• 01:32

    #189 FREEEEEAAAAKY FRIDAY on BUSTIN OUT RADIO w/ Elmola Redd & Ms. IJS!!!!

    in Radio

    HAPPY HALLOWEEEN To ALLLllll Of Our PEOPLES! And We DEFINITELY Hope You can make it out to The 2014 BASH And party with US Tonight! Plenty Of Underground STAPLES Will Be In The Building! And Picture and video coverage will be Provided by Bustin Out Magazine!

    So, TONIGHT I'm gonna Bless With A Host Of Hot JOINT By ALL The People We KNOW Are Coming Thru!

    Teddi Montan, Laydee Savage, CFG, Tonka Kash, Karleone CEO, Lady Mink, Mr. Chad man, Mack lary Da Beatman, Squeak Macc Obama, Dee Mac, Mista ISalute, Bandz On Deck, and MORE....

    You DON't Wanna Miss THIS

  • 01:55

    Halloween with Holly Stephey, Jessica Cameron & Les Thomas!

    in Entertainment

    Halloween is one of Holly's Favorite holidays and to kick it off make sure to tune in as she and her friends Jessica Cameron, Scream Queen actress and much more and Les Thomas Freelance writer ,Person who loves to have so much fun and the one who always knows how to celebrate Halloween in style! You never know who may call and we plan on doing some fun stuff for all so you can participate by calling or chat..So brush up on on you Halloween trivia and be ready to have fun and learn more about the Creepy,Scary and fun Halloween Movies that are about to come out and or we may talk about some of the crazy movies Jessica Cameron has done and trust me the stories are true ! Jessica and Some of her favorite recent performances include: playing Princess Areola in the film "Potpourri" directed by Elliot Diviney and she starred with horror icon Steven Geoffrey's in the film "Mr. Hush". She also had the chance to work with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the syfy channel film "Camel Spiders" and the established horror director Jeff Burr on "Resurection". She was thrilled to play screen legend Marilyn Monroe in "The Black Dahlia Haunting", having been a fan of hers for many years. She has starred in 4 web series including the syfy, film noir "Aidan 5" which was nominated for too many awards to list including winning Best Web Series at Gen Con 2012. 

  • 00:17

    The Erik Terrell Show

    in Comedy

    A list of better Presidents than Mitt Romney! Happy Halloweeen!!

  • 02:11

    Airbods Sports Talk Show and True Blue Game Reviews

    in Entertainment

    Today DJ Kara and Brian Dullee from schoolee will be recapping Washburn sports from last weekend, as well as talking about opening games for winter sports. Plus they will talk about NFL picks and what happened last weekend in the NFL. True Blue Game reviews will be talking about Halloweeen theme Video games and possible giveaways and much more. 

  • 01:59

    Ep13 HALLOWEEN PARTY! Reincarnation Ghost Story

    in Spirituality

    Play this podcast at midnight for some New Age ghostly entertainment! We will consider time perception the fun way with a reincarnation ghost story. Written by Sarah 15 years ago, Temperamental Morning is a holiday ghost story that interweaves ideas about reincarnation, time perception, and the order of events. New Age ghost stories, based on modern assumptions about reality,  are different from the old world ghost stories whose main element was fear of attack from the supernatural, which was the unknown. See how literary genres have been affected by New Age ideas. Story will be accompanied by background music to make it an entertaining experience. So kick back, put on your Halloweeen costume, get something to drink, light up something to smoke, order a pizza, pig out on Halloween candy, and get ready to be thrilled by the supernatural!

  • 00:57

    True Blood Radio 156: LIVE Halloween Podcast

    in Television

    Join us for our special LIVE Halloween podcast where you can call in and chat about all things True Blood.

  • 01:23

    BigHec's Halloween Festival

    in Comedy

    Amanda Brumfield to spend 20 years in prison.  Semen tainted yogurt samples gets someone in trouble.  Nude photo done in 1982 become's Senator's selling point.  More people arrested for possession of marijuana and today's daily Urban Legend.  Everyday is Halloween with BigHec.

  • 02:02

    Angel Messages with Susan Newton &Cindy and Michael Fess

    in Spirituality

    Join Susan Newton, host of Living in the Light & author of Living in the Light, and Cindy & Michael Fess as they share  Angel messages as well as the true meaning of Halloweeen...All Hallows Eve. Honoring our Ancestors and bringing Light to all that has come before us.
    Michael and Cindy Fess work with angelic and healing energies of divine love. They travel extensively teaching and performing guided meditations, classes, workshops and retreats. They facilitate Angel Classes each week and Guided Meditations once a month in their hometown, Louisville, KY. Cindy and Michael dedicate their lives to bring spiritual progress and healing in each and every life they touch. www.getharmonynow.com  www.blessingsfromspirit.com

  • 01:00

    Haunted Houses: 13th Gate

    in Entertainment

    Dwayne Sunburn is coming today to talk about the haunted house industry. Dwayne runs 13th Gate voted the best haunted house in American located in in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. No joke it has been voted the best in America for two years in a row.

  • 02:00

    Dwam Squad thursdays!

    in Entertainment

    A few of our favorite things halloweeen ed.

  • 02:00

    What is The Meaning for Samhains?

    in Spirituality

    We all know that this special night for Witches, Wiccans is a sacred night. Samhains, Halloweeen. Is it true that the spirits come through the vail? Tonight is the Round House on the show, with Lady RavenNightShade and Madamstar. We will be discussing about spirits, celebrations, rituals, real events that people see on this special night. Callers may have a true encounter, on Samhains night. Samhains is a special night, it is when the vails is open. All spirits are here, we as Witches and Wiccans, Pagans celebrate them to the living. Come join us in this round house. Callers may join in the roundhouse. We hope to see you..

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