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    The C. Nathaniel Brown Show 7-29-15

    in Lifestyle

    On Tonight's edition of The C. Nathaniel Brown Show, we have three amazing guests who will be sharing information about upcoming events in the Atlanta area. Hank Stewart and Dichotomy will be talking about the 14th Annual Hank Stewart White Linen Affair. Latezes Bridges will be talking about the Singles Summit 2015. Join the disucssion at 646-787-1799.


    in Politics

    Let's catch up. So much happening. Call in.

    1. Fluency Referendum
    2. The Begaye/Nez Administration
    3. Open Mic

    Please call in and share your thoughts.

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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Ant-Man

    in Entertainment

    In honor of Ant-Man coming out and doing great business for Marvel, Robert Winfree looks at Hank Pym and why he's a more interesting villain than anyone in his rogue's gallery.

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    Johnnie & Jack & Hank

    in Country Music

    Forgotten Music on 78 RPM records

    Johnnie & Jack & Hank

    Johnnie and Jack ‎– A: Just For Tonight B: Hank Williams Will Live Forever

    Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

    Window Shopping

    I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'

    May You Never Be Alone

    Podcast link

    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and or story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:

    Www.facebook.com/s3productions1 or oscssw@juno.com

    Johnnie and Jack A: Just for Tonight B: Hank Williams will Live Forever

    Label: RCA Victor ‎ 20-5164

    Just For Tonight 

    Written by Johnnie Wright & Jim / Jack Anglin

    Hank Williams will Live Forever

    Written by Johnnie Wright & Jack Anglin

    Hank Williams will Live Forever

    The RCA Victor label was introduced in the 1946 as, at that time, a replacement for the Victor and Bluebird brands. Until then, the Recording Corporation of America had used the Victor brand it acquired through the Victor Talking Machine Co. takeover in 1929. 

    Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys ‎– Jambalaya (On the Bayou) / Window


    MGM Records 1952

    A: Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

    Written by Hank Williams

    B: Window Shopping

    Written by Joseph

    Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys ‎– I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' / May You Never Be Alone

    MGM records 1949

    A: I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'

    Both Written by Hank Williams

    B: May You Never Be Alone 

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    English Defence League Radio ~ UK Close to Capsizing

    in Politics Conservative

    Never mind what Hank Johnson said about Guam. We are literally sinking. We ARE tipping over, and the capitulation will be devastating. 

    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with your Host, Geoff Mitchell, and Co-Host/Producer ~ and Wingman ~  Kel Fritzi. We are joined by Dave Milner of the Unpleasant Blind Guy.

    The English Defence Radio Show is the place where we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in discussions about the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.

    This Radio Show is the Official Program for the English Defence League, so you will find the same honesty and direct approach that you have come to expect from us. EDL supporters, this is your platform, the show is your voice.

    Come and join us, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8:30PM BST, 3:30PM EDT. Your voice is welcome too. 


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChanne

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke

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    Bradley-Vargas Preview, Plus Herrera and Lundy Live

    in Sports

    We will without a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you- the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3086 to voice your opinion. Remember, you can express your opinion in writing by becoming a contributor to the TBV team by writing for the website. Contact Nestor Gibbs a Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com for information.

    Be sure to subscribe to us on www.youtube.com/thaboxingvoice and www.blogtalk.com/thaboxingvoiceradio to receive show notifications before we go live. Also, stay updated by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice.

    Please consider leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes helps tremendously to raise the visibility of the podcast https://itun.es/us/oY7JJ.c

    Today we talk Bradley-Vargas and everything involved with their HBO main event on Saturday. We will also discuss the rest of this week's upcoming fights.

    Our guests today will be Hank Lundy and Mauricio Herrera as they get ready for their July 11th showdown.

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    Rates and Lanes with Rico Muhammad and Special Guest Henry Seaton

    in Business

    Ok I apologiez for last weeks miss haps. To make it up to you we got Mr.Seaton to joins us tonight!. So if you have any  Transportation law questions join us tonight to get sound advice from one of the industries top lawyers. As always we are going to cover this weeks DAT Trendlines report and the USDA Truck Rate Report.


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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for June 22, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Monday, June 22, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Jeff Hank, attorney activist and passionate fighter for the people joins the show to discuss an initiative to legal the recreational use of marijuana and in order for that to become a reality he will need some help


    Our political strategist Joe DiSano is back and has an amazing menu of topics today. This is a conversation that you will get nowhere else.


    Erica Coulston with CPAN tells her story of her catastrophic claim and why SB 248 would be devastating.  This story is more than just about insurance; it’s about real lives.


    State Rep. Brian Banks is fighting for the minority this morning and he believes, as does Tony, it’s time to treat the Transgender community with at least a little more respect.


    Dessa Cosma with the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan prepares us for the truth, the ugly truth of what recently proposed legislation will mean to too many of us.


    Eclectablog.com’s Chris Savage is back this week and joins Tony to discuss many of the issues that are front-page news, with the exception that these stories tell an entire story, not the corporate view.


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    The Family Tradition: Purple Hayes Edition

    in Comedy

    Ever had that deja vu feeling? Ever felt like you had been there before? That eerie past life feeling? No? We haven't either. Not sure what that is all about but we are here right now, in this life to blow your puny minds with possibly the greatest episode ever done on a Tuesday in June. That's right the SHOW is returning to the interwebz with odysseys that will expose just how small your life really is. Join the crew as they talk about family adventures of years past and dominate the interweb airwaves all at the same time.

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    Your Time w. Paula G. and Bruce

    in Self Help

    Have you ever thought about quitting your job and doing what you love to do, not what you have to do? BlogTalk Radio Show Host Katherine Waddell, did just that and she joins us this week to tell us about that journey and how she is now, living her dream! Wednesday 8:30 pm. Call 917-932-1078 to listen or join the conversation or log on to www.yourtimeradio.com

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    in Sports

    Mauricio "El Maestro" Herrera joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss his upcoming fight with Hammerin' Hank Lundy.Herrera talks about what type of opponent Lundy will be and what he has to do to come out victorious in the fight.Herrera also gives his thoughts on what division he wants to fight in after this fight as well as Danny Garcia's move to 147 and his next fight against Paulie Malignaggi.