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    Daniel Straus, Walel Watson, Joe Taimanglo, & Travis Browne

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    Our first guest is no stranger to the show and no stranger to the spotlight, Daniel Straus is back on the show and that means he's set to be back in the Bellator Cage. Daniel is set to take on Justin Wilcox in the main event at Bellator 127, October 3rd. We will talk to Daniel about the match up and being the main event, how he stacks up against Wilcox, and how the match up came to be.

    Our second guest is fast on his feet, you don't get the nickname "The Gazelle" any other way. Walel Watson is back on the show and set to step back into the Titan FC cage. It's been a minute since we've spoke with Walel and lots has changed since the last time we spoke. Walel has added a stamp to his passport with his fight in Finland, added another win by Submission, and signed with Titan FC to take on Anthony Gutierrez.

    Hour two is kicked off by "Baby" Joe Taimanglo as he gets ready to face Michael Parker, September 26, at Bellator 126. Baby Joe is on a two fight losing streak, but the last time that happened he went on a ten fight win streak... So that could spell a bad 2 to 3 years for the division. We will talk to Joe about the motivation that he has going in to this fight and if he feels like his back is against a wall. We will talk to Joe about his current match up and his goals for the rest of the year inside and outside the cage.

    Things get heavy before we close the shop. Travis "Hapa" Browne is back on the show and that means you're bound to get Hapa like you won't get him anywhere else. Christmas comes early this year for fight fans as Hapa is set to take on Brendan Schaub on December 6, at UFC 181. We will talk to Travis about the match up, what fans can expect, and how this fight came to be.

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    Erik Koch, Pascal Krauss, AJ Matthews, & Travis Hapa Brown

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    This week we kick things off with a man who has become a staple of FIST-ta-CUFF Radio over the year, and all we can say is get ready for the “NewBreed.” Erik Koch is opening the show and we can’t wait. Koch is set to take on Dustin Poirier August 31 at UFC 164.    Our next guest has no problem rolling over the competition and with that being said his nickname fits him perfectly. Pascal “Panzer” Krauss is our second guest of the night and the second guest set to step in the Octagon at UFC 164. Pascal’s journey into combat sports started when he began boxing at 14.   This year was the first year of Bellator testing the waters with their brand and reality TV combining to make “Fight Master.” Everyone waited to see who would be a part of the show, how the show would actually look when the final product was finished, and if it could breathe new life into the MMA reality world.AJ has been our man on the inside of the warehouse all season and we couldn’t be more proud of him and how he has shown heart and grit all season. AJ will break down this upcoming weeks episode and all the things that you didn’t see on TV.    Wrapping up the show is a man coming off a win that put all UFC Heavy Weights on Notice. Travis “Hapa” Browne is stopping back in the shop and coming off the biggest win of his career. Travis just took on Alistair Overeem and finished the fight in the first round with a devastating front kick.   

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    Mitch Chang presents Barry Flanagan and Ron Kuala'au of HAPA

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    Today is our first LIVE music in the South Bay Show and we are honored to have Mitch Chang of KalaKoa.com.
    Mitch produces some of the most well loved live music series year after year including The Los Angeles Guitar Festival, The Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival, The Southern California Slack Key Festival and many other concerts and music festivals.
    But, the event tomorrow, Saturday, at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center is getting National and International interest. The 2012 Los Angeles Showcase of HAPA. HAPA celebrates 20 years of groundbreaking music which combines traditional Hawaiian music and vocals with driving guitar rhythms at home in LA, Chicago, New York and even Nashville.
    Hawaii’s premier musical fusion duo group returns to Redondo Beach for another special Los Angeles showcase that’ll have a few bells and whistles, plus a surprise or two! ++++++++++++++++++++++
    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry ...
    On Facebook at ...

    Or our Website at ... http://www.TheSouthBayShow.com

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    Anthony Hamilton, Mark Pavelich, Travis Browne, & Stitch Duran

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    FIST-ta-CUFF Radio IS BACK!!! We had to load the lineup with some of the biggest names in the sport... 

    We dedicate the first hour to The Maximum Fighting Championships and kicking off the pod-cast is Anthony Hamilton, the current MFC Heavyweight Champion. Anthony won the belt after defeating Smealinho Rama at MFC:38. Anthony is set to face Darrill Schoonover at MFC: 39. Follow Anthony on twitter @A_Hamilton_MMA_ 

    Our next guest is none other then the man who has kept big time MMA alive in Canada. Mr. Mark Pavelich is set to join the show and you know that means... We will talk how the promotion ended 2013, is planning to kick off 2014, and how the promotion will continue their reign of MMA power in Canada. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkPavelich

    Our second hour we are going to have a tough time fitting in two of the biggest personalities in the sport...

    Kicking off the second hour is UFC Heavyweight and a man getting ready to claim stake to the UFC strap. Travis "Hapa" Browne is our first guest of hour two. We have so much to talk to Travis about from his insight on his last fight, the drug testing that he had to go through, and so much more. Get ready for Hapa, cause Hapa's ready for the strap. Follow Travis on Twitter @travisbrowneMMA 

    Our last guest is the Godfather of the MMA Cutgame and a face that you can't mistake. Jacob "Stitch" Duran is closing up the show, the same way that he closes up the cuts of the biggest names in the sport. We will talk to Stitch about his new products, how he is changing up the game for cutmen all over the world, and his new responsibilities for the UFC.  Follow Stitch on Twitter @StitchDuran

    Follow us on Twitter @FISTtaCUFFRadio (Anton) @FISTtaCUFF (Drew) @ProMMAnowDenny (Denny)

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    G-Money, Clint Hester, Justin Lawrence, Hapa

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    The sport of MMA has plenty of stories to motivate and we have even heard a few of those stories over the years here on FIST-ta-CUFF Radio. However when it comes to the story of Garrett “G-Money” Holeve this is the true story of heart, determination, and a will to never give up. 
    Clint Hester is back this week for his last time on the show before we see him make his UFC Debut at The Ultimate Fighter Finale. Clint was a heavy favorite from the entry fights as he was Jon Jones first pick. 
    Second hour of BJPenn.com’s FIST-ta-CUFF Radio we have The American Kid kicking things off. Justin Lawrence is set to face Daniel Pineda on April 13, 2013 at The Ultimate Fighter Finale. We will talk to Justin about his early life and training with his father at the young age of 6.
    Wrapping up this weeks show is a man who is ready to get back to his winning ways and take his place amongst the best in the Heavyweight division. Travis is set to take on Gabriel Gonzaga on April 13, 2013 at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale.

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    Show 135 Grab Bag, Travis "Hapa" Browne, Danny Castillo

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    Denny AKA The MadOne and myself will be talking recent MMA News, a lil about Nick Newell and his recent fight, Overeem and JDS, Roids in MMA, and if The Reem can't get licensed what does the UFC do to fill his spot, or do they scrap the whole bout. I think you'll find our discussion a lil off the wall as we talk Fedor being the answer and if Mark Hunt would've been the right guy.
    Kicking off the second hour is a man who doesn’t mind knocking down Skyskrapers with Superman punches. The man known as Hapa aka Travis Browne is back after a long time away from the shop. Browne is set to take on UFC newcomer Chad Griggs. Griggs will be one of the Heavyweights crossing over from Strikeforce. We will of course talk to Travis about welcoming Griggs to the UFC, and of course if this is the fight that breaks him into the upper tier of the Heavyweight division.
    Well folks it’s Last Call, no seriously Danny Castillo is wrapping things up. That’s right this week we have on Danny to talk about this season of TUF. Danny is coaching next to teammate and friend Urijah Faber. We will talk to Danny about the drama so far this season, the antics between Dom and Urijah, and of course the fights so far! Follow Danny on Twitter @LastCall155

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    Talking Smack with Tammi Mac

    in Entertainment

    This episode, we're sitting down with one of the hardest working women in Hollywood, Tammi Mac.  
    Not only is Tammi Mac a radio host in L.A. for KJLH's top-rated show "Mac & Amiche", but she’s also a Hollywood actress who's been featured in a slew of national commercials, tv, and movies.  Tammi Mac has also graced the stage in a number of Don B. Welch Productions. And when she's not juggling ALL of that, she's giving aspiring actors an opportunity to get up and perform in front of Hollywood Heavyweights  once a month at "Mac's Minute Micrphone Mixer." 

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    Some Improv fo dat Ass: Why EVERY Actor Needs It

    in Comedy

    If the idea of getting up on stage, or in front of a camera, without a script makes you feel like you want to pee yourself, don't worry.  We've got two of the hottest actors on the Improv scene, Grasie Mercedes and Josh Covitt, to help work your Improv kegel.
    Grasie Mercedes is that elusive mix of hilarous & hot.  She keeps the masses entertained as a host, actor/comedian, and celebrity fashion consultant.  You can currently catch this savvy stylist helping those less fashionable on the MTV series, "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!"  You can also find her making some funny with her Improv team, Triggerfinger at IO West in Hollywood.
    Josh Covitt is proof that you can be a comedian without being a basketcase.  This guy could quite possibly be one of the most Talented and nicest people in Hollywood.  Oxymoron?  Nope.  Covitt is deeply entrenched in the Improv scene doing sketch shows at Upright Citizens Brigade and M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater, as well as starring in a slew of tv commercials.  The guy works harder than Seacrest. And I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Josh Covitt on SNL sometime soon.
    What is Improv? And why is it important for actors to take Improv classes?  Who are the best teachers?  Grasie and Josh will answer all these questions and more on the next "Lights, Camera...ACTOR!"

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    Choosing the Right Monologue for You

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    Choosing a great monologue is not easy!  But as an actor, you should always be prepared with at least 2 rehearsed monologues in your back pocket.  So how do you find a monologue that is just right for you?
    On the next episode of Lights, Camera...ACTOR! actress/producer, Natalie Victoria and filmmaker, Geno Brooks will help me answer that question.
    Natalie Victoria is best known for playing the role of Ellie in the cult horror flick, "Deadheads."  But Miss Victoria is also an accomplished producer and business woman.  As an actress, she's performed her fair share of monologues, and knows what it takes to knock one out of the park.
    Geno Brooks has written, acted in, and executive produced a slew of independent projects.  Currently, you can catch his web series "The Therapist" online. Geno knows what he's looking for when it comes to casting an actor to fill a role.  And a great monologue is definitely a way to show off your acting chops to this filmmaker.

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    Show 53 Travis "Hapa" Browne, Dominick Cruz, &

    in MMA

    Show 53 and we are pulling some of the biggest talent in Southern California! Travis "Hapa" Browne and Dominick Cruz have been on a roll and are looking to continue smashing anyone who gets in their way. While our next guest Rafael Cordeiro is all about making sure that his fighters are ready to smash anyone who gets in their way, and we saw that last weekend when his fighter Fabricio Werdum subbed Fedor in the first 2 minutes of the first round!

    Travis "Hapa" Brown is a UFC Heavy Weight you won't want to sleep on this guy. Boasting a record of 9-0 before making his debut in the most stacked Heavy Weight division in UFC history, he walked out the cage 10-0 after TKO'n James McSweeney at 4:32 in the first round. Travis is a huge Heavy Weight standing at 6'7" this dude has an amazing list of wins prior to being in the UFC with back to back KO's in under 10 seconds!Travis has held the Gladiator Challenge heavyweight champion, Victory Fighting Championship heavyweight champion titles. I can't wait to talk to Travis about why he got into fighting, his days of playing basketball, his thoughts on McSweeney trying to get his win overturned, his k-9 businees, and more!

    Our next guest is the man that holds the 135 lb belt for the WEC and has looked amazing on his way to doing so. Dominick has amounted a record of 15-1 with his only loss coming from Urijah Faber at 145 lbs. Dominick is getting ready to rematch ex-champ Joseph Benavidez. This will be Dom's second title defense and should be a great fight! I will talk to Dominick about his rematch with Joe and if he feels it was to soon, Faber coming down to his division, and what its like being the champ!

    We have much more going on this show so make sure to tune in, call in with your questions and get over to www.fisttacuff.com and get in the chat!

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    SNR Welcomes the legendary Lenny Williams and Ron Kualaau

    in Current Events

    Lenny Williams possesses one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. He began his musical career making records that have subsequently become R & B and Pop classics...tunes like the mega hit "Cause I love You" which was recorded on his solo album, and "So Very Hard To Go" recorded as the lead singer for Tower of Power. He is currently promoting his new CD, "Unfinished Business."
    Ron Kualaau is the guitarist for Hapa, quoted by the New York Times as being "the most successful Hawaiin Music Troupe in recent history."