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  • Guest: Photographer Hannah O'Brien.

    in Entertainment

    In her own words: "I'm somewhat restricted with being wheelchair / bed bound, but I don't want to let that prevent me from pursuing my passion.

    I adore all aspects of photography and look forward to continuing to delve deeper as time goes on.

    Film, portraits, food, landscape and live music photography are all aspects I'm eager to delve further into."


    Hannah O'Brien Photography


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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: Hannah Keeley

    in Food

    “A lot of people have economic stress and are thinking they can’t do anything this holiday season,” says Hannah “The Five Minute Mom” Keeley. “I tell them to drop the doom and gloom and get a little creative. Take, for example, the tradition of maxing out your credit cards every year while shopping. Instead of that, I recommend people have an envelople system. That’s where they take the cash they expect to spend on each family member or friend, and put each amount in a separate envelope,” the host of the UAN reality TV series Hannah, Help Me! tells In the Kitchen’s Jackie Plant. “That’s a physical reminder to stay within your budget. So when the cash is gone, the spending is done. This system often makes you wiser.  You make much better choices.”


    in Entertainment

    The Malliard Report hosted by Jim Malliard has joined Take 2 Radio as a special host to talk about all things paranormal and more! Listen to his shows every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7pm Eastern time!

    Guest: Patty Lynam explained how a tragic event early in her life led to her current path regarding Paranormal talks and investigation and all after the death of her father, and the subsequent vision of being able to speak and talk to him afterwards, touching her on a deeply personal level. Afterwards how she had access to a computer and found the community Para-X, and Art Bell. Revealing that she always had a fascination with the paranormal, and how paranormal events seemingly happen around her at all time. Even revealing the main reason that she will never own an Ouija Board ever. An event that might shock listeners of the Malliard Report as well on the reasons why.

    This ia a re-air of the original show from 01/27/15

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    BAMS enjoys bye week with Hannah Chalker and new guest Brett Beaird

    in Sports

    Everyone's favorite game is this week, the one against that legendary school called "Bye." The Tide has never lost to this school, and won't start this week. BAMS will be joined by Hannah Chalker, and Jimmy Stein as well as new guest Brett Beaird on the show tonight. We'll be talking Tide football, basketball, and everything in-between. The action kicks off at 8 with Drew DeArmond, Cary Clark & Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    Sam and Caroine Speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson who is the founder of Black Country Shadows as well Setting up a new team with our very own Sam as well as a few others which is called Nocturnal Ghostly Investigations, we ask hannah how she got into the world of the paranormal and what she would like to achieve in this field we shall also be discussing the event which is happening on the 10th october at The Block In Burton to raise funds for Take The Cake Productions and who also do Scariest Places The most haunted spoof.




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    BELIEF Days of Compassion & Healing with Hannah Y. Kim, Founder of Remember 727

    in Self Help

    Hannah Y. Kim is the communications director for Congressman Charles B. Rangel who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1971. She is the founder of Remember727, a non-profit organization that commemorates the National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day (July 27) - to remember the Forgotten War, thank our veterans and hope for peace.

    Hannah's experiences include working for the United States Institute of Peace and Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C., in addition to being a published author and CEO of a start-up company in Los Angeles. She remains passionate about all things related to the Korean War, public service, lifetime learning and fitness. Visit www.Remember727.org

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.  Visit our website at www.meditationmuseum.org. Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android  


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    SMARTASSES RADIO: Hannah Allison & Hasani Pettiford

    in Comedy

    Aug 24, 2015 - Guest: Volleyballer Hannah Allison & Relationship Expert Hasani Pettiford

    Smartasses Radio - “Dry Humor, Geek Culture & Amazing Women.” With your host, the creator of Smartasses Magazine, voice actor Johnny Video of Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations!

    Smartasses Radio airs every Monday night at 7 PM ET – 4PM PT, featuring cutting edge humor and an eclectic mix of guests. To interact with the hosts, follow @SmartassesNet on Twitter and use the hashtag #HailJackie.

    Smartasses Radio Archives


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    A prayer by Hannah

    in Christianity

    Hannah talks about God

  • Cheers to MI Brew Fest with Hannah K.

    in Local

    Hannah K. from the Friends and Families of Cystic Fybrosis Community joins the show to talk about the 'Cheers to MI Brew Fest' at the DeltaPlex this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI


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    All You Ever Need To Know About Kombucha With Hannah Crum aka The Kombucha Mama

    in Health

    Hannah Crum visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to chat about the benefits of Kombucha.

    Kombucha Kamp’s mission is to “change the world, one gut at a time” by educating and empowering everyone to ferment food and drink safely at home, just as we have throughout human history. Research continues to prove that all living things are truly “Bacteria Powered,” and humans need all the good bacteria we can get! I’m Hannah Crum, affectionately dubbed “The Kombucha Mamma,” and since 2004 I have been brewing Kombucha and educating others about how easy it is to make this delicious and healthy “longevity elixir.” What began as a love of lip-puckering brew, this enjoyable process has evolved into my passion and lifestyle. From homebrew hobbiest, to educator, to Master Brewer, Kombucha Kamp has grown organically as my experience has deepened. At Kombucha Kamp, we are committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to Kombucha lovers and homebrewers at any stage in their experience.

    I have taught Kombucha making classes to all size groups, from individuals to workshops of 100+, all over the country fornearly 8 years for over a decade, spreading the message of Kombucha and its bacterial benefits far and wide through a variety of venues including festivals, health conferences, podcasts, interviews, articles and more. Our how-to videos have piled up +100,000’s of views and Kombucha Kamp was featured on “What’s Brewing?” hosted by Jody Rudman on the Veria Network.


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    in Christianity

    Augustus G. Washington Jr. is the founder and Overseer of Joshua Gener8tion House of Faith, Inc., and Joshua Gener8tion Community Outreach, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 organization.  He has been preaching the gospel for over seventeen years.   He is a song writer and anointed psalmist whom God uses to usher in the presence of the Lord.  He has been operating in the prophetic for many years and has blessed a countless number of people by the power of Holy Spirit.  The Lord has also conferred on him an Apostolic Anointing for this end time move.  Augustus is the author of the divinely inspired book, DISCIPLINE, God’s Best for Achieving Life Love and Prosperity.

    Augustus has been a radio personality on WAAW Shout 94.7 FM with the broadcast Midday Inspirations.  The Lord has blessed and inspired him to begin a radio broadcast called Kingdom Talk, which first aired on WAAW Shout 94.7 FM.  The Lord continues to bless and promote Augustus to do great things in the kingdom of God. He is now a part of the ministry team at WUCC 99.9 FM where his show Kingdom Talk is now being aired on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Augustus also has another broadcast that airs on this fine station called “Life in the Word”.  It airs on Monday’s and Friday’s @ 7:45 am to 8:00 am.   

    The Lord continues to bless and promote Augustus G. Washington, Jr. as he, his wife, Minister Annie L. Washington and daughter, Hannah Washington go forth in the things of the Lord.