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    Tammy Lyons: 365 Days of Handstands

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    Tammy Lyons very well may be northeast Ohio's best ambassador (besides that LeBron guy). Tammy, a yoga instructor and owner of Inner Bliss Yoga studios in Cleveland, has a unique way of celebrating businesses in Cleveland.  She's doing 365 days of handstands.  That's right.  Each day she does a handstand at a local business and promotes it via social media outlets.  What's more, she co-founded Believe in CLE, a yoga movement taking shape in the heart of Cleveland. In partnership with Cleveland-area landmark venues, local yoga studios and like-minded organizations, Believe in CLE is a meaningful event anchored by a dynamic community yoga practice that includes music, dancing, education and food.  Last summer, 1,400 yogis congregated on the plaza of the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame creating Cleveland’s largest outdoor yoga practice in its history.

    For the next 60 minutes, "put fear aside and step into possibility" with Tammy Lyons.  By the way, that's how she describes doing a handstand.

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    CenTex Horse Festival and On Pegasus Wings Promo

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    The next two weeks we will be featuring two very special events.
    On the 6th we will be speaking about the Central Texas Horse Festival; on the 13th, On Pegasus Wings will be speaking about their Inclusion Film Camp. Join us Wednesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm, central time

    Car Show & Benefit Concert Event For "The Horseboy Foundation" & "Minis and Friends" Featuring: RickTrevino PhilipThomas LanceWadeThomas Draft Horse with young lady doing handstand as horstrots April30,2011 WilliamsonCo.Sheriff'sPosseArena 415 East Morrow Street Georgetown, Texas 78627 Purchase Festival & Concert Tickets Now!! “In The Neon Spotlight with Sam and Dolly” listeners will save 15% until April 8, 2011 with the following code: Sam and Dolly. More details on the 6th!

    On Pegasus Wings “Inclusion Film Camp for Austistic Children”
    On Pegasus Wings will be hosting an Inclusion Film Camp for Autistic Children the first two weeks in July. Joey Travolta (John Travolta’s brother) and his film crew are flying in to Austin Texas from Los Angeles California. The Children will be writing, starring and filming their own short film.
    More details on the 13th !!