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    The Hangout

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    Welcome to another episode of The Hangout. The number one placed to check out the latest in entertainment, anime, gadget, and video game news. Join your host DXtremeAngel, The Bishop, and JT as they go over the latest and greatest news from everywhere. Hear about the newest gadgets, movies, TV shows, and games. So come relax in The Hangout.


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    Free Entrepreneur Coaching Hangout

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    Join us LIVE for a free internet entrepreneur business coaching session! 
    Do you have strategy or marketing or design questions to help grow your lifestyle business online? 

    Or would you like Scott Fox to review your Website?  Post your website and your questions and  Scott and our ClickMillionaires.com forum members will be happy to help you with lifestyle businesses, finding a niche, creating products, or online marketing.

    Please RSVP here and post your questions or website URL for this free public Hangout!

    Then come join Scott Fox LIVE via webcam for our next fun Video Office Hours public webcast Q&A session via Google+!

    Note:  This is PUBLIC Video Office Hours, not the private MasterMinds Meeting.  Please join us at http://www.MasterMindsForum.com for those private sessions.?

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    The Hangout Series Premiere

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    Welcome to the series premiere of The Hangout. The one stop shop for your entertainment, gaming, technology and anime needs. Join Angel, BLKGOP, and Eddie as they bring you the latest entertainment, gaming, technology and anime news. So have a sit and enjoy yourself in The Hangout. 

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    Urban Hangout Lounge Promo 2

    in Radio

    Bringing you the best in urban entertainment that only the Urban Hangout Lounge can bring you!! Hang with Ms. 257, Gotdamnit and some of the DMV's hottest most talented entertainers! Get an up close and personal look at the best Indie artists in the area. The DC area showcases many forms of live entertainment to include the home-grown sound of Go-Go, along with R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Gospel and Inspirational.  It extends to the ever growing world of dance, spoken word, poetry, television, film and theater.  Also, tap into our rich community of social, urban and economic awareness.  Trust GOTDAMNIT AND MS. 257 won't leave you HANGIN here!  We will only bring you the best, because WHAT'S THE USE IN HANGIN, IF YOU CAN'T HANG?!! 

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    Holiday Hangout for Click Millionaire Startup Entrepreneurs!

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    Our annual Holiday Hangout Video Office Hours Party (with Prizes) brings Scott Fox to your desktop with helpful internet marketing and website design advice.

    Ask questions or submit your website for review and win a Holiday Gift!

    Would you like Scott Fox to review your Website? 

    What questions do you have about websites, lifestyle businesses, or online marketing that Scott or your fellow Click Millionaires forum members can help with? 

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    Scott will be podcasting and webcasting LIVE to take your questions in a free public Google+ Hangout on Air starting at 530pm ET (230pmPT/1030pmUK) on Wednesday, December 17.

    Please RSVP on Google+ here now.

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    The Abi & Pierce Show. Improv show! Come by and hangout!

    in Comedy

    On tonights episode we are going to wing it. Discuss some personal funny stories! Hit on some recent news and trending videos. Really just a hangout kind of show! Come by and give us a call. We would love to have you on. Also Im sure there will be a sex story or 2. 

    Also there is a sperminator on the loose!! Dont worry we will get to that also. 

    And ofcourse we are going to talk about the cat saving the boy from the dog attack!!


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    The Morning Show is Back! Chat Room vs. Hangout

    in Entertainment

    Good Morning welcome back to the Chat Room, we have been having fun putting to the test many things, all is good so far, so if you are into radio and webcams these tips will come very handy. I f you have any other things we can put to the test please let us know. Going back to our interviews, and regular programing, i must say... I know my audience now. This week has been a good one, we have inspired other shows, and that is what this is all about.

    I wont be here for long, so inspire others to do great things. lets start this Morning with a blast. we can do it.


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    7 Ways Google Hangout Can Increase Your Business' Brand For Free

    in Business

    Looking for another way to promote yourself or your business to your potential target audience? If you use Google+, why not use Google Plus Hangout? The Google Plus Hangout plugin is easy to download and install and can be a nice addition to your marketing mix. Join host and author Lisa Sims as she discusses 7 Ways Google Hangout Can Increase Your Business' Brand. You don't want to miss this show!

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    FSL10 - Burger-bot kills unskilled jobs?; Pope's Google Hangout

    in Christianity

    Tim Weldon looks at the burger-flipping robot that could render the minimum wage discussion moot; Pope Francis hosts Google Hangout for a global audience of teens; Is the Archbishop Sheen Cause for Canonization on again?; Sean explains why the podcast is getting a facelift.

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    Listening Party Google Hangout Simulcast

    in Music

    Here is our next attempt after trials to present a simulcast program with Google Hangout.  Listeners will be able to watch and listen to new songs plus live playing and more.  We had fun test driving this broadcast and we are excited to share this with all of our listeners.  
    Just send me your email so that you can get a special invite to the Eliajh Jamal Hangout Listening Party.  Or you will be able to view the archived show on Youtube.

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    Ohio State and Big Ten basketball with BT Powerhouse

    in Football

    Ohio State basketball has struggled at times this season, and now could potentially miss the NCAAs entirely if a few things don't go their way. Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska have also failed to meet expectations. Why? We chat with BT Powerhouse to catch up on all things Big Ten basketball, including why big teams haven't played as well, who makes the tournament, who can get things fixed in time, and more

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