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    Violinist and Performance Coach Hanne-berit Hahnemann on Conversations LIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes professional violinist and now life coach Hanne-berit Hahnemann back to Conversations LIVE to discuss founding Power Coaching International, and how she is using the passion she has found in her own life to fuel others in their quest to discover the person they were meant to be.

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    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider ~ Special Guests Viv Adcock & Hanne Stigaard

    in Pets

    The relationship between horse and rider is an extensive and intricately woven tapestry of trust, communication, honor, allowance, vulnerability, joy and gratitude.  How could it be ANYTHING less when ....a prey animal willingly puts its life in the hands of its predator, allowing said predator to mount it while agreeing to take on the responsibility of keeping that predator safe? WOW!!!

    Join Charlie, Suzy and their special guests, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitators Viv Adcock and Hanne Stigaard as they explore the plethora of ways the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Clinics empowers BOTH horse and rider to step fully into and use to their advantage, all aspects of the horse/human relationship.  What else is possible with horses and horsemanship, that you may NEVER have considered? 

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    Hanne Stigaard | Horses and Horse Whispering

    in Self Help

    Until 12 years ago I was working as an account manager in an IT company, then my daughter Pernille became seriously ill with MS. 

    Horse riding helped her tremendously and the make a wish foundation gave her a horse. I bought a horse for myself so that could choose between running beside her or ride with her. 

    Pernilles horse would do exactly as she wanted him to and I was struggling to keep up and I asked her "How are you doing that?" she answered "I just talk to him" and it became so clear that that was exactly what was going on.

    Then one day I was sitting waiting while Pernille was having a treatment at a therapist and my eyes fell on a book called "Talk to the animals" by Gary Douglas. I grabbed it and started reading. I found out that Gary was 70 years old and had been working with horses as a horsewhiper his whole life. He had just declared that he was not going to do more classes but that he wanted to pass on his knowledge to 10 people. You had to do all the Access Consciousness core classes and I went home and signed up for all the classes for Pernille and me, knowing that this was exactly what we were going to do. We got 2 of the 10 spots and went to Texas to Gary Douglas.

    Since then I have been working with horses in different ways. I am doing CHCR horse classes in Denmark and around the world.  

    Can you and I talk to horses - or is that only for Robert Redford?

    We can all talk to horses - as well as to everything else

    How? Why should we want to talk to a horse - what can we learn from them?

    Maybe some examples of what we have changed with horses. Behavioral as well as physical challenges

    We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.  You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at www.theclearingstatement.com.

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    Happy people are productive people.

    in Business

    Happy people are productive people. Think about it, where we are happy we are engaged and see the good in the things we do. Happiness is a feeling just like productivity. Happiness is a choice and there are specific things you can do to consciously create your happiness just like the 10 Core Drivers that drive our productivity.  Today you will learn what people care about at work that makes them happy and engaged as well as 10 scientific strategies to improve happiness.  

    Todays Guest:

     Jackie Ruka, “America’s Happyologist, Lifestyle Strategist and Founder to GetHappyZone.com. Jackie experienced a (literally) back- breaking situation and almost collided into Buddha himself. She was forced to walk away from a six-figured career to save her own life, which set her on a profoundly personal journey to meet her authentic self and discover a true calling to inspire others.

    Jackie studied human behavior and the mind-body connection for over 24 years. A fine arts and psychology major at Roger Williams University, she trained for her Masters in Creative Arts in Therapy program at Hahnemann University and Medical School(now Drexel) and holds advanced certificates in Massage Therapy and chronic medical conditions. In addition, to an extensive background as an Award winning corporate marketing expert working with many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and Fortune 100/500 corporations. She incorporates her knowledge of building billion-dollar brands into building a billion-dollar mindset for happiness during life transitions.  Her latest book is called "Get Happy And Create a Kick-Butt Life" 

    For more information on Jackie and her services please visit


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    Tune In With Hanne-Berit Hahnemann, Gossip & The Locker Room

    in Entertainment

    Award winning Danish violinist, Hanne-Berit Hahnemann, has been hailed for her diversity as a musician who moves from classical to Broadway to hip hop with equal luminous flair and virtuosity. Her debut recital in Carnegie Recital hall received critical acclaim in the New York Times, as did her recital in Merkin Concert Hall. She was invited to perform for President George W. Bush during his visit to Cleveland in 2007 and has given several solo performances for the Queen of Denmark, both in her native country and during the Queen’s visit to the U.S. In addition, she was the first prize winner of the International “ Palma d’Oro” competition in Italy and received the Countess Ahlefeldt-Bille Prize presented by The Queen of Denmark. Upon recommendation of Mstislav Rostropovich, she was also the recipient of the Jacob Gade Award on national television in Denmark.

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    From The Touchline in Seattle

    in Sports

    Todd Stauber and Aaron Heinzen return this week on From The Touchline in Seattle ready to answer all your questions on the FIFA scandal. We'll bring on our legal analyst John Wilson to break down the legal ramifications for the 14 FIFA executives arrested in Switzerland this week. Soccer? Oh yeah we've got that as well. We've got former Premier League goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann on the show to talk FA Cup Final, the transfer market in England, and the MLS. We've got the Copa del Rey Final and will Xavi become the most decorated Spanish player in history? We'll also bring on Kim Tate from Santos Laguna to talk about the Liga MX final this weekend. As always, Heinzo's World XI, Stauber's Bottom 3, and the 2-touch segment. All Friday at 9am PST!

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    From The Touchline in Seattle

    in Sports

    Stauber and Heinzo are back for another great week of world soccer action, as they welcome former US National team,  Premier League, and MLS goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann to the show to talk about the promotion/relegation race going on in England. We'll look at the teams in the promotion battle in the Championship along with which Premier League teams are fighting to get out of the relegation zone. We'll talk about Chelsea's title hunt and Liverpool's danger of dropping out of the top 6, along with Manchester United's disastrous result against Everton last week.

    We take a look at Montreals run to the CONCACAF Champions League Final, where they lost 5-3 on aggregate to Club America. We'll talk MLS and the log jam in the Western Conference, including Seattle's 1-0 win over Portland in the Cascadia Cup match last Sunday, and Houston's 4-4 draw with Kansas City.

    We'll look at the German Cup semifinal that saw Bayern Munich crash out on penalties to Borussia Dortmund as they get ready for their Champions League match with Barcelona next week. Speaking of...we'll give you one last look at the Champions League matchups before the games next week. It's all here for you on From The Touchline in Seattle

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    in Christianity


    The most profound and deeply brilliant concept of the Hebrew world view is the concept of the berit between God and his chosen people. Translated into English as "covenant," the word means something closer to "promise," or "pledge."


    In the "promise" to Abraham, God chooses Abraham and his offspring as a special people, in fact, as the only people of God. He promises Abraham that his offspring will occupy and own the lands of Palestine, that they will be innumerable, and that they will enjoy the protection and care of God over all their oppressors. It is this promise and the relationship it implies between Yahweh, the one and only god, and his people that defines the Hebrew cultural and historical identity.

    (323) 870-3977 @ 5:00PM PST ~ 6:00PM MST - 7:00PM CST ~ 8:00PM EST

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    Biz With D - Interview W/ ARoc + Anisa Johnson + Hanne-Berit

    in Music

    Aroc, a motivational lyricist from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is making a name for himself in a postive way. He has combined his passion for music and self imposed responsibility to the youth to influence and encourage the next generation of entertainers to always stay true to one's self. Aroc came to this realization through personal trials and tribulations coming of age in a ruthless world known as "street life". Instead of becoming a product of his environment, he became more independent and is truly the definition of a workaholic. With the streets as his classroom, Aroc has learned the meaning of hard work and plans to make North Carolina musically p 

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    Acclaimed Violinist Hanne-berit Stops By Conversations LIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes acclaimed violinist Hanne-berit to Conversations LIVE to talk about her love of music, how it has taken her around the world and what's next for her.

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    Violinist Finds Diversity In Her Craft

    in Music

    Hanne-Berit Hahnemann can say that she has an extraordinary life.
    The Danish violinist has performed for distinguished guest like Victor Borge, Prince Henrik of Denmark, former U.S. president George W. Bush and many more.
    Her unique sound has allowed her to work with Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Diana Ross, James Taylor, Luciano Pavarotti and many others.
    She was featured on major television networks like ABC, NBC, BBC (United Kingdom), ORF (Vienna), etc.
    Hear her story of how her journey began.
    Visit her website at www.irocktheviolin.com