we are able to see it. We are also thankful because a member of our broadcast team has returned. Join us as we welcome Aunt Helen back to the show. We will be talking about some of the great things we are looking forward to this year. We will also be taking your calls about what your aspirations are for 2014 at (914)338-0665. Join us we kick off a new year and get ready for the powerful things that are yet to come. 

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    Happy New Year 2014

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    On the first episode of Liberal Dan Radio for 2014:

    Twitter is an interesting place and I ended 2013 with some interesting interactions. I will speak about a couple of them and review one of my previous blog posts that talks about being an imperfect advocate.

    Phil Robertson has another video that popped up where he tells men how to find themselves a good wife. If you have not heard it yet, stay tuned because it is a hoot.

    The days off that come with the holidays allowed me to watch some shows that I have not watched in a while. One of those is extreme couponing. Some of their actions on the show made me question the logic of how they are saving. Does saving money buying something you wont actually use really saving money? Do some of these people suffer from the "it's on sale" fallacy? Are some of these people really just hoarders?

    And finally, I have asked some people to submit their #boldpredictionsfor2014. You can still submit yours or call in to the show to make them. I will go over some I came up with and talk a little about what this year has in store.

    All those topics plus Words of Redneck Wisdom, Headlines, Tweet of the Week, and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    If you are listening to the show after the live broadcast, please go to liberaldan.com to discuss the show.

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR - Comedian Marla Schultz

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    Happy New Year to our friends around the world.  Usher in the New Year with top rated comedian, Marla Schultz.  She is witty and wise, feisty and FUN.  Marla will leave you laughing and rev you up for your New Year's celebration.


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    Happy New Year! 2014, A Look Ahead

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     Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your hosts: Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith

    Our topic today is, “Happy New Year!  2014, A Look Ahead”


    If you have a question, comment or just want to listen, give us a call:  (347) 826-9600


    2014, A Look Ahead

    Happy New Year!
    2013 is gone and 2014 is now upon us.
    It is a political year both locally and across the country so let’s look at the possible impact the elections year will have.

    The economy is recovering!  Is it a lopsided recovery for yet another year on Wall Street or will it be a recovery for Main Street as well?

    Obamacare is here!  Will it live up to expectations or will it be a bust for the country and the president’s legacy?

    The Our Own Voices Network has a new show premiering this month.  We will discuss the new show and other potential changes for Our Own Voices.

    What are things we should look to happen and 2014 and why will it be important?



    Our Own Voices Live is a radio show featuring people and stories from our community in Las Vegas, the surrounding area and some place near you. America is the greatest country on earth due to its cultural diversity and not in spite of it. Our mission is to help bridge the cultural and ethnic divide in America by working together to build the greatest bridge in history to unite us


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    Happy New Year

    in Prayer

    Happy New Year! Worship, Word of Exhortation for the New Year 2014, and Intercessory Prayer. Isaiah 43:19 Amplified

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    Happy New Year 2014

    in Lifestyle

    Happy New Year Everyone. Here's to a happy safe and prosperous new year. 

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    Voice of Joy Happy New Year

    in Spirituality

    Wishing you and yours a blessed New Year.  Thank you for sharing on the Voice of Joy

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    East Anglian's EDL - Happy New Year!

    in Politics Conservative

    Happy New Year Special. Thank you ALL for being here and supporting this show. It is a pleasure to bring it to you!
    ~Geoff and Kel
    The Radio Show talking about the Threat to the UK and the World through creeping Sharia, Sharia Law, Islamism, Islamists and Political Correctness. These Issues and more will be discussed on The East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show.
    This show does not hold back, as it delves into the issues that affect England and the Western World. Thank you for joining East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show, as we share our voices and welcome yours, too.
    Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 8:30PM GMT (3:30PM ET)

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    Happy New Year! Happy New You! The Power of You in 2014!

    in Motivation

    Happy New Year!  Happy New You!  Are you alive, alert and awake to the good that is in your life at this moment?  Are you open, willing and ready to say, “YES” to opportunities to move you forward and toward the manifestation of your divine ideas and dreams? It’s 2014 and this is your time to consciously create the dynamic and delicious life you deserve! 

    Michele Mattia jumpstarts her first LIVE episode in 2014 by igniting the spark within you to move into action!  Join Michele, and music from singer/songwriter Lakshmi Marfil's spiritually uplifting album Shakti Prema - “The Path of Love”, at 2pm ET as she guides you into the New Year with a burning bowl ceremony honoring the courageous work you did during her annual “December Challenge”!

    In order to make room for the new, in order to see the new, in order to be ready for the new, it's time to let go of the toxicity. It's time to let go of the lack and limiting words, thoughts, experiences from 2013 kept you anchored to an existence that doesn't serve you.  This is YOUR TIME!

    If you have questions during the show, call the studio 714.333.3349, email Connect@MicheleMattia.com, or post on Michele’s Life Design Facebook page.

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    Empowering Your Mind ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR!

    in Entrepreneur

    What are your plans for the YEAR 2015?

    Have you written down your New years Resolutions? Plan on Losing Weight, Take a Vacation, Promote up on your JOB, Go to/back to School?

    What are your plans and are those plans attainable?  Does it Just Sound good to say these things or are you WILLING to Follow through?

    Let's Chat! Today on "Empowering Your Mind" 347 850 8831

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